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At this moment, the most important thing in the palace banquet should be the top three, but Shu Jinghan didn't seem to have that intention at all.

Although everyone present was a little confused and dissatisfied with what Shu Jinghan had done, they only thought about it and didn't show it on the surface.

After all, Shu Jinghan was the most beloved son of the current emperor. It was very possible that he would inherit the throne in the future, so how could they possibly offend Shu Jinghan because of a little bit of dissatisfaction?

The lively palace banquet quieted down because of Shu Jinghan's words. The emperor, Shu Yuze, glanced at Shu Jinghan, then glanced at the people at the palace banquet and saw Gu Xiaoran standing in the corner.

Ye Zichen frowned. Under Shu Jinghan's expectant gaze, the emperor Shu Yuze thought over and over again, but he still felt that this kind of thing should be considered. He didn't go along with Shu Jinghan's words and instead opened his mouth to ask.

"Today's feast was for the sake of choosing Floral Fairy, but now I want to ask the young ladies here, what do you think of Prince Han?"

Shu Jinghan was a bit disappointed that he didn't hear the words he had expected, but on second thought, he felt that it was the same.

If Royal Father said what he thought, it would hurt the hearts of all the girls present. It would be a pity to be disappointed in him in the future.

Emperor Shu Yuze didn't know that Shu Jinghan had completely misinterpreted his motive for asking this question. But no matter what, Shu Yuze still felt that Shu Jinghan's lifelong matter needed a careful consideration.

After all, he was her most beloved son.

The people participating in the banquet weren't all women. Some of the men lowered their heads and whispered to each other when they heard the emperor's words. "It seems that the emperor wants to choose an imperial concubine for Prince Han among these women."

"Which girl is able to attend this palace banquet without having a certain status in the palace?" "If I can choose a few of the concubines among them, it would be of great help to Prince Han."

"That may not be so. You must know that the ladies participating in this year's palace banquet are not necessarily outstanding. "


The men kept talking, as if they were the ones choosing their own wives. They were discussing which family's young lady was dignified and elegant, and what kind of woman could marry to prosper in a prosperous country.

On the other side, Zhan Chuyan and Prince Yan were standing in a corner that no one else would notice. Watching the development of the situation and listening to the discussion between the young masters of the various families, the corners of Prince Yan's mouth curled up into a smile.

He patted Zhan Chuyan's shoulder, "You said that this second young miss of Minister's Mansion is really strange, to be able to be so calm at this time. Shouldn't she have gone up to show off herself so that she could enter the emperor's eyes? "

The ugly daughter-in-law also wanted to see the parents-in-law. Shu Jingyan could feel that Shu Jinghan was mostly focusing on Gu Xiaoran, but this woman seemed to have nothing to do with it, and did not respond at all.

If it were any other girl, they would have probably hugged Shu Jinghan's leg eagerly.

Zhan Chuyan didn't say anything. He looked towards Gu Xiaoran before returning his gaze to the palace banquet. At this moment, after the Emperor finished speaking, all the young misses from the various families stood up one after another.

The words that described his impression of Prince Han also expressed his feelings for Prince Han.

It seemed like he really was a big shot.

Seated in a corner once again, Gu Xiaoran watched everything that was happening with an indifferent expression. She was not without emotions when she saw all the girls who had experienced their fair share of hardships making use of this opportunity to express their thoughts.

However, she clearly knew that the more people liked Shu Jinghan, the more difficult it would be for her to do what she wanted to do.

"Whose lady is that?" The emperor nodded, as if he had just noticed Gu Xiaoran in the corner. His gaze fell on Gu Xiaoran, and the topic was brought up to her.

Seeing that she had once again become the target of the crowd, Gu Xiaoran couldn't help but sigh in her heart. She only wanted to quietly participate in the palace banquet, so who was she supposed to offend now?

If looks could kill, she would have been hacked into pieces long ago.

"The emperor was asking you a question, why isn't he answering?" The eunuch, who stood beside Shu Yuze, looked at Gu Xiaoran with a blank face and spoke with dissatisfaction.

Seemingly realizing that the Emperor's question was directed at her, Gu Xiaoran's reaction was slow as she stood up from her seat. "Reporting to Your Majesty, this commoner is Gu Xiaoran from Minister's Mansion."

Gu Xiaoran introduced herself in a very simple manner and didn't say anything else. Such an attitude made Shu Yuze frown. He quietly looked in the direction of Shu Jinghan. What's so good about Gu Xiaoran? He actually wanted to let Shu Jinghan marry her and enter the mansion?

"Just now, I was asking the ladies of each prefecture what their impression of Prince Han was. Why didn't you answer?"

Shu Yuze was an old cunning fox, so he didn't state his purpose at this time. Instead, he probed Gu Xiaoran's thoughts first.

The people who came were not friendly! Gu Xiaoran, who tried to stay out of the matter, felt a sense of danger forced into her direction. She looked in Shu Jinghan's direction without leaving a trace and even had a smile on her face when she looked at Shu Jinghan.

Recalling what happened in his previous life, Gu Xiaoran knew that Shu Jinghan wanted to marry her into the family. However, her heart had been covered by lard in her previous life, so it didn't mean that she had to repeat the same mistake as before.

At this moment, Gu Xiaoran thought of a solution and directly said, "These sisters and sisters have already said it. Prince Han is handsome, handsome, elegant, and has good manners."

Her clear and bright big eyes occasionally looked in Shu Yuze's direction, and her eyes were filled with innocence. However, in the eyes of others, the innocence in her eyes was a type of stupidity.

Shu Yuze was obviously not satisfied with this answer. He couldn't help but frown, "This is the view of the other Miss of the mansion. Don't you have any impression of Prince Han?"

