My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C1 She Was Pushed down the Stairs and Reborn
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C1 She Was Pushed down the Stairs and Reborn
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C1 She Was Pushed down the Stairs and Reborn

On the roof.


Gu Yuehuan, who was over half a hundred years old, staggered towards the well-dressed and elegant woman in front of her. Her voice was filled with disbelief. "You are Yuewei, right? I am your elder sister."

"Elder sister?" Gu Yuewei sneered, and said, "I don't have an elder sister like you. I called you here to tell you to stay away from me in the future!"

Gu Yuehuan heard this and looked at Gu Yuewei sadly. She thought of the hardships she had gone through all these years and was so angry that she gritted her teeth. "Gu Yuewei, all these years, I painstakingly raised you up and offered you to go to university. You repay me just like that? In order to raise you and our parents, I took up a few jobs. My health was getting worse and worse. Do you have a conscience? "

" A conscience? " Gu Yuewei laughed exaggeratedly when she heard this. Although she was not young anymore, she had taken good care of her face. She said ferociously, "Do you really think you are my elder sister? No one in our family treats you as a family member! You were picked up by my mother by the river. You are not her biological daughter at all! All these years, we have only treated you as an ATM and cheated you of your money!"

These words were like a bomb exploding in Gu Yuehuan's mind. She was so shocked that her eyes widened as she looked at Gu Yuewei. Her face suddenly turned pale. Was she really not the biological daughter of her parents?

The more Gu Yuewei spoke, the angrier she got. She vented out the hatred she had for Gu Yuehuan for so many years. She pressed her face against Gu Yuehuan's and roared, "Do you know why I hate you so much? It's because I love Huo Qingyue, but he loves you. No matter what I do, he won't look at me. I don't want the two of you to get married, so I tricked you into working in a big city and told him that you were raped and then committed suicide. I didn't think that he would actually believe my lies!"

" He cut Jiaang Yan to death with a knife! He has been in jail for decades, and he is still in jail!"


Huo Qingyue was her boyfriend in her previous life. It was her family who introduced him to her. She only dated him for a few months before she was cheated to work in Sea City. She had been trapped in Sea City for her entire life. He actually went to jail for killing Jiaang Yan for her. "He went to jail?" Gu Yuehuan was so scared that her eyes widened and her lips trembled. She trembled and said, "Why would he go to jail? He clearly lived a good life. "

Gu Yuewei saw Gu Yuehuan's frightened face and became even more pleased with herself. She deliberately provoked her," You didn't think that the two of you would miss each other for so many years, right? Since I can't get him, I also can't let you get him! I lied to him. He really thought you were raped, and he killed Jiaang Yan for you. He was sentenced to life imprisonment!"

Gu Yuehuan saw Gu Yuewei's proud face and was so angry that she screamed with all her might. She thought of Huo Qingyue who was implicated by her and was so angry that her whole body trembled. "I will kill you! Gu Yuewei! Go to hell!"

Gu Yuewei looked at Gu Yuehuan rushing over and grabbed her neck. " Kill me? With just you? Gu Yuehuan, I thought about it. You should go to hell! If you die, no one will know that I am a child of the poor! "

The white-haired Gu Yuehuan's bodily functions decreased and she did not have any strength to struggle. She allowed Gu Yuewei to pinch her neck. She looked at Gu Yuewei in despair, "Gu Yuewei."

In the next second, Gu Yuehuan's body flew up and was pushed down the stairs by Gu Yuewei.

The strong feeling of falling made Gu Yuehuan close her eyes and lose consciousness.

"Yuehuan, what happened to you? Oh no, she seems to have a heatstroke!"

"She must have had a heatstroke! It was too hot today. She was just a child, yet she had been working in the fields all day. She had not even drunk water! Let's hurry up and send her to the hospital."

" Why is she suffering from heatstroke? I have to spend money to send her to the hospital for treatment. I don't have money! It was most likely because she didn't want to work and pretended to be sick. As long as I slap her, she'll definitely wake up."

Zhang Shufen was reluctant to spend money to send Gu Yuehuan to the hospital for treatment, so she had to wake her up. She raised her hand and prepared to slap Gu Yuehuan.

At this moment, Gu Yuehuan woke up. She saw that Zhang Shufen's palm was about to hit her face and grabbed Zhang Shufen's hand.

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