My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C9 Her Mother Broke Her Leg
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My Reborn Wife Is Cute And Voluptuous/C9 Her Mother Broke Her Leg
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C9 Her Mother Broke Her Leg

In her previous life, Zhao Yun was just like now. She especially loved Gu Yuehuan. Gu Yuehuan directly followed her to her house.

Zhao Yun made her Egg Fried Rice and told her, "Qingyue went out. You eat first. We are all full."

Gu Yuehuan heard this and her eyes turned red, "Thank you."

Gu Yuehuan finished eating and washed the dishes. Zhao Yun handed the clothes she bought at the market to Gu Yuehuan and said, "This is the clothes Qingyue and I bought for you. He chose it for you. He originally planned to give it to you when you marry. Go and take a bath first."

Zhao Yun boiled water for her. She took the clothes and said, "Thank you, Auntie."

Zhao Yun pinched her face. "We are a family. I'm tired now and I need to go to sleep. You know Qingyue's room too. After you take a shower, you can sleep with him."

Gu Yuehuan nodded and Zhao Yun closed the door and went out. After she took a shower, she went into the room. She thought that he had not returned yet, so she directly opened the door. In the end, she saw Huo Qingyue who had already taken off his clothes and was ready to sleep.

She saw his firm chest and fair skin.

Gu Yuehuan was shocked, and Huo Qingyue was also shocked. He turned around and looked at her, but did not move.

"Why are you here?"

Gu Yuehuan heard this and turned her head awkwardly, saying, "I was chased out by my mom. Your mom saw that I had no home so she let me stay here for the night."

Huo Qingyue was stunned when he heard that. Then he quickly put on his clothes.

Gu Yuehuan closed the door and said tremblingly, "Don't worry, Yue. I'll sleep on the floor."

When Huo Qingyue heard this, he took the blanket from the cabinet and laid it on the floor.

Huo Qingyue squatted down and said to her, "You sleep on the bed, I sleep on the floor."

Gu Yuehuan still wanted to say something, but Huo Qingyue looked at her and ordered, "Do as I say."

Gu Yuehuan's heart beat fast. She laid on the bed and Huo Qingyue slept on the ground.

Her emotions began to become complicated.

Gu Yuehuan woke up the next morning and prepared to cook to repay them. At this time, Gu Yuewei hurriedly ran over and shouted, "Big sister."

Gu Yuehuan was afraid that Gu Yuewei would wake up other people so she quickly went to open the door and ask Gu Yuewei, "What do you want to do?"

Gu Yuewei cried and her body trembled as she said to her, "Big sister, quickly follow me home. Mommy broke her leg!"

Gu Yuehuan's expression was gloomy as she coldly asked her, "How did she fall?"

Gu Yuewei explained, "Mom saw that you were not in the pigsty this morning and she thought that something had happened to you. So she came to find you. She especially regretted chasing you out yesterday. She looked for you all night. In the morning, when she heard that you went up the mountain to pick things, she went up the mountain to look for you. In the end, she broke her leg. Hurry up and come back with me. Mom's injuries are very serious right now. The doctor said that she needs to receive surgery as soon as possible!"

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