How could Gu Xiaoran not know that Shu Yuze was trying to trick her with words. As long as he said something good about Shu Jinghan, she would be able to see the imperial edict bestowing marriage on him tomorrow.

The her in this life, she definitely could not marry Shu Jinghan again!

The precondition for not marrying Shu Jinghan was that the emperor, Shu Yuze, did not grant marriage. Right now, her main task was to prevent Shu Yuze from saying that he was going to get married.

"Other people's impression of Prince Han, this little girl's impression of Prince Han also doesn't matter."

It was impossible for her to express her true impression of Shu Jinghan, and it was also impossible for her to praise Shu Jinghan. The only thing she could do was to maintain a neutral attitude and not reveal her thoughts.

Although the emperor lived in the palace, it didn't mean that he was completely clueless about what was happening outside. At the very least, he knew that Gu Xiaoran's reputation was not good, and he wasn't very satisfied with her to begin with.

Now that he heard Gu Xiaoran's words, he became even more unsatisfied. He really couldn't imagine what it would be like if Shu Jinghan married such a woman. However, Shu Jinghan said he liked her.

Feeling helpless, Shu Yuze helplessly looked towards Shu Jinghan. Seeing that he didn't intend to go back on his words, Shu Yuze asked directly, "What do you think if I give you and Prince Han a marriage?"

The alarm went off. Although Gu Xiaoran had already expected that she would encounter such a situation today after her rebirth, she was still a little flustered when she actually encountered such a situation and had no idea how to deal with it.

She was afraid that she would repeat the same mistakes as in her previous life. She was afraid that she would end up in the same miserable state as in her previous life.

No! Gu Xiaoran thought to herself. She would never repeat the same mistakes in her life. Since she was reborn, then she would change everything!

Gu Xiaoran's panicking heart calmed down at this moment, and a trace of a smile always appeared on her face. When he heard Shu Yuze's words, he was not overjoyed. His face was still as calm as before.

"Return to the Emperor. My daughter is a scholar, she knows nothing about music, calligraphy and painting. The young ladies in today's talent show are all a hundred times better than this little girl. This little girl feels that she is not worthy of Prince Han. "

The young ladies at the scene regained their wits, and after hearing what Gu Xiaoran said, they all began to speak. Especially Floral Fairy, Qidiao Xue. When she saw that Gu Xiaoran had tactfully refused, she immediately spoke up, "Your Majesty, everyone knows that Prince Han is a talented martial artist. If you want to get married, then you have to be a woman with both talent and skills. "

As soon as Qidiao Xue said this, the young ladies were slightly dissatisfied. Who didn't know that Floral Fairy was a talented young man? Could it be that she also had some ulterior motives towards Prince Han?

However, everyone knew very well that their biggest enemy right now wasn't Qidiao Xue, but Gu Xiaoran. Despite their dissatisfaction, the United Front still opposed the marriage annulment of Prince Han and Gu Xiaoran.

"Although Gu Xiaoran belongs to the Minister's Mansion's Royal Lady, I feel that she isn't suitable for Prince Han." A young girl stood up and bowed towards the emperor as she spoke.

The other young girls also stood up and said, "I also think that Prince Han and Miss Gu are not suitable. Besides, Miss Gu knows her own limits."

"That's right, that Miss Gu finally knows her place."


This trial of giving away a marriage caused some people, led by Floral Fairy and Qidiao Xue, to oppose it. Moreover, there was a lot of contempt towards Gu Xiaoran in their words, as well as an increase in Shu Jinghan's status.

Although Shu Yuze didn't really understand Gu Xiaoran, he could still occasionally hear some gossip about her. Today, he had heard a few words from the young mistresses of those wealthy families, so he was naturally even more dissatisfied with Gu Xiaoran.

His son, Shu Jinghan, was the one he was most proud of. If they were to get married, not only would they have to be well-matched, they would also have to be both talented and well-educated.

After comparing the two, Shu Yuze had already made a decision. He was about to say something when Shu Jinghan walked up to him and whispered a few words.

The crowd only saw the Emperor and Prince Han whispering to each other. They couldn't hear what they were saying. However, they could see that Shu Jinghan's face was a little ugly. Not long after, Shu Yuze said.

"It seems that all the ladies have a good impression of Prince Han. I am relieved now."

The moment Shu Yuze said this, everyone present understood that the emperor was dispelling the idea of marrying Prince Han and Gu Xiaoran.

The girls all let out a sigh of relief. As long as Prince Han wasn't married, they might become his main wife. When the time came, they would be able to bring glory to their families and even their families.

Thinking of this, the girls who admired Shu Jinghan immediately raised their heads and puffed out their chests, as if they had already seen themselves as Prince Han's woman.

After experiencing all of this, Gu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. The danger had finally been averted. She really didn't want to get into too much trouble with Shu Jinghan, but the relationship between her and Shu Jinghan, which had been overgrown by her rebirth, was a mess.

She had been reborn to take revenge, one step at a time. Her target of revenge was Shu Jinghan; however, Shu Jinghan still had his eyes on her as in his previous life.

However, it was different from her previous life. In this lifetime, she did not agree to Shu Jinghan's marriage request, so there were a lot of troubles like now. Shu Jinghan, she would never forgive.

However, what about Zhan Chuyan?

A name instantly emerged in Gu Xiaoran's mind. The owner of this name gradually took shape in her mind. He was tall and handsome, and looked unrestrained.

Feeling a familiar gaze on her, Gu Xiaoran felt a little stiff. She turned around and saw the person she had been thinking about was looking in her direction.

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