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When she entered, Gu Xiaoran had all sorts of thoughts running through her mind. Fortunately, she lowered her eyelids, so even Shu Jingyan didn't notice anything.

"Please take a seat, Second Lady Gu." Without waiting for Gu Xiaoran to speak, Shu Jingyan spoke directly. At the same time, he made a gesture of 'please', appearing to be very polite.

Gu Xiaoran, who had already ensured her safety, did not have much concerns. Although it was strange that Zhan Chuyan, who was always close to Prince Yan, was not beside her, she still calmly faced Shu Jingyan.

"Thank you." Sitting opposite Shu Jingyan, Gu Xiaoran didn't reveal that Shu Jingyan, who sat in front of her, was actually Prince Yan. This was because how could a girl like her, who would never step out of the door, possibly meet Prince Yan?

If he pointed it out now, it would bring him trouble. After all, she didn't know why Shu Jingyan invited her here.

"Second Lady Gu is too polite." Shu Jingyan waved his hand and the two servants beside him also left. He picked up the teapot and poured some tea into the teacup, placing it in front of Gu Xiaoran and said, "It's my honor for Second Lady Gu to come."

Shu Jingyan was not very confident when he sent someone to invite Gu Xiaoran; however, he still did it and Gu Xiaoran did come.

"The reason why I've invited Second Lady Gu here today is because I have some matters to discuss with her." To be frank, Shu Jingyan didn't even introduce himself.

Gu Xiaoran, who sat opposite to Ye Mo, was glad that she didn't mention Shu Jingyan's identity at the beginning. She was very curious about why Shu Jingyan asked her to come, so she didn't pretend to say anything.

"I wonder what you want to discuss, young master?"

Hearing her address Second Lady Gu, Shu Jingyan's dark eyebrows twitched, but he quickly said nonchalantly, "Today, I was fortunate enough to meet Second Lady Gu at the palace banquet. I feel that Second Lady Gu is a special person and would like to make friends with her."

You think she's special? He was probably talking about her rejection of the Emperor's proposal of marriage.

Gu Xiaoran guessed in her heart, but she was still unable to completely guess Shu Jingyan's thoughts, so she could only pretend to be puzzled, "May I ask where does young master think I'm special?"


Shu Jingyan gave Gu Xiaoran a big thumbs up in his heart. Gu Xiaoran's words were not only an answer, but more of a trick. As long as he was able to tell where she was special from, with her intelligence, she should be able to guess something!

Thinking this way, Shu Jingyan didn't intend to hide it, "I think almost all the girls in Beijing want to marry Prince Han, but today, Second Lady Gu doesn't seem to have any interest in Prince Han and she repeatedly rejected him."

"If you put it on someone else, they would probably want to marry you on the day you agreed to marry them. "In this way, it naturally makes Second Lady Gu special."

It had to be said that Shu Jingyan's words were very technical. He didn't reveal his purpose in inviting her here, but he answered her question just right. He was good at guarding against people.

In her heart, Gu Xiaoran agreed with Shu Jingyan's technical way of speaking, but her expression was as calm as water. It's true that most of the ladies in the capital like Prince Han, but everyone has different eyes, and there might be different kinds of people who they like. "

"Like those who like Prince Han, they might like Prince Han's elegance, or they might like Prince Han's looks and appearance."

"I only refused because Prince Han didn't attract me in any way."

He didn't know why Shu Jingyan invited him here, but he still needed to pay attention to some things. However, what she could confirm was that at least Prince Yan was not on the same front as Prince Han.

He had thought that Gu Xiaoran would reveal some information under his words, but it turned out that he had still underestimated Gu Xiaoran.

Not only did she answer his question, she did not reveal even a little of her meaning. Even he, Shu Jingyan, couldn't guess what she was really thinking at this moment.

They could only search one by one.

"Does Second Lady Gu know what marrying Prince Han means?" Shu Jingyan decided to directly tell her the reason he invited her here.

In the conversation just now, he could feel that Gu Xiaoran was not someone who didn't know what she was talking about. Even if she disagreed with what he was saying, at least she wouldn't say anything about it.

The conversation didn't seem to have changed, but Gu Xiaoran could feel the transfer of the problem. She thought about it for a while before she finally spoke.

"Got it." Nodding her head in affirmation, Gu Xiaoran continued to speak seriously, "It is precisely because I knew about this that I refused."

With her status, as long as she worked hard, she would still be able to obtain them. However, it required a process. However, she would rather go through with this process than to marry Shu Jinghan. This was her, Gu Xiaoran after her rebirth.

Shu Jingyan could feel the repudiation and disgust towards Shu Jinghan in Gu Xiaoran's words, so he didn't hide anything anymore and directly asked, "Second Lady Gu, do you know what will happen in the future if you reject Prince Han?"

The underlying meaning was to ask Gu Xiaoran if she needed help. Or find a like-minded person, or at least someone behind him.

It was at this moment that Gu Xiaoran realized why Shu Jingyan had invited her here. It was to find an ally. Today, Shu Jingyan's actions were precisely in response to that sentence, "The enemy of the enemy is a friend."

