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Because she was concerned about what was happening in the palace banquet, Gu Langyue stayed in the Minister's Mansion all day, in order to clearly understand the situation during this year's banquet.

Coincidentally, after returning from the palace, there were a few young mistresses that passed by the Minister's Mansion s. They first showed off their skills to Gu Langyue, then began to narrate what had happened at the palace feast in front of Gu Langyue.

Naturally, this included the Emperor's probing of Prince Han's marriage with Gu Xiaoran, Prince Han, and Gu Xiaoran.

When they were leaving, the few young mistresses even started talking, "If Second Lady Gu marries Prince Han in the future, then your Minister's Mansion would be truly luxurious, and you, as an elder sister, would definitely be able to marry a good family."

Gu Langyue did not expect so many things to happen this year when she was not at the palace banquet. In the past, she was most concerned about who would become Floral Fairy's top three, but this year, she was most concerned about what Gu Xiaoran had done in the palace.

She was worried that Gu Xiaoran would hook up with Prince Han in the palace, but what she was worried about still happened!

Gu Langyue clenched her fists so tightly that the brocade handkerchief in her hands was completely crumpled. She forced a smile as she sent the ladies away. When she returned to her room, Gu Langyue's expression completely changed.

After sweeping a glance at the things in front of her dressing table, she fell down on her stomach and began to cry. "Bitch, she's a b * tch!"

"You actually hooked up with Prince Han while I was not around, you really are a bitch!"

Gu Langyue cried even more when she thought about how she couldn't participate in the palace feast this year and how Gu Xiaoran could go there and get online with Prince Han.

maid couldn't persuade her no matter how she tried, so she could only rush over to ask Second Wife and Mrs. Lee for help.

"My little darling, how could you throw something like this?" Upon hearing the servant's report, Second Wife rushed into Gu Langyue's room. As soon as she entered, she stepped on something that had been swept to the ground.

Mrs. Lee's heart ached as she looked at the various decorations on the ground. "It doesn't matter if it falls, but don't you dare hurt yourself."

Gu Langyue cried even louder when she heard her mother's voice. "So what if I'm injured? I can't get what I want since I'm healthy. I'm destined to be inferior."

Mrs. Lee had already listened to maid's brief explanation on the way here, and now that she heard Gu Langyue crying so bitterly, she quickly went up and patted Gu Langyue on the back. Don't cry, it'll be ugly if you cause your eyes to swell up from crying. "

Mrs. Lee relaxed in her heart, and then she sat down in front of Gu Langyue, "Even if you're angry, you can't just throw things and cry like this. If your dad saw this, what would he think?"

Mrs. Lee clearly knew that what a woman needed the most was dignity and a virtuous lady. Especially the young mistresses of the rich and powerful families, they had to be well-mannered and well-mannered.

A woman who cried and cried and randomly threw things was definitely not someone that others liked.

"I'll see it once I see it. Anyway, father isn't spoiling me anymore." Gu Langyue looked aggrieved as she looked at Mrs. Lee beside her, "You didn't know that this little bitch had hooked up with Prince Han after entering the palace. Prince Han, that's Prince Han!"

However, how did Gu Xiaoran hook up with the man that she had desired for a long time? Gu Xiaoran also refused to marry the Emperor, even if Prince Han begged her to marry him.

Why should that slut? What right did he have to have Prince Han beg her to marry him, and what right did he have to have the Emperor bestow a marriage on him?

She definitely didn't want Gu Xiaoran to marry Prince Han. However, Gu Langyue felt that Gu Xiaoran rejected Prince Han too shamelessly. The combination of these two complex emotions made her want to explode.

Mrs. Lee didn't dare to say anything when she was angry, but when she heard Gu Langyue's words, she covered her mouth and made a silent hand gesture. Only when Gu Langyue really quieted down did Mrs. Lee finally speak up.

"Although we aren't happy with her in our hearts, we can't say so either. "Although this mansion belongs to your mother, no one can guarantee that someone will help her."

"If you were to hear it and add oil to the fire, although it will not cause any serious consequences, your father's impression of you will be ruined."

"Although Prince Han seems to be interested in her, didn't she reject it?"

Gu Langyue had a bit of hatred in her eyes when she said that. She thought about how the man she liked didn't even have his eyes on her and actually fell for Gu Xiaoran and was rejected by her.

What ability did Gu Xiaoran have to refuse? Even if he refused, it should be Prince Han rejecting Gu Xiaoran!

"Mother …" Gu Langyue knew that if she had to do something, she would have to rely on Mrs. Lee first. She pulled Mrs. Lee's hand like a spoiled child, shaking it as she said, "Daughter just doesn't want to accept it. Daughter always attends court banquets in the past, but this year …"

She didn't finish her sentence, but anyone could tell what she meant by that.

Thinking about it, Mrs. Lee had already been the host of Minister's Mansion for more than ten years. Her own daughter would naturally be safe and sound under her watch, and she would even be somewhat arrogant and despotic. However, this was nothing to Mrs. Lee and Gu Langyue.

They had the qualifications and the ability to be arrogant and despotic; if they were the young ladies of the mansion, they wouldn't dare to be so domineering, even if they were given the chance!

