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"It really is too different from the genius that Aunt Pan praised so highly in front of me earlier."

"Daddy's subordinates shouldn't lack capable people. How about we stop him tomorrow and send a few more accountants to check the accounts. If Daddy is still willing to do it, then he will just do it from a low-level shop assistant."

"If he doesn't want to do it, then don't make things difficult for him. Just let him go."

Qin Yuelin curled his lips. That boneless, useless cripple, how could he bear to leave Qin Manor? He'll starve to death if he leaves for three days!

Qin Wentian stared at Qin Qingliang, "Are you serious or are you just speaking out of anger?"

Don't just kick her out tomorrow, you'll regret it the day after tomorrow.

"Seriously, we gave him so many chances, yet he didn't advance. Could it be that he implicated his entire clan for an outsider?"

This phrase 'outsider' really won the hearts of the three brothers. Qin Yuelin hugged Qin Qingliang and almost cried, "My son, you finally thought it through while your brother was still alive. Your brother will die with no regrets!"

His eldest brother and second brother came up to him at the same time and beat him up, "What are you saying, you bastard!"

Qin Qing, who was in third brother's arms, started to giggle.

Qin Yuefeng, "All the servants in the room have been chased away, how can we do that without someone to order us around at night? "Why don't you go to your eldest brother's courtyard and stay with your eldest sister-in-law tonight and have a talk with them?"

"There's no need for that. I'm not going to disturb you and sister-in-law from making me a nephew!"

Her eldest brother lifted his hand to hit her on the head, but she stuck out her tongue and dodged it.

"I am a girl who is going to get married. Today, I will sleep with my mother!" "Father?"

"Sure, how can I not?!"

Third Brother said, "Our family has really grown up. We just opened our mouths and were about to get married. Ai, my heart as an elder brother!"

Qin Qingyu punched him twice in the chest with a blush on her face.

"I'm soon going to marry someone I admire, so of course I'm happy in my heart. When you three brothers first married, weren't you happy?"

"We're just marrying. Will marrying back be the same as marrying out?"

"I'm not going to get married. I'm going to help you all bring back a tall, powerful, brilliant, magnificent, peerless and peerless son-in-law and brother-in-law. You guys should be secretly laughing!"

Qin Yuelin said, "Aiyo, whose family does this kid belong to if he's not embarrassed? Let alone that, even my teeth are aching!"

"I must say that the people around me have changed anyway. I hope that father and brothers will not be stingy. Divide me all those who are capable, capable, and capable!"

"I don't need to bring a group of trembling little girls or those unscrupulous scarecrows that were bribed with three to five taels of silver to humiliate the Qin Manor!"

"That's hard to say, there's no problem at all!"

"Then can I have two maids that know martial arts?"

She was going to face a female lead in the future. She didn't feel safe if she didn't have two good servants!

Qin Yuelin patted his chest, "Don't worry, I'll leave this to third brother. You will definitely find it within three days!"

Qin Yuefeng smiled as he patted Qin Qingliang's dog head, "My son is currently making a marriage for himself!"

Qin Qingyu's old face reddened as she raised her extremely proud face. That's right, she couldn't wait to marry Dugu Yu!

After leaving his father's study, Qin Qingliang's footsteps were light and light as she started to dance and sing.

"Listen to me. Hand in hand, let's go together. Give me your entire life. Yesterday, don't look back. Tomorrow you will go to White-headed. Today, you will marry me ~ ~ ~"

Before she finished singing the song, she suddenly remembered that Liu Shiyuan did not come to see her, nor did she come to talk to her father and brothers.

Not only that, when Sir Qin had asked her for her opinion, she'd been ambiguous and wanted to be an imperial concubine, but had also thought that Liu Shiyuan was quite good.

As a result, Sir Qin's attitude of leaving fate up to his father made it so that he had to contend with King Wu Ling for a few days to see if he was sincere or not.

However, the reason why Wu Ling Wang took the initiative to ask for Qin Qingliang was actually because he didn't like her at all.

Moreover, the reason was very strange, because Ling Jingxuan needed the support of the Office's president. As the head of the six divisions, she was in charge of the selection of civil officials in the imperial government. This assistance was too important!

Even if he couldn't get it, he definitely couldn't let the Qin family and the Crown Prince continue to love each other.

If he wanted to win over the Qin family and separate their relationship with the crown prince, what other effective method was there to do so?

If they wanted to get married, who could be more suitable than Qin Qingliang, the most beloved darling of the family?

But Prince Xian was the male lead. How could he marry a little dragon? Wasn't this just letting down the female lead?

Thus, the female lead came to Dugu Yu to plead his feelings, saying that we were all good friends. If the Crown Prince obtained power, then Prince Duanren would have no chance at living. She was truly worried that she wouldn't be able to eat and sleep.

If she was a man, she would definitely rope in the Qin family for King Duanren and marry Qin Qingliang. As a friend, she should have died with a knife in her ribs, so what if she married a woman!

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