Knowing Shu Jingyan's purpose, Gu Xiaoran let out a sigh of relief in her heart. At the same time, she stabilized her emotions, "Of course I know. Actually, isn't Prince Yan clearer of the consequences than me? "

After he pointed out Shu Jingyan's identity, Gu Xiaoran clearly saw the surprise that flashed past his eyes. She continued, "The reason why he refused to marry Prince Han was indeed because he didn't like her. Deep down, I hate him."

Shu Jingyan didn't expect things to change so quickly. He looked at Gu Xiaoran in shock. Seeing that Gu Xiaoran's serious face didn't seem to be lying, he finally came back to his senses and asked, "Why do you hate me?"

Although he said that the enemy of his enemy was his friend, he still had to know the contradiction between his friend and his enemy. If not, he might have lost his life after being played for a while.

How could Gu Xiaoran not know the reason behind Shu Jingyan's question? However, it was impossible for her to tell Shu Jingyan the real reason behind it.

Putting aside whether he would make the people in front of him think he was crazy or not, Shu Jingyan would not believe that this was a hassle, especially when it came to rebirth, it was better that he knew.

She wasn't familiar with Prince Yan to the point that she knew him well.

"With enmity, of course there's hatred." Gu Xiaoran said word by word, but her tone did not carry much emotion, "There are many things in this world that cannot be said directly, aren't there? I think Prince Yan should know this better than me. "

This was the only thing that could stop Shu Jingyan from asking any further questions. Gu Xiaoran looked at Shu Jingyan in front of her and said, "There are no natural friends in this world." However, I firmly believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. After all, I do not hate him for no reason. "

"If Prince Yan doesn't mind, I can still do my best in the future where I can be of use."

After she clearly stated her position, Gu Xiaoran no longer said anything but looked at Shu Jingyan, waiting for his answer.

With her understanding of Shu Jingyan in her previous life, Gu Xiaoran was sure that Shu Jingyan would choose her as an ally.

In fact, it proved that Gu Xiaoran's idea was right. Not long later, Shu Jingyan nodded, "It would be my honor to be able to get Second Lady Gu's help."

After shaking hands politely, Gu Xiaoran knew that she had become Shu Jingyan's ally. "Don't worry, Prince Yan. If there is a need in the future, I will definitely make the right decision."

In her heart, Gu Xiaoran deliberately emphasized the word "correct".

In her previous life, she had made the wrong choice, which was why she ended up in such a miserable state. In this life, she had to wipe the tears from her eyes and be on her guard against her at all times.

Only when Gu Xiaoran stood up to leave did Shu Jingyan let out a sigh. He seemed to be talking to himself, but his eyes glanced at the screen. "This kind of woman is really too unique. No wonder Prince Han is so stubborn in his actions."

"Chuyan, you have to grab the opportunity."

Behind the screen, Zhan Chuyan leisurely walked out. When he heard Shu Jingyan's last sentence, he paused for a second and quickly recovered, "Can you be more serious?"

The corner of Shu Jingyan's mouth twitched as he muttered in a low voice, "I still want to find a housewife for you as soon as possible. Otherwise, what will I do when I become an elder by myself in the future?" As expected, Zhan Chuyan rolled his eyes.

Shu Jingyan finally calmed down a little after having his eyes rolled back, "I said you watched her for a long time behind the screen. What is your impression of her? What do you think it would be like to marry her into the Palace? "

"I don't know what will happen if someone else marries her into the mansion, but I know that if you marry her into the mansion, Prince Han won't let you go."

A cold remark. A prince is not like a prince, and a subordinate is not like a subordinate. The two of them seemed to be close buddies, but in reality, the two of them were indeed good buddies who had nothing to say.


Shu Jingyan grunted, "Friends and wives are not to be cheated. Do I look like this kind of person?"

The corner of his mouth twitched, even Zhan Chuyan couldn't help but look around, "Isn't she unmarried? "How did it become a friend's wife?"

"…" Shu Jingyan was speechless for a moment. He looked at Zhan Chuyan, who was in front of him, wanting to pry Zhan Chuyan's brain open to see what exactly was in it. "I mean, you and her have a couple!"

"Of course, friends and wives are not to be trifled with!"

He was simply a stupid donkey. He couldn't even understand the words that came out of his mind. This person's brain usually has a slow reaction when they are interested in a girl.

Thinking of this possibility, Shu Jingyan decided to forgive Zhan Chuyan.

"…" Zhan Chuyan really didn't think about the meaning behind Wu Tie's words. He didn't even notice the flash of joy in his heart when he heard Shu Jingyan's explanation, but it disappeared so fast that even he didn't notice the weird feeling in his heart. "Anyway, what's your impression of her?"

After a second, Shu Jingyan returned to being serious. Recalling Gu Xiaoran's every word and gesture just now, he said calmly, "She is indeed very different from other girls. Just what I thought she was, she was a calmer and smarter person. "

"I sensed that she was very calm during the conversation. In my opinion, she's Second Lady Gu today, but she's definitely not a mediocre person in the future!"

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