MY professor is my One night stand/C3 My professor is my one night stand
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MY professor is my One night stand/C3 My professor is my one night stand
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C3 My professor is my one night stand

Emma’s POV

My sleep was interrupted by the persistent rays of light that penetrated my window blinds, I flipped over trying hard to ignore it.

“ Argh! Why can't the night last longer?” I groaned as I sprawled on my bed. I could barely sleep because of what had happened two nights ago. It haunted me - how was I ever going to face Jens? What was I saying? I'm supposed to be angry with him! I kicked my legs in embarrassment and frustration thinking of how I had given myself away so easily.

“ Emma! You're going to be late for school!” Mom yelled from downstairs. “ If this is one of your tantrums you're throwing so I'd change your school, it ain't gonna work,” she stated. Mom had already made her resolve that I wouldn't change my high school. It was like she was hell-bent on seeing me run mad.

Lazily and groggily, I got out of bed in the strawberry pyjamas which even I thought was a little too cute. Hastily, I prepared myself for a bath and got changed into a fitting blue jean trousers and a black tank top with a matching blue denim jacket. I was set to go.

Arriving at school, I signed in as usual which made me think of my best friend Sally. Where was she? I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“ Boo!” Sally contorted her hands into seemingly claw-like thingies, I would say.

“ Gosh! You got me startled!” I exclaimed as I clutched my chest. Maybe I was being overly sensitive today but I felt a little bit more alert than usual. Something in me wished I wouldn't encounter Jens but then again that was a bitter fantasy I would pay to drown myself in. We were classmates so there was absolutely no way we wouldn't meet.

“ It normally doesn't work on you and honestly, I didn't think it would although I decided to give it a try,” Sally said swirling her floral gown she had on as she waited for me to sign in.

“ Maybe it's because I was wondering where you'd be?” I asked rhetorically, even though I wasn't sure of the excuse I was coming up with.

“ I don't what's up with you today but you look a little bit stiff,” she said analysing me as we walked through the hallways.

“ Just lost sleep,” I shrugged acting like nothing was going on but was dying to voice out everything that had happened to me in a span of two nights. I was going nuts, I know.

“ It seems to me like it's more than that,” Sally was still skeptical. By now the normal Sally would have noticed that we were heading to class late but she was too engulfed in the new mystery about me. Should I tell her the truth? I contemplated.

“ Sally... I have something I want to tell you but it has to be a secret between us, no one else must know,” I stated the conditions first. After much internal deliberation, I felt it was only right I told her since she was my best friend after all. There was nothing I didn't know about her and there was nothing she didn't know about me, up until now that is.

“ Sure but why do you look so serious?” We were already standing in front of the class when I turned my eyes to see what would turn out to be shocker of the century. It was the same guy I had a one-night stand with.

“ Oh shit!” I cussed and the whole class turned to look outside at I and Sally standing by the door. His eyes met mine and fear gripped me, would he tell anyone? How did he end up being a teacher in my school? At this point, I wished that the Earth would just open up and swallow me.

“ Why are you both standing there and staring?” He raised his brows from behind his glasses. I knew he recognized me but why was he acting like he didn't know me? Emma, you should be happy he isn't acting like he knows you - I heard my mind repeat.

“ O-hhh, we're sorry,” I stuttered, pulling Sally inside with me. We sat on our seats trying to arrange ourselves, was he the new art teacher the school had said would come to teach us today? Of everyone to be our Art teacher, why did it turn out to be him? I ended up banging my head against my desk.

“ What's with all the ruckus?” I shuddered as his calm yet stern voice questioned me in an interrogating manner.

“ First you come in late and draw all the attention and now you resort to banging your head on the desk,” he frowned at me, his red eyes going a deeper red.

“ She didn't mean to, Mr. Hayes. She's just been a bit out of it today,” Sally spoke up for me. He simply turned away and acted like he hadn't spoken to us to begin with.

“ Way to go, suddenly zoning out when Mr. Hottie is talking to you,” Sally whispered.

“ How do you even know his name?” I questioned.

“ He wrote it on the damn whiteboard,” she whispered back in an aggressive tone. I hadn't noticed it when I walked in, I was too distracted by my shock.

I tried my best to act normal and keep my cool during class as Mr. Hayes taught but minutes felt like hours and I was beginning to lose my patience alongside my sanity whenever he walked past my seat or his eyes fell on my side of the class. Now, I think I was just acting paranoid. I had never been happier to hear the school bell ring, his period was over and I was relieved from my torment.

“ That will be all for today's class,” he concluded before walking out. He didn't forget to leave one or two assignments for us to do.

“ We have chemistry class next,” Sally looked at her watch as we got up from our seats. I could feel Jens gaze fall on me every now and then.

“ Is something wrong?” Sally looked at me trying hard to read my expression.

“ No, let's go,” I urged. I didn't want to bother her with my problems, maybe I should keep my issues to myself.

“ What were you going to tell me before we got into class, anyway?” She inquired as we walked out of class.

“ I was gonna tell you something? Pfft, I don't remember a thing,” classic ‘ playing the dumb card ’ always does the trick. I felt someone pull me by the wrist.

“ Why haven't you been picking up your calls?” It was Jens. I nearly rolled my eyeballs if not that I didn't want to let him know I knew what was going on.

“ I was asleep then,” I lied through my teeth as I looked away.

“ Asleep? Did you hibernate or something? Who sleeps for two nights straight??” He tightened his grip on my wrist.

“ Are you avoiding me, Emm?” He went straight to the point as he pinned me against a wall - he was crazy.

“ We have classes to attend, Jens,” I didn't bother to look at him.

“ You're not leaving here till you answer me. Why weren't you picking up? And are you really avoiding me?” The audacity he had to be acting innocent irritated me.

“ Let go of her, Jens,” Sally darted lightning bolts at him.

“ Shut it, pink head,” he snapped.

“ If you don't let go of her, I'm gonna call a teacher,” she threatened. Sometimes, I wondered where she got all this courage from since she was so petite for her confidence.

“ We'll surely talk later, Emma and you better tell me what's going on,” he spat as he let go of me. Sally grabbed my other hand and pulled me away from Jens and his friends. She was yet to realize how she had saved me from Jens for the today at least.

* * * *

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