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However, in the end, Qin Yuelin did not join King Duanren's faction.

It was unknown whether it was because his brain was clear enough, or because the author had already decided the downfall and miserable ending of the Qin family from here on.

Thus, in order to let King Duan design Qin Yuelin so that he could be confident and not fall for the crime of maiming a subordinate, he directly made Qin Yuelin 'unscrupulously' join the crown prince's camp!

In other words, 'The opportunity given by This King, if I miss it, there won't be another. He doesn't know how to cherish it.'


The person who was going to fight with Qin Yuelin was Lu Kui, the number one dog under Ling Jingxuan's command. Even at the very end, when they tried to force their way into the palace to snatch the Imperial Jade Seal, he still had a part to play.

He was the one who killed Qin Yuelin. Before he tortured those people to death, he even lamented over today's match, saying that Qin Yuelin had chosen the wrong one, and that he deeply regretted it.

Just looking at her name was enough to make people hate her. She had changed her surname to Qin Kui!

Qin Qingliang was so angry that Ling Jingxuan had already finished clearing the field with a smile on her face, "You two field officers, you may begin."


She definitely could not let her third brother get kicked out of here!

This was because under the hands of that perverted author, Qin Yuelin, who was obviously cheerful, was actually narrow-minded. After losing today, he could not bear it in his heart and became a shadow in his heart.

In the future, whenever he met Lu Kui, his IQ would drop and he would be like a two hundred and fifty year old brute. When he shouted and shouted for a fight, Lu Kui would naturally not care about it, and never give him the chance to compete.

Until he killed Qin Yuelin, he said, "I gave you a fair competition opportunity, yet you lost again!"

Lose your ass!

That's not right, why did Lu Kui emphasize on the possibility of a fair fight in the end? Could it be that he was shamelessly cheating this time?

F * ck, this is too possible! With the male lead's sure victory plan as their goal, what couldn't they do?!

Furthermore, in order to take care of the glory of Ling Jingxuan's male lead, he definitely did not know that Lu Kui had cheated. If he did, he would definitely oppose it.

But even if he didn't know, Qin Qingliang still had to blame this on him. Who told him to be so bored as to let Lu jie compete with Qin Yuelin!

Ling Jingxuan smiled as she turned her head to look at Qin Qingliang's flushed face. It was as if she did not care at all about the rudeness of a servant.

"Who is this little brother?"

Qin Qingyu lowered her head, "Your Highness, I am the crude servant of the Qin Residence's third young miss!"

Qin Yuelin's palms were covered in sweat, and he felt like his scalp was going to explode.

The corner of Ling Jingxuan's mouth twitched. Such a bold and crude servant?

However, he instantly recovered his gentleness and asked patiently, "What do you want to say?"

Qin Qingyu continued, "This servant only felt that the two field officers had strong martial arts, even if it was just a spar, it would still inevitably injure innocent bystanders. Competing in this public place is truly inappropriate."

"Besides, River Gazing Tower is a place to open doors to do business. If we move away the tables and even scare away the guests, wouldn't it be a waste of their time to earn silver?"

Ling Jingxuan smiled, "I can be considered to have some friendship with the owner of this River Wang Tower. Don't worry, he won't mind us competing here."

"Anyone who eats and drinks in this River Gazing Restaurant today will be exempted! If someone accidentally hurts you, This King will compensate you ten times the cost of the medicine! "

"Is that good?"

Qin Qingliang was shocked. Did this Prince Xiang have a good relationship with Boss Wang Jiang? Who's the boss here? It couldn't be Ling Jingxuan herself!

When he said 'free of charge', the boss would probably just blurt it out. If he was the boss's friend, then he should have said, "Treat!"

She remembered that Dugu Yu and the crown prince would often come to River Gazing Tower to discuss matters. Wasn't this courting death?

All plans were within the sphere of influence of the King. What was the point of playing with him? They might as well just wipe their own necks. After being tormented for so many years to fight the King!

"As expected of someone from Lord Qin's residence. For a servant to be able to consider so thoroughly, it's this king's fault!"

Qin Qingyu probably understood why Jiang Wang tower suddenly had something to do with King Duanren, and also allowed him to pretend to be in a big competition. Now that the plot was back, Lu Kui and Qin Yuelin still had to fight!

The golden thigh of the male lead, how could she, a foreign shrimp, twist it!

"Slave ?" This servant didn't know that he had made a slip of the tongue, I hope that Your Highness Duke Xian will forgive me! "

"Hahaha, don't worry. This King will not bother with you. Go and watch. Your Third Young Master and Commander Lu are both military experts. There aren't many opportunities like this!"

Qin Qingyu nodded her head in gratitude, and ran to the door, "Then this servant will stand guard at the door, in case some guests who don't know the situation suddenly rush in. You two can fight as much as you want, third master, you can do it!"

The place where Qin Qingyu stood was the place where Qin Yuelin had crashed into a door and awkwardly thrown onto the street. Since she couldn't change the situation, she had to meet him here!

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