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Gu Xiaoran had a complicated feeling about the palace banquet.

In her previous life, she had been noticed by Shu Jinghan at a palace banquet, which eventually led to the marriage. However, he did not expect that his fate in this life would still be inextricably linked to the palace banquet. It could be said that there were some things that one really couldn't avoid.

Before the palace banquet, he naturally had to make many preparations. Now that the prince had reached the age of marriage, which family wasn't dressed up so beautifully, hoping that it would be his turn? However, Gu Xiaoran had no intention of being prepared.

Mei Qing's heart chilled when she saw this. "Miss, you're not thinking of entering the palace dressed like this, are you?" If that happened, the entire Minister's Mansion would have a very ugly face.

Gu Xiaoran sighed softly. With regards to some things, her attitude right now was indeed not positive enough. She seemed to be in a passive position. For example, she didn't want to go to this palace banquet, but could she not go just because she didn't want to? If a monk couldn't run away from the temple, then there was no way she could avoid it.

So, why are you wearing ordinary clothes? If he couldn't make it, he would just wear the clothes he had worn on the previous spring trip.

However, this exceeded her expectations. At this moment, Second Wife called her over to choose clothes.

Gu Xiaoran was puzzled. What did this mean? The last time he tried to secretly kill her, had he changed it to letting her deliver herself to his doorstep?

After asking a few more questions from the servant girl, Gu Xiaoran found out that Second Wife had fallen ill for some reason. Furthermore, it wasn't just her that was sick. Even Gu Langyue was too. She didn't know why she had invited a doctor over to see her.

Gu Xiaoran thought to herself, tsk tsk, it couldn't be due to anger, could it? However, she also knew that it was most likely not due to anger. As for the specific circumstances, he would have to make a trip personally to find out.

When she saw Second Wife, Gu Xiaoran felt that she had been extremely lucky not to have eaten any of the unknown dishes that day. Because right now, Second Wife's pale and weak appearance almost made Gu Xiaoran feel sympathy for him.

Although he was mostly indifferent in his heart, he should still show proper surprise and concern. Gu Xiaoran looked at Second Wife in surprise and asked, "Second Madame, what's wrong?"

This time, Gu Langyue's arrogant attitude was also gone. She was also dispirited and was not much different from Second Wife. Although she did not have much spirit, her hatred for Gu Xiaoran did not lessen. She stared at Gu Xiaoran and scolded her, "Stop crying like a mouse and act mercifully. You can't wait for my mother to get sick!"

Gu Xiaoran was at a loss, but she immediately showed a wronged expression. She really didn't understand why Gu Langyue would say that. Or perhaps, why was Gu Langyue so brainless? Was it really okay for her to put their relationship on the surface like this?

Looking at their expressions, they seemed to have taken laxatives? Of course it couldn't have been eaten by him. Who could have poisoned them? Or perhaps, he was drugged just to help him?

Second Wife was also full of hatred towards Gu Xiaoran. She only regretted not having noticed her earlier and did not take any "care" of her. Now that there was someone paying attention to her and she was sufficiently confident, it would not be an easy task to torment her again.

Not only that, there seemed to be someone who wanted to torment her!

A few days ago, she had secretly ordered people to drug Gu Xiaoran's food, but it was discovered by the mysterious people and resolved Gu Xiaoran's crisis. She was so angry that she died. She actually failed when she was dealing with a little girl! He had never thought that he would actually fall into someone else's hands.

He ate the medicine that he gave to Gu Xiaoran, but he didn't even know when he had taken it. His stomach was in a mess and he kept running towards the toilet, his legs turning soft.

However, this couldn't be done by Gu Xiaoran. She was just a child. Even if there was a chance to be careful, she wouldn't have the chance to drug him. The Embroidery Garden was not Gu Xiaoran's shabby little courtyard. There were many servants here, and they usually came and went. How could they possibly avoid their eyes and ears?

Second Wife had been thinking about this for the past two days, but she couldn't come to a conclusion. Facing Gu Xiaoran's inquiry, she could only force a smile. "I don't know what kind of bad things I ate yesterday."

Gu Xiaoran understood in her heart, but her expression was one of concern. "Aiyah, why are you so careless? Did you call a doctor to see you?" What did the doctor say? "

However, she ignored the angry Gu Langyue.

Second Wife paid attention to Gu Xiaoran's expression. She always felt that the recent events were too coincidental and perhaps not as simple as it seemed. Gu Xiaoran might not be as simple as she looked on the surface.

"Since old master wants to bring you to the palace banquet, you can't be too careful with your dressing. I've also made a few sets of clothes for you, take a look at what you like." Second Wife, on the other hand, was able to hold it in. She forcefully suppressed the displeasure in her heart and instead revealed a somewhat amiable expression.

She understood that Gu Xiaoran was not easy to clean now. Even if she wanted to clean up, she had to do it cleanly and not leave anything behind. Most importantly, the person who cared about Gu Xiaoran was Shu Jinghan. What ability did he have? How could Second Wife dare to provoke him?

Gu Xiaoran was slightly startled at the perfect moment. Then, she revealed a pleasantly surprised and grateful expression as she said to Second Wife, "Thank you, Second Madame, for your kind intentions. I believe father will be very satisfied."

She was thinking that Second Wife probably didn't know about Gu Yunpeng being out there right now. If she did, Second Wife would find out that she had nothing in the end.

Second Wife's face had always been pale. It was hard to tell if she was really angry or not, but she suddenly stood up and walked out hastily without saying a word. A servant girl was beside her.

Mei Qing secretly stuck out her tongue at Gu Xiaoran. Her face was filled with schadenfreude. Gu Xiaoran smiled faintly with an indifferent expression. "What's wrong? There's no need to be so hasty. I understand."

Now, only Gu Langyue was left in the room.

Her face was white, but her eyes were red. Lying on the bed, she shouted at Gu Xiaoran, "What kind of method did you use to seduce Prince Han!? How could he have taken a fancy to you? "

Gu Xiaoran ignored him and instead focused on looking at the clothes Second Wife had prepared. As for what Second Wife had done, Gu Xiaoran could only say that she was still a little smart. She must have felt Gu Yunpeng's coldness towards her recently, so she wanted to use this opportunity to please Gu Yunpeng. She wasn't just taking advantage of Gu Yunpeng, she also knew how to restrain herself.

"So what if you can go to the palace banquet? If you don't know anything, how can you compare to them? "Prince Han will not marry you, just give up!" Like a string of cannons, Gu Langyue didn't give Gu Xiaoran a chance to interrupt at all. She even covered up a series of fart sounds.

"Do you really think that everyone is like you?" Gu Xiaoran lightly covered her nose and mouth. When she was finished, she finally asked, "Do you think that everyone is stupid and dreaming like you?"

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