MY professor is my One night stand/C4 My professor is my one night stand
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MY professor is my One night stand/C4 My professor is my one night stand
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C4 My professor is my one night stand

Emma’s POV

Just as we were about to leave, I saw a familiar figure appear from nowhere. Mr. Hayes? I stared in confusion.

“ What's with all the commotion?” He questioned as he stood in front of us and by us I included Jens and his gang of friends. How did I never see how double-crossing and insincere he was up until now?

“ None of your business,” Jens snapped. He never missed the opportunity to have an outburst.

“ Well, not until you end up in the principal’s office,” Mr. Hayes adjusted his glasses as he gave a subtle threat. Jens kept quiet, I didn't know what was going on or if I was the one misinterpreting things but they seemed to have bad blood between themselves.

“ Let's go,” Jens told his friends and in the twinkling of an eye, they were gone. Can I now say that Mr. Hayes had saved us?

“ Erm... Thank you for...,”

“ Follow me,” he snapped his fingers. His eyes were as cold as ever, that was rather rude of him to just interrupt me while I was talking. I instantly frowned at him.

“ For a teacher who is supposed to teach manners you should know that it was rather rude of you to just cut her short midway through my sentence. She was even just about to thank you,” Sally said through grit teeth as her temple wrinkled from anger.

“ Don't bother, I didn't save her because I wanted to. I didn't want whatever you all were doing to cause a scene,” he adjusted his glasses as he emotionlessly dished out the truth. Why was I even for a second convinced that he actually could be nice?

“ Talk about proud and rude but I'll spare you because you're hot,” Sally muttered to my hearing. She never had a strong resolve when it came to hot men, it was like her Achilles heel.

“ And I was talking to your friend not you,” he stated.

“ Her name is Emma. She has a name,” Sally retorted. She was on defense mode probably due to Jens.

“ Follow me to my office, Emma,” he said no more before walking out. I walked behind him but Sally's sudden pull stopped me.

“ Are you really going to follow him to his office?” Sally whispered to me her confusion.

“ Yes, what choice do I have?” I gave her a questioning look.

“ But why exactly would he call you in?” She looked at me suspiciously with a mix of confusion.

“ Don't worry about it, it's gonna be fine. It has to be something important,” I reassured her before leaving her side. It was best if I and Mr. Hayes talked out what happened two nights ago.

I followed Mr. Hayes trying my best to keep up with his long strides and it's all thanks to Sally who kept interrogating me.

Getting to his office which was a lot finer than you'd expect a teacher's office to be, I closed the door shut taking deep breaths and reassuring myself that everything would turn out right. I turned to face him and I could feel my heart beat faster and faster and I began to meditate on how I would bring this up in a less awkward way.

He was busy looking through some of his books while I stood and watched in panic. I summoned the courage to come closer to his desk and have a talk about our shared experience. Maybe it was because he was sitting right in front of me, but just thinking of how eventful and passionate that night was, my face turned red and my head began to steam.

” About what happened two nights...,”

“ Don't let anyone bully you and even if someone does, learn to stand up for yourself,” he beat me to it and interrupted. “ But if he is indeed posing a threat to you, you can always go ahead and talk to the anti-bullying committee, they can help you deal with this better,” he advised and I stared at him puzzled. Did he really have no idea who I was? No way he didn't recognize me so could he be putting on an act?

” I think we still have somethings to talk about,” I felt nervous saying this.

” Like what?” He furrowed his brows. I hated how his red eyes darkened whenever he was displeased, it intimidated me. I couldn't say a word to him the way he stared at me.

“ If you don't have anything else to say, you may leave,” he dismissed me.

“ I-I...,” I was confused as to why he had ousted me from his office when I had so much to say. Eventually since I couldn't muster the courage to confront him, I eventually left the office for him. If I could have courage and confidence like Sally, I wouldn't be feeling this unsatisfied.

Throughout the rest of the school period, I couldn't concentrate. My mind kept going back to Mr. Hayes and how he had suddenly become our Art teacher to how I suspected he was acting like he didn't know me. I couldn't even tell if he was pretending not to know me or if he really didn't remember. This was like a detective job, trying to put all the pieces together in a way that would make sense.

Once the school bell rung, I left the school early with Sally. I didn't want to have to bump into Jens.

“ Other than the fact that Mr Hayes can be rude, he's a perfect ten,” Sally was lost in her lustful fantasies.

“ Are you really that fond of him?” I asked her with a bit of irritation on my face. I knew he was impressively handsome and mesmerizing but I still was yet to understand why every single girl was fawning over him.

“ Who isn't?” She chuckled and blushed in excitement. “ By the way, what did Mr Hayes say to you?” She pried.

“ Why are you so curious?” I pushed her meddling face away from me.

“ Everyone has been bringing about their conspiracy theory the moment you walked into Mr Hayes’ office,” she winked as she informed.

“ He just told me to talk to the anti-bullying committee,” just repeating his words was getting me all riled up. I didn't get the chance to discuss what I wanted to, more like he didn't give me the chance to say what I wanted.

“ So he was just acting cold in the hallways as a show? Because he seems nice to call you in just before school's over to talk to you,” Sally sang his praises.

“ Whatever floats your boat,” I shrugged.

“ Okay, now you have to tell me what's going on,” she ran in front of me and spread her arms apart to stop me from moving forward.

“ I plan on breaking up with Jens,” I didn't beat around the bush.

“ You said what now???" She asked in disbelief. “ What could have made you make such a decision?” She interrogated.

“ I thought you didn't like him?” I frowned.

“ I don't but you do or at least you did. I'm just wondering what happened that got you convinced enough to want to break up with him,”

“ He's secretly seeing Catherine,” I gave a short but straight forward and detailed answer which left Sally in utter disbelief.

New chapter is coming soon
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