My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb./C2 Don't talk to me.
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My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb./C2 Don't talk to me.
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C2 Don't talk to me.

" Let me just quit being surprised, because it's obvious he can't talk because he doesn't want to. Sorry, Mister Edward for saying this in front of you, and please I know that I'm desperately looking for a boyfriend, but I still need to know where you guys are taking me to ". Cecilia said.

She was surprised at first when she heard what that man had said, but then she just removed the words from her head, because the man who is sitting at the front seat is just trying to scare her away, and likewise this handsome Edward sitting beside me.

" We are going to a cult ". The driver said while focusing his gaze on the road.

" Did I do something wrong, because I can still remember that I didn't, so stop driving so that I can come down, before I get accused of yelling at him, and would be asked to spend some few days in prison ". Cecelia said while giving everyone in the car the command to stop whatever they have already had in mind so that she can peacefully go back to her normal life.

It wasn't a crime if she had to give her parents another excuse that her boyfriend traveled, because that's the only way to keep them from forcing her to marry someone she doesn't like.

Once her parents find out that she doesn't have a boyfriend, then they will have no option but to marry her off, since Cecilia had already promised them that she's going to find a boyfriend once she's allowed to live on her own, which they accepted.

But it has been three years and Cecilia keeps lying up and down about someone who they haven't seen once, which made them finally decide that they would like to visit and also take a look at her boyfriend, to know if he's capable of taking good care of their daughter, and to make sure that he's not with their daughter because of family wealth.

" You didn't do anything wrong, miss, we are just going to sign a document in court, stating that you both are married, and that's it ". The man sitting beside the driver said.

He was holding a big tablet in his hand, which seems to be distracting him because he always looks at the tablet before saying anything.

" I didn't say I'm married, I just need a boyfriend..... sir can you be able to help me out, so that I won't put all my hope in you ". Cecilia asked.

" How many days do you need Mister Chen Edward to be your boyfriend ?". The man opposite the driver asked.

" Well please don't talk to me anymore, I'm not asking you to be my boyfriend, so just quit talking ". Cecilia said, which caused the man to close his mouth.

The man beside the driver's seat, showed the driver his iPad, causing the driver to slow down the car all of a sudden, and before I knew it, the car parked beside a mall.

Both the driver and the man opposite the driver's seat wore a black suit, which has a black long sleeve beneath it.

The driver and the other man were both wearing the same outfit, making them look more like a professional.

They both stepped down from the car, which at first made a frown appear on my face because I thought they wanted to open the car door for me, and sent me out of their car.

I was still waiting for them to throw me out, but to my surprise, no one even came to open the door, not even to drag me out from the car.

A whole one minutes passed, but neither did I nor Mister Edward utter anything from our mouth, as we were both staring outside the car.

" Okay!! I can't take it anymore, so let's get to business shall we ?". Cecilia asked but nothing came out of his mouth.

" You shouldn't generate the ability of not taking you to know!!! because it would make your mouth smell ". Cecelia informed.

Edward, who hadn't said anything, suddenly chuckled, as a beautiful smile appeared on his handsome face.

His face was well curved, while his golden hair was combed to the right.

His brown eyes are so Damn attractive, which I'm somewhat grateful for, that we haven't had a real conversation yet, because I'm hundred and one percent sure that I won't be able to prevent myself from staring away.

Chen Edward is a famous businessman, but the truth is told, I haven't taken notice of his physical appearance, even when I do see him appear on television.

His company is one of the greatest companies in the city, and also very popular, because of how trusty and reliable they are.

Edward wore normal simple clothes, which were black shorts, and a white shirt that hugged his perfect figure properly.

His chest is huge, because of the six-pack which he has.

Edward's lips were pink like that of a newly born baby, which is very eye-catching.

When I met him alone on the street, I couldn't realize that he was a famous billionaire because I have never had an interest in him, since all I want in my life is to hold my own production company, without the help of my parents.

" Quit staring at me sir, because looking for a boyfriend is all that I want from you, and as I said!! I'm not looking for a husband, but a temporary boyfriend, so what do you say to that ". I asked Edward because he seems to be a man of few words, or if perhaps a man of no words, and maybe eventually he would talk to me, but for now, I don't mind leading the conversation.

Edward brought out a paper and gave it to me, causing me to raise my brows, but he gave me a reassuring smile.

I stare at the paper for a while before deciding to go through it.

It was a document, which entails me signing up to be his girlfriend for a month.

I stared at Edward but didn't ask any question, because I'm desperately in need of a boyfriend, so I quickly brought out a pen and signed the document without going through the terms and conditions.

I was so surprised that he gave me a document to sign, like if he was already planning that he would meet a stranger on the way who would request for him to be their boyfriend.

I gave him the document back with a smile on my face, but then he gave me his laptop, which had something written on it.


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