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Despite the attention paid to her, Gu Xiaoran had managed to keep her life as peaceful as possible. She knew that these days were numbered. Since he had already been caught in this whirlpool, how could he possibly stay out of it?

She thought about the current situation. The biggest crisis was that Shu Jinghan really wanted to ask for marriage.

Gu Yunpeng would definitely support Shu Jinghan's attitude towards this matter, and Second Wife would definitely secretly oppose it. The Emperor's attitude was hard to say, but Shu Jingyan would definitely not let Shu Jinghan be satisfied.

Therefore, perhaps he could use Second Wife and Shu Jingyan's power.

She hadn't expected that right now, her every move would be monitored. It was precisely the person Shu Jingyan had secretly sent out. However, Zhan Chuyan was directly in charge of this group of people.

Not only that, but their return on the first day was already out of their expectations. Aside from them, there was actually another group of people monitoring Gu Xiaoran's small residence.

Needless to say, it was definitely Shu Jinghan.

Zhan Chuyan only told them to be careful and not reveal their identity, so he didn't say too much.

Gu Xiaoran seemed to have noticed something as she became more cautious in her daily life. After all, she had lived two lifetimes. Even if she didn't know any martial arts, how could she not know these methods?

Early in the morning, after Gu Xiaoran had just eaten breakfast, a maidservant came to call her over. It was Gu Yunpeng and Second Wife who were arguing and Gu Yunpeng wanted to see her to give some instructions.

Gu Xiaoran thought to herself, "When I'm rich enough, I'll finally remember that I have a daughter." Although she was dissatisfied, she still went to the hall to see what was going on.

When she arrived, she heard Second Wife's anxious voice, "She doesn't have anyone to discipline her. What if she loses face due to Minister's Mansion …"

Gu Xiaoran remained expressionless as she looked at Gu Yunpeng, who still had an official face at home. She asked, "Dad, Second Madame, did you call me here for something?"

Even though he said that, his gaze was already on the paper on the table. Red paper, engraved with golden silk peony flowers, if not royal invitation card is what? Gu Xiaoran immediately understood.

Gu Yunpeng looked at his daughter carefully. Seeing that she was dressed plainly, he frowned slightly. Other than that, he was also quite satisfied with Gu Xiaoran's looks.

His tone was a bit more gentle as he said, "In a few days, there will be a banquet that will be held in the palace. There's a post in our residence that I want you to go to. "

Gu Xiaoran revealed a slightly surprised expression as she asked, "Shouldn't we have let big sister go?" What she said was the truth. What good things happened in the past years were always Gu Langyue's. Why would it be her turn?

Gu Yunpeng glanced at Second Wife, who immediately turned her head away. Gu Yunpeng pretended not to see it and said to Gu Xiaoran, "That's right, so go this year. It's all the same, we're both daughters of the Gu family." These words were actually meant for Second Wife.

How could he not know what Second Wifehua was thinking? He just turned a blind eye to it. Second Wife wanted to leave the good opportunity to Gu Langyue, but also to see if Prince Han was interested in her. Now that Gu Xiaoran stood out among the thousands of young girls, how could he let go of his roots?

Actually, he didn't care who married Shu Jinghan at all. The most important thing was that as long as it was the Gu family's, it would be fine.

How could Second Wife give up so easily? She was still using Gu Xiaoran's education as an excuse. "But, this second lady doesn't go out often. The palace feast is no small matter. What if she loses face in front of so many people …"

Gu Xiaoran glanced at her indifferently, allowing her to continue. "Second Madame is right. Xiao Ran thinks that she is lacking in talent. She really shouldn't participate in such a grand occasion."

It wasn't that she didn't know about the nature of the palace banquet. It was said to be a banquet, and sometimes it was just a royal wedding ceremony. Of course, she didn't want to join in on the fun.

Gu Yunpeng snorted and said unhappily: "Do you know whether to raise a child or not? No need for further words, the Emperor specially instructed me to bring you there. " The two sentences he spoke were separately addressed to Second Wife and Gu Xiaoran. Although his tone was light, it was undeniable.

Second Wife sighed on the inside and had no choice but to give up. However, she continued to look at Gu Xiaoran with dissatisfaction in her eyes. It was unknown as to what scheme she was plotting.

Gu Xiaoran was also secretly shocked. Had the Emperor already given such orders? From this, it could be seen that he really doted on Shu Jinghan.

She felt a bit helpless. Originally, she had planned to tell her family when she had the chance, and then go to her grandfather's place to hide for a while. However, he was just thinking about it. Gu Yunpeng definitely wouldn't agree, and it would take him a while to get back and forth from his grandfather.

Therefore, she had to think carefully about how to respond if they really did get married.

Other than that, Gu Yunpeng didn't say anything else. He simply asked about Gu Xiaoran's current situation, but he didn't say anything. Not only that, he also treated Second Wife with indifference.

Gu Xiaoran was an "experienced person" and naturally knew that Gu Yunpeng actually had many "foreign women" raised in an unknown house and was considering taking some of them home. So Second Wife was actually pitiful and ridiculous. Usually, when she was acting arrogantly, she still had to rely on Gu Yunpeng.

The next day, at lunch time, something unexpected happened. Before they had even started eating, a few dishes were placed on the stone table in the courtyard. Gu Xiaoran, who was sitting beside them, heard the sound of something blowing through the air.

Startled, she tilted her head and the object hit the plate. With a bang, two plates were broken and the juice on the table flowed out.

Mei Qing was shocked by the sudden turn of events and blurted out, "Miss, are you alright?"

Gu Xiaoran was unharmed. She could tell that it was actually just a stone. It was definitely not aimed at her. Instead, it was aimed at a plate of food.

Don't let her eat?

"Mei Qing, is there anything abnormal about this dish?" Gu Xiaoran's expression remained the same, but she asked about the main point.

The meals they usually had were cooked by the academy itself and never had any problems. However, due to Shu Jinghan, Gu Xiaoran started to call for Mei Qing's attention, but nothing strange happened.

Mei Qing wasn't stupid. She immediately understood Gu Xiaoran's meaning and tried to recall it. However, she wasn't in charge of cooking, so she didn't have a clue.

Gu Xiaoran nodded slightly. Actually, she had an answer in her heart, so she didn't say it openly. In this Minister's Mansion, he was also dealing with a little girl like her. Who would use a method like poisoning?

She had expected that Second Wife would send people to attack her, so she didn't want to waste her time talking to Second Wife. Second Wife definitely didn't want her to attend the banquet, so she didn't really need to poison her ruthlessly.

However, what puzzled her was that the person who threw the stone was obviously helping her.

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