My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C14 Huo Qing Had a Motorcycle?
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C14 Huo Qing Had a Motorcycle?
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C14 Huo Qing Had a Motorcycle?

She got a shock and quickly stepped forward to stop it. She said, "Yuehuan, why did you wake up so early in the morning? You must have stayed up all night. Go and rest first. I'll make breakfast."

When Gu Yuehuan heard this, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. Auntie must have thought that the two of them had sex last night. She explained, "It's nothing, Auntie. I slept very well. Try the food I made. "

Zhao Yun initially felt that Gu Yuehuan looked very filial to her elders and was especially diligent. Zhao Yun was sure that she did not misjudge Gu Yuehuan.

She liked the virtuous daughter-in-law. She looked at Gu Yuehuan and did not reject. She said, "Okay, I'll wait for you to cook. I'll ask Qingyue to wake up and eat."

Huo Qingyue was going to work in the town office, so he usually woke up at this time. Now that he had finished tidying up and saw that Gu Yuehuan was not around, he thought that she had gone back.

He put on a clean white shirt and pants and walked out. Gu Yuehuan said, "Yue, you are awake? I made breakfast. After you wash your hands, you can eat."

Huo Qingyue was stunned for a moment and nodded. He washed his hands and prepared to eat. This was the first time he had tasted Gu Yuehuan's dishes. Gu Yuehuan's cooking was not bad.

Huo Qingyue's appetite was very good. Today, he actually ate two bowls of noodles and finished all the buns.

The three of them ate very happily. After Gu Yuehuan finished eating, she prepared to wash the dishes. Zhao Yun pulled her hand and said, "I'll wash the dishes. You go and send Qingyue to work!"

Gu Yuehuan did not have time to say anything before she was pushed out by her future mother-in-law. When she went out, she accidentally bumped into Huo Qingyue. He stood at the door, so she fell into his arms.

When Huo Qingyue saw her fall, he was especially afraid. His face changed, and he hugged her tightly.

After she reacted, she took the initiative to pull Huo Qingyue's hand out.

The two of them went out. The town was very far from here. Huo Qingyue usually rode a motorcycle to work. Gu Yuehuan wanted to go to town and see if there were any part-time jobs. She did not have a penny now. She had to spend money to go to college.

Huo Qingyue heard that she was going to enter the city, so he planned to send her off on a motorcycle.

When Gu Yuehuan heard that, she pinched the corner of her clothes and said with a sense of inferiority, "I am too fat."

Huo Qingyue held her hand and moved her to the back seat. He said, "You are not fat. You are very well now. I like you."

Gu Yuehuan had been called fat by the villagers since she was young. Furthermore, her skin was not good. She worked at home every day, so her skin could not be very white. Huo Qingyue was the first person to say that she was not fat.

She got on his motorcycle and sat at the back. When he set off, she was stunned. She was afraid of falling, so she quickly hugged his waist.

But she was very confused, because Huo Qingyue's family's conditions were really good.

Not only did he have three acres of land passed down from his ancestors, but he also had a motorcycle. In this era, it was impossible to buy a motorcycle without ten thousand yuan.

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