My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C6 Zhang Shufen Asked Her to Work in Sea City
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C6 Zhang Shufen Asked Her to Work in Sea City
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C6 Zhang Shufen Asked Her to Work in Sea City

Gu Yuewei saw his fierce eyes and was very angry. He was always so cold to her!

Huo Qingyue looked at Gu Yuehuan and instantly changed his expression. When he caressed her hair, his expression and eyes became gentle. He reminded her, "When you get home, you must take your medicine properly. If your mother bullies you again, just tell me. If anything happens, I will stand up for you. Do you know?"

Gu Yuehuan's ears turned red because of his words. She nodded shyly, "Okay, be careful."

When Huo Qingyue left, he touched her hair reluctantly. Gu Yuewei snorted and mocked, "You deliberately pretended to be pitiful in front of him to make him feel sorry for you, right?"

Gu Yuewei's words reminded Gu Yuehuan. Looking at her younger sister in front of her, her heart felt cold.

She did not go to university in her previous life because she and Gu Yuewei both got into university. Because the family was poor, Zhang Shufen did not hesitate to tell her, "Your younger sister is young. As her older sister, you should make money to support her to go to university."

Later on, she was cheated by her family to work in an electronic factory. She did not expect that the electronic factory was actually a chemical factory. She had been trapped in the chemical factory for the rest of her life. Her face had been corroded. During this time, her family kept asking for money from her.

She was kind by nature, so she couldn't refuse them. Actually, they gave all the money to Gu Yuewei. When Gu Yuewei was in college, she pretended to be rich and then smoothly married into a wealthy family.

Gu Yuewei, who had married into a rich family, had cut off all contact with Gu Yuehuan because she was afraid that her husband would know that she was a child from a poor family. If Gu Yuehuan did not see Gu Yuewei when she was cleaning the mall this morning, she would not have known the truth.

Gu Yuehuan previously thought that her parents did not like her but now she understood that she was not their biological daughter at all.

She would not be so silly as to be used by this family in this life.

She calculated the time line. If she remembered correctly, Zhang Shufen would let her work in Sea City recently.

Just as she entered, Zhang Shufen suddenly smiled and asked her caringly, "Yuehuan, how is it? Are you alright?"

Gu Yuehuan heard her sudden change in tone and felt that something was not right, so she said with a cold face, "I am not dead yet."

Zhang Shufen awkwardly pulled her over and said, "I know your body is fine. It is all thanks to me that you went to the clinic earlier, otherwise something would definitely have happened. Let me tell you something. Do you know that some people have come to the village recently? If you work in the Sea City Electronic Factory with them, you will get a salary of 100 RMB per month! Anyway, you have nothing to do during the holidays. Why don't you go and work? This way, you won't have to work in the fields, right?"

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