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C3 Heartbeat.

Immediately Cecilia saw the inscription, she hung her mouth wide open in surprise.

" Hun.... what do you mean by this ?". She asked surprised.

Edward took the laptop again and wrote something on the screen before giving it back to her.

She took the laptop and stared at it intensely.

' I SAID DON'T TALK TO ME '. was written on the screen of the laptop.

" Huh... so really do mean it ?". She asked but as usual, she didn't receive any response.

" Ohh!! I understand now, and would surely keep it in mind Chen Edward ". Cecelia said while nodding her head like a reptile.

Edward took the laptop from her and wrote something on it again.


" But how are you even going to...... sorry, I'm going to keep my mouth shut, so no worries, and it's also going to be as easy as a piece of cake, so I can handle it ". Cecelia said.

She couldn't complete her earlier statement because Edward had glared at her with a furious face causing her to find it hard to swallow.

She canceled what he had written on the laptop and wrote something on it, before giving it back to Edward.

' Can you come to my place today, because my parents are going to come back from the States today '. Cecelia wrote.

' Sorry but I'm going to be busy all day long '. Edward wrote before giving it back to Cecelia.

' But they would like to meet my boyfriend today.... or can we just pick them up from the airport today ?'. Cecelia asked.

She doesn't know why but she kinda likes their means of communication because she could already picture his voice as she reads the text.

' I'll try!!! what time is it ?'. He asked.

' I guess probably around three noon, so would you be free by then ?'. Cecelia asked.

She was smiling as she wrote the text while giving it to Edward. Even though it's weird, she still like it weirdly.

' I'll try to create a chance by then '. Edward said as she gave his laptop to Cecelia before winking at her.

That was the first time Cecelia saw him winking, but a smile suddenly formed on her lips as she became amused that she's getting to know him more, which is progress.

' So can I come over to your house today, because I would like to know things about my boyfriend, and after today, I won't visit your house again '. Cecelia wrote while hoping that he wouldn't get offended by her second request.

" Why do you want to visit my house, when you already know a lot of things about me ?".

" Other than you being popular, I don't know anything else about you!! I'm not a fan of you, so please just for today okay ". Cecelia texted as she placed pleading emote eyes, hoping that he would be able to understand that she needs to know him because she doesn't want to mess up in front of her parents.

Edward nodded his head as he started staring outside the window and this time around, he didn't text anything to her.

Cecelia was about to open her mouth when someone suddenly opened the front door.

The driver and that other man who I still haven't ask of his name suddenly sat down as they accelerated the car engine before driving.

" So mister, what is your name ?". I asked the man who had been talking to me earlier.

" You can call me Mister black ". The man said while smiling.

" And what should I call you ". She asked the driver.

" You can call me Ezekiel ". The driver replied with his soft voice.

The driver seems to be probably in his early thirty, likewise Mister black, but I still can't find how to describe which age handsome Edward is, because he looks so young, maybe probably in his early twenties.

" So are any of you related ?". Cecelia asked curiously.

" Miss!! it's better that you don't ask us any useless question, which is part of things that you aren't supposed to do, and it's written in the contract ". Mister black said.

" Ohh!! ". Cecelia replied as she took the laptop which was on Edward's lap, and wrote something on it.

' Can you please give me the contract document? I would like to go through the DO and DON'T '. Cecelia texted before giving Edward the laptop.

' In the signed contract, you are expected not to ask for the contract back, after you finish signing until the end of the month '. Edward said.

" Ohh!!! this is getting weird ". Cecelia muttered out as she brought out her phone from her bag.

" Miss Cecelia, you are expected to use this phone, while your old phone would be kept on hold because we don't like a situation where you have to be..... ".

" Don't worry Sir, I get it. And besides you can't trust anyone these days, so here's my phone ". Cecelia said as she gave her phone to Mister black.

" Thanks for your understanding, and if you continue to cooperate with us, then we aren't going to have any problem with each other. The only number you are allowed to call with this phone is your parents' number and the number of our boss here. We won't tolerate it if you end up calling someone else with this phone, except both of your parents. Our boss number is the only number you have on the phone, but keep it in mind that you can't call him whenever you like ". The man said while Cecelia just nodded her head, as a means of understanding.

She opened the phone and went to contact, to see what they had saved Edward's name with.

On the contact list lies only one contact, which was ' HEARTBEAT '.

Cecelia became confused because it might just be saved by mistake.

' I can't find your contact on this phone '. Cecelia texted her notebook on the phone and showed it to Edward.

' My contact is there. It's saved as a heartbeat '. Edward informed me.

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