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When he talked about the impassioned, he suddenly changed the topic and started crying. [But I am not only not a man, I am also a concubine that is not even worth mentioning.]

With such a lowly status, even if he wanted to help, he wouldn't be able to do so.

While he was speaking, he actually spoke with a sense of shame and anger that made him want to die.

That fool Dugu Yu was completely loyal and straight to Ling Jingxuan. He loved Lin Xiafeng so much that it was hard for him to open his mouth. How could he not stand up and do his best to help them solve their problems!

You are not a man. If you cannot marry Third Miss Qin, then I can. In the future, you must never look down on yourself again.

Lin Xiafeng was grateful to the point that even Dugu Yu's heart was bleeding.

The reason why he was willing to marry Qin Qingliang was because he didn't want Lin Xiafeng to look down on him. He wanted to let Lin Xiafeng know that he was definitely a good friend that could cut a hole in her defenses, that's all.

Up to this point, he didn't even think of asking, why is it that Prince Xian himself can't marry Qin Qingliang?

As the direct descendent of the Minister of Public Relations, she was qualified to be Prince Xian's first wife!

It was only after Dugu Yu repeatedly promised that he would never go back on his word, that he would never force anyone, and that he would absolutely have no complaints or regrets, that Lin Xiafeng was coaxed to the point of bursting into tears.

? ?.

King Wu Ling was a man of his word. If he promised Lin Xiafeng that he would marry Qin Qingliang, he would not go back on his words.

The more he read, the more Qin Shang became satisfied with him!

He looked at Dugu Yu as though he was looking at a future son-in-law. His gentle and fervent gaze made Dugu Yu feel unfamiliar yet guilty at the same time.

He had only married the Third Miss Qin because he wanted to make use of the Qin family. However, the feeling that Lord Qin gave him was that he was very satisfied with this marriage. It was as if he was looking at his own family.

Family? Dugu Yu gave a self-deprecating smile. In this world, other than Lin Xiafeng, who would be willing to treat him as a member of their own family, he did not feel that he was a monster that was born with a terrible sin?

After a split-second of being in a trance, Dugu Yu had a face that didn't smile at all.

But in the depths of his heart, he was a little curious. Just what did Qin Qingyao say to her father that caused Sir Qin to suddenly treat him with such an attitude?

Qin Qingliang slept with her mother that night. Before she went to bed, other than hearing her mother's teachings about her future as a bride, she also told her mother to be on her guard against Aunt Pan.

That woman did not have any good intentions. She absolutely had to get her to stay away from those concubines, so that she could sow discord!

When Madam Qin saw that her daughter had finally seen the true face of Aunt Pan, she was so overjoyed that she was on the verge of tears.

Previously, this little girl had shielded Aunt Pan without getting close to her, so she didn't even know how many times she had cried.

"In the end, are you going to marry someone else to become your wife? Our family has been rumored to have grown up!"

"Of course, mother, rest assured. In the future, your daughter will bring my husband to filial piety for you and father!"

"Pfft, you little girl, your father said that you hated marrying, but I didn't believe him. So it was true!"

Qin Qinglang hugged her mother as she cuddled in her embrace.

This kind of family was really good. They really wanted to quickly share it with their husband!

The next day, Qin Qingliang felt really bored in her residence. She insisted on making a ruckus in order to leave the mansion. She couldn't wait to see what the world looked like here.

However, the servants beside her had not been dealt with yet. This was a girl's house, how could she not bring her servants out?

Qin Yuelin saw that his sister was depressed. Yesterday, he wanted to show off because he had just gotten his sister's trust again.

"How about Big Bro take you out for fun, but you have to be obedient and not run around!"

"Sure, sure!"

"Oh no!" Madam Qin's face immediately turned serious. Do you think it was when you were a kid? One brother and one sister are already married and the other is about to get married, but they're still so unsteady! "

Qin Qingliang walked over and hugged her mother's arm as she began to act coquettishly, "Mother, please let me be willful one more time. Just taking a walk with my brother is not like doing anything bad!"

"In the future, I will marry into someone else's family and I might not even be allowed to leave the house for the rest of the year. How miserable, before we get married, let me satisfy my curiosity and look around!"

Madam Qin imagined her precious daughter being trapped in a small house and suffering heartache after only coming out a few times a year.

"Alright, alright. I'll take pity on you. Go out and play with your big brother. If you like anything, buy it yourself. When the time comes, bring it over!"

With that, he turned around and said harshly to his son, "But look after your sister properly. If anything goes wrong, come back and pay attention to your skin!"

Qin Yuelin had long gotten used to his family being so unscrupulous. He happily brought his sister and prepared to leave.

Qin Qingyu did not know what the outside world looked like. In order to not cause any trouble and give Wu Ling a bad impression, she had specially changed into Little Si's coarse clothes and, with her status as a follower, followed behind her third brother.

Third brother saw her with a servant's bun and walking like a man. He couldn't help but laugh along the way.

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