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C5 Edward Chen.

' Chen Edward POV '.

Since going to work would be stressful today, because I was busy yesterday at my parent's place.

They were both nagging me about finding a girl because all the girls that do stay with me couldn't last up to a month before breaking up.

I'm not strict with them, but the problem is... I don't talk to them.

Talking has always been a difficult thing for me since I was a kid, so talking to someone was very difficult, but the good thing about it is that I can hear but I can't talk.

After telling my parents that I would introduce them to my current girlfriend, who has already lasted more than a month, they both insisted on coming to visit my girlfriend.

When those words left their mouth, I instantly regretted lying to them, but what else can I do since the deed has been done.

The next morning I decided to cancel all my schedule because I'm going to hunt for a girl.

A simple girl, and someone who doesn't like talking, because the person won't be able to last up to two days with him if she talks a lot.

I neatly combed my golden hair to the side, as I applied my favorite hair cream on them which was olive. The cream made my hair to glitter as the reflection of the sun kisses it.

I wore ordinary simple wear which was a pair of black shorts and a white shirt before asking my driver to drive me along with the city.

The car was still driving slowly as per my command when my eyes suddenly caught a tiny beautiful creature.

She was wearing blue shorts, a tiny top that exposes her cute belly button, while her brown short hair was allowed to fall on her fair elegant skin.

The lady was such a built if I'm to be sincere, but she looks so young and innocent in the eyes causing me to quickly stare away from her.

I stare across the other side of the road and saw a fair lady, with the same short hair as that of the lady I just saw earlier.

This lady this time around has a full curve and was wearing an expensive outfit which causes me to tell my driver to stop the car.

' I think that lady would be nice '. I texted on my laptop and set it to Mister black.

Mister black nods his head as he signals the driver to stop the car.

Edward came down from the car and walk towards the lady with round curves. He doesn't know how he would approach the lady because most ladies that he had spent a night with were being approached by his driver, and because they see him with a flashy car, they wouldn't decline his offer, but today... Edward doesn't want to use his position and wealth to get any girl, but he wants to use his handsome charm, which was one of the reasons, why he decided to wear something simple that won't cause attention.

Most girls haven't seen him in simple wear, so it would be very hard for them to quickly recognize him.

He walks up towards the lady who wore a red tight gown and waves at her.

She stares at him first with her mouth opened but quickly stares away as she closes her mouth.

Edward hasn't fully approached her but the lady was already walking away. If he had uses his car to stop the lady, she would have pay attention to him.

Edward sighed inwardly as he tries to keep up with her when he heard someone calling him from behind.

Edward turned around and saw that the caller was that young lady who has an innocent face.

The lady didn't spare him anytime to ask her a question when he heard her introducing herself.

She didn't allow him to say anything as she quickly muttered out her main reason for stopping me.

The lady was confident in her words like if she was certain that I'm going to accept her as my girlfriend.

Since he couldn't talk he uses body language to tell the lady to follow him.

She followed him without hesitating, even though she hasn't confirmed if I was a serial killer.

Cecelia told me about what she expected me to do today while behaving like a boss.

This was the first time someone talks to him with full confidence. Most people that he encounters do mind whatever that they want to spill out of their mouth before spilling it out.

But for Cecelia, she says whatever she feels like saying without minding if her words would trigger the young billionaire.

He sent both Ezekiel and Black to fetch him a big iPad because he would love to make this confident angel be like him.

He enjoyed how she freely type words on her iPad and shows them to him. But seeing that she still hasn't gotten the full idea that he's incapable of talking made him frown at himself.

She wasn't pleased with the appearance of his house, which he doesn't like.

Edward used the elevator and went to his room because he is so in a hurry that he forgot to show Cecelia around.

He took a hot bath from under his shower, and wrap a white towel around his waist, in other for him to pick up any casual clothes that he could wear.

He was still scheming his clothes with his eyes when Cecelia entered his room without even knocking on the door.

' What the hell are you doing here '. I asked Cecelia who was already finding it hard to look away from me.

Immediately she came back to her senses, she quickly texted something on her iPad.

" You should have at least ask me that question with your mouth ". Cecelia texted, which suddenly made my blood boil.

' I can't talk Cecelia!! I'm incapable of talking '. I texted as I poured out my anger into my innocent laptop.

I showed Cecelia the text, and when I became certain that she has seen it, I angrily trowed the laptop on the floor, as it smashes into pieces.

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