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"Aunt Pan, it's better not to have such unrealistic dreams. If there's nothing else, let's go. I'm going to rest!"

"Yes!" "If Third Young Miss needs anything, please send someone to tell Aunt that she's going back first."

Qin Qingliang smiled. In the past, Qin Qingliang had indeed been intimate with Aunt Pan, because she had been unscrupulously indulging her.

As long as she was happy, no matter what she did, Aunt Pan would cheer for her and help cover for her.

Including the terrible matter of Liu Shiyuan, the reason why Qin Qingliang was so daring was because she was the one who urged her to do it!

"This woman is definitely a scourge!"

Qin Qingyu got up from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror before realizing that the original author wasn't completely devoid of conscience.

This Qin Qing was rumored to be exactly the same as her. She kicked her legs and lowered her body. Even the dance skills she'd learned for twelve years were there. Perfect!

After Aunt Pan returned to her room, she immediately sent someone to call Liu Shiyuan back and told him of Qin Qingliang's plans.

Liu Shiyuan was also surprised, how did he suddenly decide to marry Wu Ling Wang? What about him?

Then, using the name of a patient visit, Liu Shiyuan actually ran straight to the door of Qin Qingliang's room and knocked on the door!

Even if Qin Qingyao had come from a modern era, she knew that his behavior was completely disregarding her reputation!

Furthermore, who allowed him to casually add fuel to the fire?

The him in the novel didn't appear tonight, but waited until Lin Xiafeng came to provoke her before he complained about his feelings and proposed that he would risk everything and elope with her!

At that time, Third Miss Qin was so touched that she burst into tears. Now that she thought about it, this rotten plot seemed like Liu Shiyuan and Lin Xiafeng had colluded in advance!

Qin Qingliang was still reminiscing about the plot of the novel and trying to figure out what was going on next. The little girl in her room, Huo Xiang, had already acted on her own accord and opened the door, allowing Liu Shiyuan to enter.

Qin Qingyu's eyes widened as she saw a 1.7m man with a face full of pain running towards her bedside.

What the f * ck was this!?

She was scared and immediately shouted out with a cold face to stop him from rushing over, "What is your cousin from the Liu Family doing? This lady's body doesn't need to rest. Just like that, you rushed in crying and shouting, and now you're in mourning? "

"I ?"

Liu Shiyuan was instantly shocked by Qin Qingyu's cold attitude. He even forgot the lines he prepared along the way. What happened to Third Miss? It shouldn't be like this!

Shouldn't she have called him cousin with a wronged and bashful expression before jumping into his arms and crying, waiting for him to coax her with a gentle and soft voice?

Qin Qingyu frowned, she was extremely serious as she asked, "What's the matter?"

"I heard that my cousin was injured, so I rushed back to check on you. I'm really worried ?"

"Please remember to call me Third Miss in the future! Furthermore, my father has given you the shop in the city with the best business for you to manage because he thinks highly of you.

"I ?"

"In the end, I'm still lying on the bed. If you know the rules a little, you should know to leave the room!"

Liu Shiyuan was stunned for a moment, then said with a face full of gratification, "I know my cousin is worried about me, afraid that I will fail to manage the shop and disappoint uncle. Don't worry, I will work hard!"

"Besides, I told Aunt Pan when I came. She was helping us watch over the house, so no one would notice that I had entered."

Qin Qingyu stared at him coldly, "Scram!"

"Alright, alright. Then, cousin, rest well. I'll go back and take care of the business!"

After Liu Shiyuan had disappeared, Qin Qing lay on the bed, breathing heavily. She was here to protect Dugu, not to embarrass him and cause him pain!

Therefore, the first thing to do was to stay away from Liu Shiyuan, to protect his own reputation and not embarrass Dugu!

Qin Qingyu decisively got off the bed, opened the door, and shouted, "Someone come!"

The two servants quickly bent over and ran, "What orders do you have, Miss?"

"The maid in my room has no master in her eyes. She doesn't know any manners. Immediately pull her down and beat me up with twenty big boards. After that, let the mama take her out and sell her. Tonight, we will leave the manor. Don't let me see her again!"

"Yes sir!"

All the way until she was pulled away by a servant to hit a board, Lotus was completely dumbfounded. She really didn't know where she went wrong!

"Also, call the butler over!"

"Yes sir!"

The other little girl was called He Lu. She was so scared that she kneeled on the ground, trembling, not daring to make a sound.

After the butler came, Qin Qingyu went straight to the point, "Uncle butler, how many slaves, how many maids, how many mama, and how many guards are there in my courtyard?"

"I'll have to trouble you to find out for me. In one day tomorrow, chase everyone out of the mansion. Leave none alive!"

"Yes, Third Miss, why aren't you satisfied? Can they tell this servant? This servant will be able to find a new servant for you! "

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