My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb./C6 Is your body ugly.
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My Rich Billionaire Is Dumb./C6 Is your body ugly.
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C6 Is your body ugly.

"Why do you have to smash the laptop into pieces...... because you have more than enough money to buy a laptop doesn't mean that you have to waste it". Cecelia yelled while rolling her eyes.

"Young lady, don't raise your voice at me!". Edward typed with the laptop which he brought from under his pillow, only God knows how many laptops that this guy has.

"Ohh! I don't know what made you get annoyed like that, but trust me I didn't mean to offend you". Cecelia said while trying to make the young handsome guy in front of her smile, even though it's a bit.

"I know you aren't aware of why I'm annoyed, but I don't want you to talk to me, as per the contract we agreed on!". Edward typed on his laptop and showed it to Cecelia.

"Hey! Mister handsome........ I would like to be sincere with you. I can't stay a day without talking and since you are my pattern, I would love to share every hour with you. Do you want me to die because of boredness and please try to cooperate with.......".

Cecelia wasn't done talking when Edward placed his index finger on her mouth to stop her from completing her statement.

"I'm tired of hearing your nonsense, can you keep it down now". Edward pleaded.

"Huh! sure thing now can you kindly remove your finger from my......".

She couldn't complete her statement because she was Damm nervous.

His hands-on her lips is somewhat embarrassing. She felt something in her stomach which seemed to be butterflies, and Immediately his finger landed on her lips, she felt an electric shock generating inside of her.

"You can make yourself comfortable, and please try to adapt to this environment without talking okay!". Edward typed before walking towards the bed as he sat down and started pressing something on his laptop.

Cecelia frowned her face, as she slowly climbed the bed and sat down while staring at Edward.

"Where can I change?". Cecelia typed as she showed it to Edward because she doesn't want to make this good-looking man angry again.

"Why do you want to change?". Edward typed and showed it to her.

"My parents will be here soon, and I will love to wait for them in the airport, and at the same time introduce my boyfriend to them, so this is why I have to change my clothes". Cecelia type and showed it to Edward.

"Ohh! you can pick any cloth that you like from that wardrobe". Edward typed.

Cecelia smiled at him and went straight to the wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe to pick any nice clothes from it, but what she saw made her mouth wide open in disbelief.

"What are these!". Cecila asked out loud but Edward didn't bother to stare at her, as he fixed his gaze at the laptop screen.

"What are those?". Cecelia typed on her IPad and walked towards Edward, where she showed him what she typed.

'Who would have thought that her so-called boyfriend prefers not to talk to her?'. Cecelia asked herself as she rolled her eyes.

"Those are clothes!". Edward replied to her by texting it on his laptop.

"Wait! you call that clothes............ how can I possibly wear such a thing and call it clothes. When I signed the contract, you should have been fully aware that as my boyfriend you are expected to take good care of me. And how would you even feel if your real girlfriend wore such a thing?". Cecelia typed with anger boiling inside of her, like a volcano that is about to erupt.

"And as your boyfriend, I love to see my girlfriend wearing clothes that I gift to her, so please go and change your clothes if you want to, because all the dresses in the wardrobe are nice". Edward typed.

Cecelia couldn't help but shake her head as she bit her nails....... the clothes in the wardrobe aren't cloth and can never be known as one.

The clothes in the wardrobe were a long gown, ladies' suit wears, and other types of office wear for ladies.

Cecelia doesn't like such types of clothes because she deals mainly on clothes that make her confident of herself which is a mainly short skirt, short top or if perhaps a short and tight gown......... and not some office bullshit.

"Alright, can you kindly excuse me because I'll love to dress now!". Cecelia declared.

"Don't worry, you can go ahead! I'm not watching". Edward typed and showed it to her before focusing on what he was doing earlier.

"Huh! you must be kidding me right now.......... please leave here, while I dress". Cecelia said once more and made sure her voice was louder than before.

"Please young lady, I'm so sorry to say but I can't seem to find anything wrong if you dress in front of me". Edward typed.

"Wait! hold on there young man! Are you trying to say I need to dress in front of you because you are now my boyfriend?". Cecelia asked out loud while raising a brow.

Edward got up from the bed and put down the laptop on the bed also.

Cecelia smiled creepily, thinking that perpherpl this young man is tired of playing games with her, and has finally decided to say something out of his mouth.

Edward slowly walked towards Cecelia and shake his head sideways.........'How can a young lady behave so dumb?'. He asked himself.

On getting close to her, his lips curved into an awkward smirk as he placed his hands on his pocket.

He brought out his iPhone from his pocket and Immediately went to his phone note.

"What! Are you scared! or is your body that ugly?". He asked as he maintained that devious smirk on his face.

Cecelia shifts backward, as she tightens her fist because she doesn't want her anger to get the best of her.

She still needs this arrogant guy, so she has to swallow any insult he throws at her, even though the insult hurts her a lot.

"Please leave! I need to change my dress". Cecelia said as she forced her lips to form a smile, but it was quite obvious that the smile wasn't genuine.

"Don't behave so innocently. You might look innocent in the eyes......... but you aren't. I promise not to look at you, so go ahead and change your dress little lamp". Edward typed, but what he least expected happened.

'BANG'. A heavy noise filled the entire room, which was caused as a result of Cecelia who had just slapped Edward for saying such a thing.

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