My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C13 You will be Punished!
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C13 You will be Punished!
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C13 You will be Punished!

Everyone sympathized with Gu Yuehuan when they heard her pitiful words. Everyone started to criticize Zhang Shufen.

Zhang Shufen was very angry. She did not expect Gu Yuehuan to be so good at acting. She acted so pitifully in front of so many people. Others would think that she was an evil mother!

Gu Yuewei, who was at the side, was dumbfounded. She did not think that her mother would be so useless. She went up and held Zhang Shufen's hand and said, "Everyone misunderstood. My mother was scared just now. Since there is nothing else, everyone can go back."

Zhang Shufen felt awkward but also helpless. So after she chased him out, she gritted her teeth and looked at Gu Yuehuan. "I am your mother. You actually dare to hit me with a hammer! You will be punished by the heavens!"

When Gu Yuehuan heard this, she picked up the hammer at the side. Zhang Shufen was so scared that she hid behind Gu Yuewei. Gu Yuehuan saw this and said with narrowed eyes, "Mom, you have done so many immoral things. Will you be punished by the heavens?"

Gu Yuehuan took the hammer back to its original position and left the house. She was preparing to go back to make breakfast for Huo Qingyue and her future mother-in-law.

After Gu Yuehuan left, Zhang Shufen dared to sit back on the bed. Gu Yuehuan's eyes just now were quite scary and she still had lingering fears.

Gu Yuewei was so angry that she paced back and forth in the room and cried to Zhang Shufen, "Mom! What should we do? It is impossible for her to go to Sea City, what should I do?"

Zhang Shufen thought calmly and patted her hand, "What are you worried about? I have many ways. The supervisor said that they would leave after a month. That time will be the day of her wedding. At that time, you can secretly exchange with her! As long as she leaves... You can marry Huo Qingyue. "

Gu Wei had just finished smoking when he heard their conversation. He knocked on the table unhappily and said to them, "Do you have to do this to Yuehuan?"

Zhang Shufen glared at him. "She is not my biological daughter. Why do you care whether she lives or dies? If she went, she could earn a lot of money. It was enough for our family to build a new house."

Gu Wei did not dare to speak after being stared at by her.

Gu Yuehuan came to the Huo family and prepared to make noodles, fried dough sticks, and buns for them in the morning.

Because Zhao Yun slept late yesterday, she got up a little late today. She just got up and prepared to go make breakfast, but the moment she came out, she saw Gu Yuehuan busy in the kitchen.

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