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Sunny’s POV

“Mira, I’ll throw a welcome party for you next week okay? Don’t forget to call your friends especially Natalie. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to see you.” Said Mom. I can hear the three of them talking from the living room even though I’m washing the dishes here in the kitchen. “A welcome party? Sure, mom! I really really missed my friends so much! I’m sure they’ll be surprised upon knowing that I already arrived.”

Mom’s favorite. She’s been her baby ever since. I was jealous of her before, but not now. My sister is kind, reliable and she may tease me a lot but she loves me so much. I’m not good at fighting or arguing with someone that’s why she’s always the one who fights for me. “Have you called Henry too? I’m sure he’ll be so glad to see you again.” I heard mom said to her again.

My heart suddenly raced. It’s been quite a long time ever since I last heard his name. Henry was my first love, I’ve been liking him for ten years already. My sister and I knew him from our piano lessons, he’s five years older than us and he’s already working as a music instructor in a university. But of course, Henry likes my sister. I tried to confess to him before but he told me that he only sees me as a younger sister. Mira likes him too, but he already has a girlfriend so my sister and I got drunk one summer night and mom scolded us the whole night and the day after. “I already called him and he said that he’ll come.”

I smiled. I will be able to see Henry again.

After washing the dishes, I went back to my room and took a bath. I was surprised when I suddenly saw Mira lying on my bed while talking to someone over the phone. “What are you doing here? Mom has cleaned your room for you!” I scowled at her. She widened her eyes at me and hushed me to stop because she’s still talking with her boyfriend, I guess. She keeps on smiling like an idiot so I’m certain that it’s her boyfriend.

I just sat on the other side of my bed and started drying my hair using the towel. “Let’s go to the mall tomorrow, I’ll buy you some clothes.” Mira suddenly said. “I’ll be meeting someone tomorrow,” I replied. She got up from the bed and sat next to me. “Oh my God, you already have a boyfriend?! I’m so proud of you my SUNSUN! You finally grew up!!” she cooed while hugging me so tight. “I can’t breathe! Let go of me already!” I protested. But she didn’t let go of me, she started planting kisses all over my face. “Ugh Stop it already Mira, I don’t have a boyfriend!”

She stopped kissing me so I quickly moved away from her and wiped my face using my towel. “Then who are you meeting with?” she asked. “I’m meeting with my editor.”

“Editor? You’re a writer?” she asked as if she’s very surprised. I just nodded. “Sunny, you’re still studying. That might cause you a distraction.”

Oh right, writing would cause distraction but having a boyfriend won’t. “I can do both at the same time,” I spoke. I put my towel in my hamper then sat on the swivel chair to continue polishing the draft of another story that I will be presenting to my editor tomorrow. “Oh really, that’s why you failed five of your seven subjects last semester?”

Mom probably told her. I’m not as intelligent as my sister, I don’t excel at anything, well except our literature subject. I’m not even interested at studying anyway, I just want to be inside my room the whole day, while writing some stories. “Sunny, two years from now and you’ll finally graduate if you do well. But if you continue being too uninterested in studying, you might not be able to graduate at all.”

There she goes again. “Do you already have a boyfriend?” I asked her, just to change the topic. “W-What?” I moved my chair towards her and put my hands under my chin while smiling at her. “Based on your reaction, I think you already have one.”

She averted her gaze. Oh, my cute older sister, she can’t really lie to me. She’s so bad at lying because her face automatically turns red whenever she does. “What’s his name?” I asked her. Mira lay down on my bed, reached for a pillow, and hugged it. “He’s not my boyfriend yet, but I think he likes me too…”

“How do you say so? Did he already confess?” Her hazel eyes glimmered. She shook her head while smiling. “He didn’t do anything, but he told me that he’s happy whenever he’s with me.”

I furrowed my brows. “Wait, is he from London?”

“Nope. I actually haven’t seen him for five years and we almost lost contact with each other but I was delighted to know that he didn’t change his number, I was able to call him a while ago.”

“So, I'll meet him next week?"

She smiled. "I'll introduce him to you."

Now I'm wondering what that guy looks like. I don't remember her liking some other guy except Henry. Or maybe she did meet one but was afraid to tell it to me because she knows I'm gonna tease her. But from the smile on her face that she showed me, I guess that man really makes her happy nowadays. How I wish she gets the man she really deserves this time. If that's Henry, that would be alright with me. I admit that I still have feelings for him up until now but having him as my sister's boyfriend is another story. I'm willing to sacrifice my feelings just for Mira to be happy.

God knows how I missed her so much although I'm not good at expressing it. I know she knows it too.

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