My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C8 She Was Chased out of the House and Asked to Sleep in a Pigsty
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C8 She Was Chased out of the House and Asked to Sleep in a Pigsty
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C8 She Was Chased out of the House and Asked to Sleep in a Pigsty

Zhang Shufen loved money as much as her life. She couldn't even bear to give a single cent to Gu Yuehuan. If Gu Yuehuan really asked for so much money, Zhang Shufen would be very angry.

Because of Gu Yuehuan's words, Zhang Shufen was so angry that her expression became gloomy.

When Zhang Shufen saw that Gu Yuehuan was not willing to work, her eyes widened in anger. Gu Yuehuan sat down and wanted to eat but was pulled up by Zhang Shufen. Her tone was harsh as she scolded, "You are not willing to work but you want to eat? If you don't work, from now on you won't be able to eat a single bite of the food at home. Now go outside and sleep!"

Gu Yuehuan was pushed out. Zhang Shufen closed the door. Zhang Shufen shouted at the top of her lungs in the room, "If you don't promise me, don't think about coming back to sleep. Go outside and sleep in the pigsty."

After Zhang Shufen chased Gu Yuehuan out of the room, Gu Yuewei said, "Mom, what should we do? It was impossible for slut to go to work. If she refused to go, the engagement between her and Yue will continue! If she was with him, then I wouldn't be able to be with him. I want to marry Yue!"

Zhang Shufen saw Gu Yuewei's angry look and felt annoyed in her heart. She smiled slyly and patted Gu Yuewei's chest to comfort her, "Don't worry, I will think of a way for you. Anyway, I have already received all the money and it is impossible for her not to work. I have a way to make her agree to me! "

Zhang Shufen wanted Huo Qingyue to become his son-in-law, but the prerequisite was that he was Yuewei's husband! Huo Qingyue was a famous cultural person in the village. He did well in the college entrance exam, and after he graduated from a good university, he was assigned a good job. He was now a civil servant in the provincial capital. Intellectuals were especially respected in the village.

Moreover, his family had three acres of land that had been passed down from his ancestors. If this land was used, she would be able to earn a lot of money. Huo Qingyue's family background was considered very good in the village. After all, the money he prepared for marriage was the most in the entire village. When Huo family came to her house to discuss marriage, she originally wanted Yuewei to become Huo Qingyue's wife. In the end, Huo Qingyue's mother wanted Gu Yuehuan to be Huo Qingyue's wife!

Gu Yuehuan was chased out. She looked at the dirty bed in the pigsty beside her and felt that it was very funny.

In her previous life, if she made her mother unhappy, her mother would chase her out to sleep in the pigsty. In her previous life, because she was weak, she could not escape from this home, so she could only sleep in the pigsty obediently.

Who were her biological parents? Why did they throw her to the riverside?

She couldn't help but want to cry when she thought of what happened in her previous life. At this moment, someone behind her shouted, "Yuehuan, why are you outside? Your family chased you out?"

Gu Yuehuan heard the voice and turned her head. She saw Huo Qingyue's mother. Huo Qingyue's mother's name was Zhao Yun.

She went over and shouted, "Auntie."

Zhao Yun noticed that her eyes were red and knew what had happened. She spat a mouthful of saliva at the door of Gu Yuehuan's house and said, "Your mother is simply a beast! Come back with me now and stay at my house."

Gu Yuehuan held her hand in fear and said, "Auntie, this is a little inappropriate. If I stay at your house before I get married, I will be laughed at by others. "

Zhao Yun pulled her hand and walked forward and said, "Don't be afraid, I will protect you. Why can't you stay at my house? If someone laughs at you, I will scold that person!"

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