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"Miss, the madame invited a tailor to make some spring clothes. You should at least go and take a look." In the quiet courtyard, the maidservant Mei Qing ran from the outside to Gu Xiaoran with a hint of urgency in her voice.

Gu Xiaoran, whose clothes were plain, lowered her head to read the military manual. When she heard this, she raised her head in amusement. "I have clothes to wear. Why are you in such a hurry?"

Gu Xiaoran understood in her heart what kind of treatment she was going to receive in the Minister's Mansion. No matter what, she was still a direct descendant, but her clothes were so plain that even a maidservant couldn't stand her. Besides, they made new clothes for the upcoming spring day.

It was just that this year, their attitudes seemed to be a bit more positive. They had already made quite a few sets of spring clothes, and had spent quite a bit of the salary for the imperial edict and the other female members of the family. Gu Xiaoran was very clear that she and her two sisters were already thirteen or fourteen years old and would be married within a year's time. It was also the time for them to talk about marriage, so no matter what, they should pay attention to their image.

Mei Qing naturally didn't know what her young mistress was thinking, but she was extremely dissatisfied with her neither fighting nor snatching. She pouted slightly as she muttered, "Miss, where did you get such decent clothes? They purposely left you out. Are you afraid of them?"

Gu Xiaoran smiled. "I'm not going out, who am I going to show it to?"

Mei Qing was a little taken aback. She remembered how, more than a year ago, when her mother had died, she had become so ill that she had become almost forgotten. Only after a while did she regain her composure, afraid that Gu Xiaoran would see through her. "Wear it for me. Miss is so good-looking, even Mei Qing can't see enough of it."

Gu Xiaoran shook her head and chuckled. "You little mouth, it's really unfair to be by my side. You should go and tell a story!"

She looked at Mei Qing with a smile, sadness flashing across her eyes, replacing it with joy and admiration. Only now did she understand that being able to joke with a maidservant like this was also a type of happiness. "In the past, she had been too insensible, and had let down too many people for the sake of an ingrate. In this life, she would do her best to make her loved ones happy!

Gu Xiaoran's mind drifted away. In order to conceal her emotions, her gaze returned to the book. She had just come back from the dead, not long after her mother's death. She had used her illness to cover up her abnormality and finally adapted to the dreamlike fact that she was thirteen years old.

It might be a good thing for her. In her previous life, she loved the wrong person, had used the wrong heart, had put in all her effort, yet had died at the hands of her beloved husband, Shu Jinghan. She was wholeheartedly waiting for him to dig out his heart. He was like a roasted dog that was being cooked; she helped him ascend to the throne as the direct daughter of the emperor. In the blink of an eye, his expression turned ruthless as he personally killed her!

The corner of Gu Xiaoran's lips curled up slightly. Just treat it as a nightmare.

When flowers bloom again, she also used her own experience to prove that there was a more youthful person. Therefore, since she had already experienced a miserable death without a complete corpse, she knew that she had committed a grave mistake. Even if it was a dream, she couldn't let history repeat itself!

In this life, her soul had returned, and her temperament had changed. She was definitely not a soft persimmon that could be slaughtered by anyone.

If they had treated her in such a manner before, they would definitely repay her a hundredfold!

However, she was still a young girl in her room. There was no need to worry. She only needed to wait patiently, and the turning point of fate would once again appear. As for her, she only needed to make the right decision this time, and then she would walk down the path firmly!

However, every time she thought of her previous life, she would inevitably think of a man — Zhan Chuyan. Her husband had betrayed her, but she had betrayed Zhan Chuyan. Her regret was not less than her hatred.

She had been so arrogant in her previous life, how could she understand that if she gave her heart, she would love him humbly? Zhan Chuyan came from a lowly background and fell in love with her. From then on, his heart could only be as low as dust. Her betrayal was inevitable.

However, it was only after she had been carried by the one she loved that she understood just what kind of pain that was …

Gu Xiaoran had been thinking for a long time about how she would treat Zhan Chuyan in this life. Do you want to avoid what happened later, or do you want to make up for it with all your might?

It was really hard to understand.

Mei Qing looked at the young lady silently. She only blinked her eyes and did not ask any further questions. Ever since Miss became ill, she seemed to have changed. She was much calmer than before, and her thoughts were meticulous, making people unable to see through her.

Gu Xiaoran suddenly asked, "When is the Spring Festival Gala?"

Mei Qing's lips curved into a smile, thinking that she had finally woken up. She replied, "It's usually around March 3rd. I heard that all the young masters and young misses are participating. It's quite lively."

Seeing Mei Qing's expectant expression, Gu Xiaoran thought she was interested in the Spring Festival Gala, and she couldn't help but smile. This little girl had truly treated her with sincerity.

The reason why Gu Xiaoran asked about the Spring Festival was because she had been thinking about it for a long time. In this life, she was no longer arrogant and domineering; instead, she was well-behaved and reserved. However, she would not continue to be obedient. She had to do something in order to lay the groundwork for her revenge in the future.

Therefore, she didn't mind offending Second Wife and the others at certain times. After all, if one were to talk about the origin of the tragedy in his previous life, it would have to start from Minister's Mansion.

Looking at the smiling Gu Xiaoran, Mei Qing felt both happy and surprised. "Does Miss also want to play?"

Gu Xiaoran nodded, admitting it. "In the past, my health wasn't good and I never appeared in front of outsiders. I didn't have a single friend. I can't go on like this anymore."

Mei Qing didn't think too much and just happily followed Gu Xiaoran towards Second Wife's courtyard.


At the Embroidery Courtyard, Gu Xiaoran looked around and didn't have much of an opinion on the matter. Second Wife lived in a place that was simply luxurious, but it had the aura of a rich person. It was so elegant that it was disdainful to even pretend to be a normal person.

When Second Wife, Mrs. Lee, and Gu Langyue saw Gu Xiaoran, they were first a little surprised. Gu Xiaoran had always been staying in their own yard as if she did not exist. Since when had she taken the initiative to visit them?

But then she thought that Gu Xiaoran probably knew about them finding someone to make her spring clothes, so she jogged over. Presumably, she also wanted clothes, so she wasn't surprised. She was slightly scornful and even raised her chin a bit.

Gu Xiaoran acted as if she didn't see the look in their eyes. She still had a faint smile on her face as she scanned the room. Other than the few tailors, her little sister Gu Cailan was also there. Upon seeing her, Gu Cailan lowered her head slightly as she greeted in a low voice, "Greetings, Sister."

That's a nice thing to do.

As a person who had lived two lifetimes, Gu Xiaoran was extremely clear on the temper of her family members. Second Wife came from a humble background. Naturally, her taste in the world wasn't high either. However, she was still quite smart, so she had to do things that would harm others and benefit herself.

Gu Langyue was her biological son, but she was almost the same as her, but she was even more arrogant and domineering.

Gu Cailan, on the other hand, was in a very similar situation to herself. She was neither favoured nor had any backing, and she was always obedient and dexterous. She always had a smiling face when she saw people.

However, she was luckier than Gu Cailan after all. No matter what, she was the direct daughter of Minister's Mansion, and her mother's family's Fu Family wasn't some small family. However, because they were far away in Chenzhou, they couldn't take care of her. As for Gu Cailan, she was attached to Second Wife, and didn't defy her at all.

Gu Xiaoran blessed Second Wife's body and said gently, "Xiaoran greets Second Madame." She was originally a natural beauty, but now she looked even more cute and obedient.

In Second Wife's eyes, no matter how she looked at it, she was infuriated.

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