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Sunny’s POV

“Sunny! Wake up already! The party’s going to start any moment now!” I can hear my mom yelling from outside of my room. Tch, a party in the morning? What the hell is that?

I rolled my body on my bed, looking for my glasses. God, I can’t see without them on. Dad gave me that glasses as a gift during my tenth birthday and I guess that was the best birthday gift I have ever received in my whole life. “Sunny!!” mom yelled again.

“Tch just wait, I need to find my glasses first!”

Why can’t they just start the party without me? As if I’m holding the cake in my hand. When I finally found my glasses, I put it on and stood up, walking towards my room’s door. “What?”

“Oh God, Sunny. It’s already eight in the morning and you still look like a grizzly bear?!”

“Mom, it’s just eight. I bet Mira hasn’t woke up yet too.”

“Yeah right, she’s already fixing her hair. Now if I were you, you should take a bath now and fix yourself. Go find your most beautiful dress, okay? The visitors can’t see you looking like a beggar.” Mom said, pushing me inside my room again.

“Then I won’t just show my face to them.”

“Shut up, Sunny! Go on and get dressed up before I take all of your books!”


“Just go!”

And there, she slammed the door behind her. I heaved a sigh as I walked inside the bathroom. I don’t really understand why I need to be there when I’ll just feel awkward giving fake smiles to all the visitors that I don’t even know. And for sure if elders go too, they will just keep saying how nothing changed with me, and show me a disappointed nasty look on their faces as soon as they hear that I’m writing novel but failed many subjects in school.

The next thing, I will just stand there, looking like an idiot, listening about how they throw compliments to my older sister. I admit, that pisses me off, but I never got mad to my sister. In fact, she always say good things about me to her friends whenever I’m not around.

“Oh God, Sunny, are you going to a funeral today? What the hell do you think you’re wearing?” Mira said to me while laughing when she saw the dress that I was wearing. It was the same dress that I wore during my grandfather’s burial. “This is the only dress that I like in my closet.” I said to her as I sat on her bed.

She was already dressed, her hair was tied up and she’s wearing a pink off-shoulder lace dress with flowers all over its top. So girlish, but she looks beautiful as ever. Mira stood up and walked towards me, “I knew it, that’s why I bought two pairs of this dress.”

“D-Don’t tell me you’re going to have me wear a dress like that?”

She nodded her hair while smiling, “Uh-huh. And you can’t do anything about it. We’re gonna be twins today!”

“NO WAY!” I was about to run away but then she suddenly spoke, “I have your USB in my hand, my dear writer. If you try to complain and refuse to be dressed up like this, I will delete all your files here.” She said while waving my USB in her hand.

“H-How did you… When did you get that from my room?!”

“I have my ways, sweetheart. Didn’t you know that I once worked as a secret agent before?”

I rolled my eyes, “Give that back to me. Take everything away from me just not my USB.”

“I will give it back to you, as long as you allow me to dress you up.”

“Mira, all of my books are saved in there!”

“I know. Why don’t you just allow me to dress you up? Nothing will get lost anyway if you wear a dress like this one I’m currently wearing.” She crossed her arms over her chest while looking at me, “What now? Are you going to let me dress you up or you’ll lose your most valuable thing?”

I glared at her, this girl really knows how to make me do all of her foolishness. I heaved a sigh and sat on her bed again. “Fine, just make sure you didn’t delete anything in that USB.”

“Of course, I won’t do that. All that I want is to have something to threaten you with so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Then good. Let’s start your nonsense now. I still have to send Seb the next chapters of my story at ten.”

Mira then looked at me skeptically, “You know what, I’m curious about that Seb. Is his name really Seb?”

“Sebastian Sinclair. He’s my editor.”

“Sebastian Sinclair? Sunny, you should be careful with men you know, he might do something shady when he gets to be alone with you.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sis, Seb is fifteen years older than me. He’s more like an Uncle.”

“Yes, and you know the older the man, the more perverted they get.”

“Seb’s educated, okay? He already has a girlfriend and they’re already planning to get married very soon. He even invited me to come.”

Mira just stood up and walked towards her cabinet and took her hair iron together with her oh-so-big make up kit. I wonder what’s inside that kit. Does it really need for a makeup kit to be as big as that? It’s scary. “Come here now, Miss Writer. Let me fix that dead hair of yours first. God, SUNSUN. Do you even look at yourself after you take a bath? Your hair looks like a broom.”

“Yeah, I know that already. As if someone would care.

“How can someone like you if you look like an old lady?”

“I don’t need someone to like me anyway. I’m fine on my own.”

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