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After most of the talent competition, Shu Jinghan finally saw Gu Xiaoran and understood why he couldn't see her. She was sitting in an extremely remote corner, and the angle she took was extremely good. It was precisely at a place that she found it difficult to turn around to look at.

It was hard to tell what it felt like, but the moment he saw Gu Xiaoran, Shu Jinghan's heart suddenly started pounding and his face started to feel hot. Shu Jinghan turned around and pretended that nothing had happened, but this feeling of never having happened still filled his heart.

Is this what real love is like?

Shu Jinghan asked himself, just what did he like about Gu Xiaoran? But there was no answer. He thought about this question with some confusion.

It was as if he had sensed Gu Xiaoran's uniqueness the first time he had met her. Her exquisite and peerless appearance and her calm and tranquil expression all attracted his attention. He didn't really believe in love at first sight, but after meeting Gu Xiaoran, his mind was filled with love at first sight.

Her estrangement, in Shu Jinghan's eyes, was more like teasing. It made his heart itch and he desperately tried to get closer to her, but he never reached her side.

It was the first time in Shu Jinghan's life that he felt a sense of fear and loneliness.

He couldn't help but turn back to look at Gu Xiaoran. This time, Gu Xiaoran saw him and didn't avoid him. Instead, she gave him a faint smile and shifted her gaze to the young girl dancing on the stage.

Gu Xiaoran's laugh was entirely instinctive, not of any special significance, like the polite smile of someone meeting a friendly stranger. What she wanted to know was, what kind of decision would Shu Jinghan make?

Actually, Gu Xiaoran thought a lot about these things and had all kinds of plans. She was always thinking which one was the best. She had thought before that it would be better to use this to her advantage than to avoid Shu Jinghan. Didn't he have a good impression of me? They might as well go and pander to him, making him feel more and more affectionate with him until he was irreplaceable. If he only revealed the truth after this, the effect would definitely be very good!

Gu Xiaoran, on the other hand, did not want such a plan to achieve her goal of revenge. It was effective, but he needed to make up for it. He needed to accept someone he didn't like! After experiencing her previous life, the current her had extremely high requirements for her relationship. She definitely could not be casual about it.

After all, revenge was something that had to be done in this life, but it was also necessary for him to live a peaceful life. How could he sacrifice himself for the sake of his enemy?

During the free time of the talent competition, the people who just left the stage were uneasy. Those who were ready to go on stage were also extremely nervous. Countless gazes were focused on Shu Jinghan, only to see him suddenly stand up and walk towards the emperor, Shu Yuze.

At this moment, many people gathered together and whispered to each other. Their eyes were still glued to Shu Jinghan's body. No one knew what Shu Jinghan was thinking right now, but the crowd was filled with curiosity. Because the distance was too far, most people could not see Shu Jinghan's and the emperor's expression clearly. They also lowered their heads, so everyone stopped guessing.

However, Gu Xiaoran had a bad premonition.

After a while, Shu Jinghan returned to his seat as usual. He calmly commented on the previous performer and said without any emotion, "Next, Qidiao Xue."

This time, as soon as the young girl stepped onto the stage, the crowd burst into cheers. Gu Xiaoran was sitting far away from the stage, so she couldn't see her face clearly.

In his previous life, Qidiao Xue, who was one of Floral Fairy's, was as beautiful as a goddess. Looking carefully at herself, she was only fifteen years old. This was the first time she had appeared in front of so many people. The cheers and cheers from below were all due to them not being able to catch a glimpse of her name despite having heard of her in the past. Naturally, they were all very excited today.

Gu Xiaoran suddenly realized something. If nothing unexpected happened, then Floral Fairy would definitely fall into Qidiao Xue's hands this time. Coincidentally, Qidiao Xue also admired Shu Jinghan …

She stopped thinking about it and only quietly enjoyed Qidiao Xue's graceful dance, secretly praising her as she did so. Qidiao Xue was indeed extremely talented. Her movements were as graceful as a dragon and as graceful as the heavens. She was truly a beauty capable of dancing.

The crowd was cheering nonstop, but gradually, they were all immersed in Qidiao Xue's dance. No one made a sound, and the whole hall was silent.

The zither music cut off the last syllable, and at the same time, Qidiao Xue closed her sleeves and lowered her head to stand on the stage. Only after a long while did everyone realize that the match was already over. Naturally, there was a wave of applause.

Some people admired Qidiao Xue's dance skills, but there were also others who felt sour in their hearts. Their expressions were extremely ugly, and they were naturally those people who had pushed their brains out in an attempt to obtain Floral Fairy's reputation.

Qidiao Xue calmed her breath, bowed to the Emperor and Shu Jinghan, and retreated to the side to await their evaluation.

After Shu Jinghan and the emperor whispered to each other, his mood improved a lot. Even the watching of the competition became more serious. Qidiao Xue's dancing skills surprised him so he commented, "Very good."

Since he had already said so, the rest of the people naturally agreed. They all praised Qidiao Xue's dance, but they all understood that if they were not mistaken, this time, Floral Fairy was Qidiao Xue.

Shu Jinghan asked casually: "Where did you learn to dance?" He saw that Qidiao Xue was about the same age as him, yet she had such great attainments in dancing. It was obvious that there was a master teacher backing her up.

Qidiao Xue's face turned red as she bowed her head and replied, "Reporting to Prince Han, Young Master Yinshuang is my daughter's dancer."

Her voice was not loud, but there were still some people who could hear it. Those who heard it were all shocked. Young Master Yinshuang was a magical and mysterious person. The one with outstanding talent was a woman. Although she was mysterious, she came from a music shop and was a geisha. In that case...

Shu Jinghan nodded slightly and commented, "So it's Young Master Yinshuang's disciple. No wonder." After saying that, he looked around and said, "According to everyone's perspective, what is the result of this competition?"

In fact, the entire match was a little chaotic. Most of the time, most of the people were absent-minded and did not even look good. However, even if it was just a formality, the final result would still be there.

Shu Jinghan wanted to end this boring competition as soon as possible and let Royal Father announce an important matter. Therefore, he threw the issue to those people.

Sure enough, those people looked at each other hesitantly a few times, but none of them dared to speak first. It was within Shu Jinghan's expectations.

"Since everyone is so cautious, let me announce the final result. This year's Floral Fairy is … " Shu Jinghan's voice wasn't loud, but everyone listened with rapt attention. He stopped just in time, looked around, and said the name: "Qidiao Xue!"

Although this was within everyone's expectations, some of them were still sad and dissatisfied. The scene immediately became extremely noisy.

Shu Jinghan frowned, and one of the eunuchs beside him shouted: "Silence! Prince Han is not done yet! "

The crowd went silent again. Only now did they recall that besides the chief contestant, there were still three other contestants remaining.

Unexpectedly, Shu Jinghan seemed to have forgotten something, and he didn't mention it. He only said: "Today is a rare occasion, and on this auspicious occasion, I have an important piece of news to ask Royal Father to announce!"

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