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"Alright, alright, stop laughing. How can you laugh at your own little sister like that? Keep laughing at me and I'll tell daddy about this!"

"I won't laugh! Today, Third Brother just so happened to have a date with some of his brothers in the barracks to drink at River Gazing Restaurant and discuss something along the way, so you should follow and take a look. "

"I should also understand the matters of the military camp so that I can have a chat with your future husband when I return!"

Qin Yuelin had originally thought that this little sister would blush from being made fun of, and would embarrassedly punch him with her little fist.

In the end, his family members excitedly pulled him along, "Okay, okay, where is River Gazing Restaurant? "Let's go!"

Third brother: "?"

River Gazing Restaurant was a place with a very high screening rate. The best rooms in the restaurant all had windows facing the river. The cool breeze blew gently and the scenery was extremely beautiful.

Dugu Yu often came here to eat, and he often bumped into Lin Xiafeng or Ling Jingxuan here. Maybe she could chance upon her future husband today, so she could take a peek from afar!

Before the two of them could reach the entrance of River Gazing Tower, a small general came up behind them, "Commander Qin!"

"Zhao Xi, you're here too!"

Zhao Xi? Qin Qingliang remembered the name. He would eventually join Dugu Yu's army and be promoted to Dugu Yu's personal guard.

His loyalty to Dugu Yu could be said to be as unswerving as death. In the end, he died together with Dugu Yu, and was trampled by the male protagonist's soldiers at the palace gates!

Zhao Xi scratched his head, "That's right, I still don't know what the competition will be like, so I decided to try it out with everyone!"

Qin Yuelin said, "I remember that your skills are pretty good. If you don't have that much confidence, where do you want to go and serve?"

"Hehe, I want to become General Dugu's subordinate, and strive to join the Yan Army in the future!"

Yan Jun, Dugu Yu had personally groomed an extremely strong army. Their martial strength was off the charts and they had been invincible. Up until now, they had never been defeated by anyone!

Qin Yuelin patted Zhao Xi's shoulder, "You sure are ambitious. Come on!"

"Third brother... Third Young Master, didn't you say that you're here to discuss some matters with your friends?

"Hahahaha, how could we generals have the use of words to talk about matters. We are the ones who have seen the truth, do you think that it is those sour Elementary Scholars who have done the deed?"

She remembered!

He had been thinking about Dugu Yu and had forgotten about this part about Qin Yuelin.

Today was the fifth day of the seventh month. Qin Yuelin would coincidentally meet Wang Ling Jingxuan, and he had also been instigated to compete with one of Ling Jingxuan's field officers!

Qin Yue Lin lost miserably. He directly smashed open the restaurant's door and fell onto the street. Moreover, he injured his waist and affected the training ground's martial arts competition on July 20th. He had also left a hidden wound and had never recovered!

What do we do, our third brother is going to have bad luck!

As Qin Qingyu was preparing to bring Qin Yuelin home, they had already arrived at the entrance of River Gazing Restaurant.

She really didn't expect that after the second day, she would meet the male lead before she even saw the Dugu Yu that she yearned for!

It had to be said that the male lead of this novel, Ling Jingxuan, was one in a million from her looks and temperament. However, Qin Qingyu really couldn't appreciate that pair of red phoenix eyes that could enchant Lin Xiafeng.

Furthermore, he was' resourceful and had no hidden tricks', but in the eyes of Qin Qingyu, he was just using tricks. With his mouth, he could trick a dead man into not paying with his life, and he was relying on his glib tongue to defeat the entire world!

Qin Yuelin and Zhao Xi quickly bowed, "Greetings, Prince Xian!"

Qin Qingyu followed behind Qin Yuelin as she respectfully bowed. It wasn't until King Duanren greeted them that they slowly rose to their feet.

King Duanren had a gentle and refined appearance, but Qin Qingliang, who knew him very well, could only watch his every move with a frown and smile. She didn't have any good intentions.

This person's EQ was truly high!

He was too scheming! He had only three methods to deal with talents. First, Corporal Li Xian would recruit you. Second, he would use all his methods to force you. Third, he would exterminate all of you!

This whole thing is even more subversive than Cao Cao's death!

In the end, those who didn't follow Ling Jingxuan and Lin Xiafeng were all dead.

Even the old king, who refused to change the title of Crown Prince even after crippling the Crown Prince, had suddenly died like a god!

Thinking of this, Qin Qingyu instantly felt chills run down her spine. This golden thighs of the male and female protagonists were too powerful! Anyone who came across them would die without a doubt!

Although she had only come here to save Dugu Yu, she did not intend to change the outcome of Ling Jingxuan and Lin Xiafeng dominating the world because she knew she could not change it.

But with the importance of Dugu Yu on their journey to the empress, if she stole Dugu Yu's heart, wouldn't Dugu Yu be the one to sacrifice his head and shed hot blood for them, wouldn't he be able to let go of her?

Sigh, the road ahead is bumpy!

While Qin Qingyu was lost in her thoughts, Prince Duanren had already cleared the entire first floor hall of River Gazing Tower.

Qin Qingliang knew that he was going to let Qin Yuelin and one of his subordinates compete against each other. The goal was to goad Qin Yuelin into joining his faction!

Ling Jingxuan was an ever-victorious person. If he wanted someone to defeat Qin Yuelin, he would definitely get his wish.

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