Mrs. Lee was also angry about this matter, but she was a person who had lived for several decades and had a higher opinion of Gu Langyue. Now that Gu Langyue was in the limelight, she naturally had to explain things as a mother.

"There's nothing to be unwilling about. She only used a few tricks to deceive Prince Han; when Prince Han sees her true face clearly, he will definitely not let her off. "

"As for your father, I believe that the person that Prince Han abandoned will not be taken seriously."

After following Gu Yunpeng for dozens of years, how could Mrs. Lee not understand his personality? If he really loved Gu Xiaoran, he would not be able to ignore her life all these years. He would not be able to turn a blind eye to it like he did now.

All in all, to Gu Yunpeng, people who didn't have any value would naturally throw it away like trash.

Gu Langyue could also understand Mrs. Lee's words, but when she heard the last sentence, she couldn't help but frown. She held Mrs. Lee's hand worriedly, "Mother, you said Gu Xiaoran is useful now. Daddy won't leave me anymore, right?"

"Or would Daddy let Gu Xiaoran marry Prince Han?"

"Mom, I don't want her to marry Prince Han, I don't want it!"

Shaking her head repeatedly, she couldn't help but shiver when she thought of that possibility. Not out of fear, but out of anger. If it was her father, Gu Yunpeng, who had decided on this matter, even she would not be able to pull him back.

The only possibility was that Gu Xiaoran would not have the chance to do so.

"How could that be?" Mrs. Lee looked at Gu Langyue dotingly. With a serious face, she said, "You are your father's most beloved daughter, how could he not want you? What's more, there's your mom, so I won't let her marry Prince Han. "

His words were firm and forceful, with a hint of killing intent in them.

Mrs. Lee patted Gu Langyue's head, "You have to know that in my parents' eyes, you are a priceless treasure. The value will always be in front of you."

Without a doubt, these words gave Gu Langyue a lot of confidence. Looking at Mrs. Lee, Gu Langyue couldn't help but ask, "Mother, how do you plan on dealing with her?"

She couldn't wait a minute. She had to let Gu Xiaoran have her revenge.

A light flashed across Mrs. Lee's eyes, as if she already had a way to deal with Gu Xiaoran. "You don't need to worry about that, as long as you believe in Mother, she will make the decision for you."

Mrs. Lee then stood up, looking at the things on the floor, she instructed the servant standing in front of the door, "Hurry up and pack up the things in the room, what's the use of not tidying up the things here?"

When Gu Xiaoran returned to her courtyard, the sky had already darkened. As she walked, her legs felt sore. Normally, she didn't feel that her body was that weak, but after what had happened today, Gu Xiaoran felt that she should train her body a little.

If he were to encounter danger in the future, with his physique, he would definitely be unable to withstand a single blow.

"Miss, you're finally back." Mei Qing, who had been waiting at the entrance of the courtyard all day, felt her heart pounding. She was afraid that something unexpected would happen if she wasn't by Gu Xiaoran's side.

Gu Xiaoran hadn't come back even when the sky darkened. She was just about to go out and look for her when Gu Xiaoran walked back in from outside. Her tensed heart also relaxed.

Seeing that there wasn't a single person following her and that her face was covered in sweat, Mei Qing felt relieved and asked, "Miss, what happened? Why did you come back alone?"

Shouldn't there be a coachman? Why did he come back so late with fine beads of sweat on his forehead?

Mei Qing's heart was filled with questions.

Gu Xiaoran smiled faintly. She did not intend to tell Mei Qing about what had happened today. Because she knew that these things were told to Mei Qing. With Mei Qing's personality, even if she didn't dare to find trouble with Mrs. Lee, she would definitely go and ask the coachman for an explanation.

These were all the actions of Mei Qing to protect her master, but to her, these were unnecessary troubles.

"It's fine. Let's go back when it's dark." With Gu Xiaoran's calm words, Mei Qing didn't suspect anything. Although she was confused, she still had a lot of trust in Gu Xiaoran. Only then did she help Gu Xiaoran back into the room.

Just as he sat on the wooden chair, he heard hurried footsteps coming from outside. maid hurriedly walked in from the outside. Without asking any questions, she had already set foot into Gu Xiaoran's room as if it was her own.

Gu Xiaoran only frowned and didn't say anything, but Mei Qing was unwilling to do so. Seeing maid walk in on her own accord, she immediately stepped forward and said, "Are you being polite? Are you sure you can enter Miss's room as you wish?"

maid didn't even look at Mei Qing as she prepared to head in Gu Xiaoran's direction. However, as if she thought of something, she stopped herself in her tracks, "Sister Mei Qing, I have something important to say to the young miss, so I forgot to be polite. Please forgive me, Sister Mei Qing."

Mei Qing was furious. He thought that maidqiao would bully his family's young miss. If it was Second Wife or his young miss, who would even dare to lightly hit his door and refuse to report him?

She was about to argue with maid when Gu Xiaoran spoke up from behind her. "If you have something to say, then say it."

There was no point in pestering these things here at all. If she wasn't too weak, if someone didn't order her to do so, how could maid have entered her room without knowing that someone was around?

All of this was because she was too weak, so weak that even maid was able to ride her neck and pee on her pants.

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