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Wasn't her attitude obvious? Gu Xiaoran couldn't help but frown. "Prince Han, stop joking. "Who doesn't know that Prince Han is the popular prince in the capital? How could a young girl like me enter Prince Han's eyes?"

She didn't like Shu Jinghan, but she couldn't make things too bad. This was because she knew that someone like Shu Jinghan could do anything when he was forced into a corner. She didn't want Shu Jinghan to ask the emperor for an edict at all.

The hands under the table were already clenched. Shu Jinghan barely managed to stabilize the anger in his heart, "I'm not joking, I'm seriously telling you, I really like you and want to marry you."

"This is the first time that I've ever had the desire to marry someone. You've already entered my eyes."

Gu Xiaoran was still as cold as ever, like the snow lotus on the mountain that day. No love in the world could move her, but the truth was, she was already extremely shocked inside.

It seemed that it was impossible for her to pretend that she didn't know anything. Shu Jinghan had already spoken frankly. If she continued to pretend, it would not only be an insult to Shu Jinghan's IQ, but also a dead end for her.

"Prince Han is praising me too much. I'm just an ordinary woman. Even in Prince Han's eyes, it's only because it's Prince Han's first time seeing me."

"If Prince Han sees it a few more times, then he'll be annoyed and have nothing to say."

Gu Xiaoran responded indifferently, as if Shu Jinghan liking her was a surprising matter. However, she didn't act like the other girls. Because Shu Jinghan had taken a fancy to her, she was ecstatic. Instead, she was cool-headed and didn't seem like a person.

Shu Jinghan felt deeply frustrated. Thinking about it, he was the dream lover of thousands of young girls in the capital. Those who wanted to marry him were all lined up outside the capital.

But the person in front of him didn't move at all and told him that he only liked her because he had seen her for the first time.

"I have to admit that you have indeed made my eyes light up, but I am still able to know whether my feelings for you are new or not."

Hehe, Gu Xiaoran sneered in her heart. To Shu Jinghan, liking and being new were the same. As long as this period passed, he would no longer pester her.

Wasn't he afraid of losing his tongue when he said those words?

Even though her heart was in turmoil, Gu Xiaoran still maintained a calm face, "Prince Han, stop joking. It must be that when I first met Prince Han, I recognized his manners and made him remember it in his heart. "

"Lord Prince Han, please be magnanimous. Don't bother with this little girl. If this little girl is not doing well in any way, please forgive me. "

Shu Jinghan never thought that all that he had said was just a joke from Gu Xiaoran. He stared at Gu Xiaoran with his eyes wide open, as if he wanted to carve her into his mind, "I repeat again, this is not a joke. I am serious!"

His voice was a few decibels higher than before, attracting the attention of several people. But very quickly, he was scared by the brutality on Shu Jinghan's face and quickly withdrew his gaze. He did not dare to check what was happening in front of him.

His reaction was too extreme. Even someone as indifferent as Gu Xiaoran couldn't help but furrow her brows. Seeing the trace of anger on his face, Gu Xiaoran calmly replied.

"Please forgive me, Prince Han. I really can't afford to climb up to such a height." She could not agree to Shu Jinghan's request. She could only keep rejecting him.

Shu Jinghan didn't think that he had already said all that. Gu Xiaoran was still rejecting him like before, her eyes filled with anger. He stared at Gu Xiaoran, who was standing in front of him, as if this would make her nod in agreement.

But no matter how hard he stared, Gu Xiaoran always gave him the feeling of standing out. How could Shu Jinghan, who lived like a prince, bear such anger? He abruptly stood up from his seat and angrily turned around to leave.

Gu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, thinking that this matter had finally passed safely. Shu Jinghan, who had left in a fit of relief, turned back and glared at Gu Xiaoran, "One day, I will let you marry me willingly!"

With that, Shu Jinghan left completely, leaving the people at the banquet to point at Gu Xiaoran.

Gu Xiaoran saw everything. Although she didn't know what people were talking about, she could see from the corner of her eye that she was looking in her direction from time to time. The topic was obviously related to her.

It seemed like this palace banquet would bring more harm than good.

Sitting in her seat in silence, Gu Xiaoran suddenly remembered the last sentence Shu Jinghan said before he left, "One day, I will make you marry me willingly."

A hint of sarcasm flashed through his humble eyes, followed by a myriad of worries.

If Shu Jinghan was really like he said, making her willingly marry him, then she wouldn't need to worry like she was right now. He was afraid that Shu Jinghan wouldn't be able to keep his promise and would do something too extreme.

The consequences were unpredictable.

She knew that Shu Jinghan would only be willing to give up on something or someone he had his eyes on. Now that he had been rejected and taken a fancy to her, he definitely wouldn't let this matter rest.

The solution to the problem was very simple. She could settle the matter of her marrying Shu Jinghan, and there wouldn't be that much trouble in the future. However, she couldn't marry Shu Jinghan. She couldn't marry him, knowing full well that Shu Jinghan was a beast that ate people without spitting out their bones.

She wished she could stay away from Shu Jinghan, but everything was related to him.

Besides this, Gu Xiaoran thought of another solution — if she couldn't marry Shu Jinghan, then she might as well marry someone else.

But who could she marry? In this situation, even if she married someone without caring about her life's happiness, the result would only be an endless blow to Shu Jinghan.


Gu Xiaoran couldn't help but sigh in her heart. What should she do? Since he couldn't get Shu Jinghan to give up, he couldn't involve other people in this. The only way to see it was to keep rejecting it!

The time passed quickly after the palace banquet. No one would be able to find trouble with Gu Xiaoran and pass the time peacefully.

After leaving the palace banquet, Gu Xiaoran walked alone on the road. She was quite happy and at ease. She didn't move from her spot in the face of the contemptuous stares directed at her, continuing to walk as she pleased.

In fact, she didn't want others to look at her in such a strange manner, but the Minister's Mansion carriage that brought her here had left at an unknown time. The others couldn't wait for her to embarrass herself, so naturally, they wouldn't send her on her way. Thus, she could only walk on her own.

Actually, even Gu Xiaoran did not need to think to know the reason why the carriage left alone. It was simply because the two people in the mansion were playing tricks on her, wishing that she could make a fool of herself at any time.

Now, as they wished, she had indeed made a fool of herself.

Gu Xiaoran's ears finally quieted down when all the carriages passed by her, snorting arrogantly. This was because at this moment, she was the only person walking on the palace path.

Halfway there.

Gu Xiaoran wanted to stop to rest, but a horse suddenly appeared in front of her. A man dressed in plain clothes jumped down from the horse's back and headed in her direction.

Was he here to cause trouble for her?

Gu Xiaoran instantly became wary. Leaning against the wall, she leaned against the corner of her eyes and observed the person who was walking towards her. Her hands were slightly sweating.

Just a moment ago, in order to be able to walk a little less, she had chosen this alleyway with fewer people. However, at this moment, she had forgotten that there were still many people eyeing her covetously.

If she was in trouble now, would she be able to escape?

With her heart in her throat, Gu Xiaoran suddenly felt a wooden stick in the corner behind her. She quietly held it in her hand.

If it really was to harm her, she had to risk her life no matter what.

Just as Gu Xiaoran was thinking this, the person approaching her suddenly stopped at a meter away from her and greeted her with a polite bow, "Second Lady Gu, my master wishes to invite you to meet him."

However, Gu Xiaoran didn't let it relax her emotions. She still gripped the wooden stick tightly and said, "I'm sorry, I don't know your master."

He had even asked her to meet him without even mentioning her name in the newspaper. Wasn't this gathering a bit too frightening?

Seemingly having long since guessed that Gu Xiaoran would say this, the person who came did not force her, but directly spoke, "My family's master is waiting for Second Lady Gu with Tianqing Restaurant not far away."

Without waiting for Gu Xiaoran to reply, the person got on the horse and left, leaving behind a sweaty Gu Xiaoran.

This was the first time he was so frightened ever since his rebirth. Gu Xiaoran thought to herself as the wooden stick in her hand fell to the ground. He had been too nervous just now. She seemed to have forgotten that there was an unknown force protecting her.

It was just that she was too weak, so weak that when she was alone, she would be killed by others at any time without any chance to resist.

Glancing at the wooden stick behind her, Gu Xiaoran's eyes lit up. She had already made up her mind!

When she came back to her senses, Gu Xiaoran looked in the direction where she had disappeared and frowned. In the capital, she didn't know anyone else, but today, someone had said that they wanted to invite her to a gathering.

Could it be...

After hesitating for a moment, Gu Xiaoran, who was just rejecting the idea a moment ago, finally decided to head over to the Tianqing Restaurant that the person was referring to.

Until she arrived in front of the Tianqing Restaurant, there was immediately someone familiar with the place who brought her to the mysterious person's private room. Gu Xiaoran was startled when she saw the door of the room open and close. She raised her head and looked at the man who had turned around.

Prince Yan Shu Jingyan? How could it be him?

Gu Xiaoran really didn't think that the person who would ask her out would be Prince Yan and Shu Jingyan. The reason why she hesitated was because she was worried that the person who asked her to come had other motives, but thinking about it, she shouldn't be an illegal person to be able to say the name of the restaurant in broad daylight.

Never would he have thought that it would be Shu Jingyan. However, what about Zhan Chuyan?

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