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What a coincidence!" Langyue wasn't satisfied with the spring clothes she had made previously, so she went all out to find a tailor with a name in the capital. The fabric she used was also better than the one she used before. This Gu Xiaoran was like a dog that had caught a whiff of the scent and came so quickly.

Second Wife was displeased in her heart, but she didn't pay any attention to Gu Xiaoran. She only coldly sized her up a few times, yet her heart was once again filled with shock. She didn't know when she last saw this damned girl. At that time, she didn't think she was pretty, but now that she was about to reach puberty, she was actually so attractive. However, her clothes were only average. If she were to change into a new set of clothes, who knows how she would be able to bring down a country.

Actually, she didn't like Gu Xiaoran and didn't need any other reason. Daughter, this is enough!

Hmph, if it wasn't for her identity as the direct daughter, then my Gu Langyue would be the true treasure of the palm in this Minister's Mansion!

Second Wife ignored Gu Xiaoran, but Gu Langyue could not help but open her mouth, "Yo, it's been a long time since I've seen you. You're still dressed like a maidservant." There's still a lot of fabric, do you want to make one? "

Gu Langyue squinted her eyes, looking at Mei Qing with a weird expression. Mei Qing, who was behind her, was grinding her teeth. Even if she was the eldest miss, how could a Shu girl talk to a direct descendant like this? There was no rule at all! As for the piece of cloth she was pointing at, it was only a pitiful small and could only be made into a bellyband.

Gu Xiaoran, on the other hand, wasn't dissatisfied at all. Her face was so calm that it was hard to tell her mood. Instead, she said happily to Gu Langyue, "Then thank you, Big Sister."

How could she not know that Gu Langyue's words were taunting him, but her expression was indifferent as she refused to give her opponent a chance to fulfil her wishes?

Second Wife had a plan in mind while the two sisters exchanged small blows. It had to be said that she was indeed quite intelligent, otherwise how would she be able to climb up from the side room to the position of mistress in her Minister's Mansion? In just a short moment, she thought of an idea to deal with Gu Xiaoran.

Seeing that she was about to reach her prime, Second Wife's idea was to marry her off.

A girl who went out of the door was someone who could not see her eyes, so she didn't feel annoyed. The dowry was given by the family, but she could make a fortune out of it. Furthermore, she also had the right to decide who she married. How could she let Gu Xiaoran marry to her satisfaction?

No matter how he looked at it, this was a good deal. There was no loss at all.

Now that she had a plan in mind, Second Wife looked at Gu Xiaoran again, and her expression became much better. She actually put on a smile, and scolded Gu Langyue lightly, "Langyue, how can you talk like this? What does this piece of cloth look like! " As she spoke, she rummaged through the pile of cloth, picking out one that looked different.

Gu Langyue opened her eyes wide and exclaimed, "Aiya!" Just because Second Wife had chosen the expensive looking Liu Yunjin, she had also taken a fancy to her. The fabric was soft and tough, the patterns as complex as the clouds. This one was snow-white, like a cloud.

Gu Xiaoran was also slightly surprised. She didn't know why Second Wife would suddenly treat her so well. Of course, she didn't think that Second Wife had suddenly changed her nature. She only knew that there was definitely a conspiracy behind this.

Gu Langyue wanted to say something, but Second Wife glared at her with a smile and said to Gu Xiaoran, "I just thought about it. Although the mansion hasn't treated you badly, you don't have enough clothes. It just so happens that we can make spring clothes for you, so let me make you a piece of this cloth as well. "

Second Wife had a smile at the corner of her eyes, but it was a crafty smile. She tried her best to sound like she was pampering the younger generation, but her acting was still a bit unnatural.

Gu Xiaoran didn't poke at the fabric. She pretended to be delighted and complimented it on its beauty, feeling flattered. Seeing this, Mei Qing was also puzzled. So Miss actually liked these things. It was really hard on her, but she felt sad again.

Second Wife definitely had some tricks up her sleeve, but she was still unable to find any clues. Right now, he didn't need to rush, he only needed to prevent her from secretly harming him. In her previous life, she had done this kind of thing many times, probably because she was too domineering. In this life, there hadn't been any big news, and it must have something to do with him keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile.

Gu Xiaoran smiled sweetly as she thought of this. She thanked Second Wife constantly with an extremely sincere tone. Second Wife sneered in her heart. She was indeed a child. She had already bribed Second Wife with a piece of cloth.

Second Wife hit the iron while it was hot and called the tailor over to measure Gu Xiaoran's size. She also instructed them to make a new and beautiful style. Gu Xiaoran snickered in her heart, but obediently stepped forward to coordinate with the tailor.

She looked at her own slender hands and slender feet. They were unfamiliar, but she also felt that they were somewhat cute. The tailor's eyes also lit up as he nodded repeatedly. This girl was truly a beauty.

But just at this time, seeing the Flowing Cloud Jin that she had chosen fall into Gu Xiaoran's hands, Gu Langyue did not know what Second Wife was planning. She glared at Second Wife for a moment, before angrily snatching the cloth from Gu Xiaoran's hands, shouting, "No! This Liuyun Jin wouldn't give her anything! She is not worthy! "

Second Wife frowned on the inside. She felt a headache coming on, but didn't say anything to Gu Langyue. However, how could she tell a child about such a major event? But now, Gu Langyue was unhappy. How could this be okay?

In her heart, she understood that whatever she gave Gu Xiaoran didn't matter. Gu Langyue would definitely find an excuse to stop her. Gu Langyue's hatred for her sister was monstrous, but the reason she did so was simple and sufficient. It was simply because of her identity as the legitimate daughter.

Gu Xiaoran snickered in her heart. This idiot's personality hadn't changed at all. There was an apologetic look on her face as she casually picked up the other one and preached, "Since elder sister likes it, then Xiaoran can't rob others of their things. I'll just use this one."

Gu Langyue was looking for trouble, finding trouble twice in a row. Gu Xiaoran, on the other hand, did not seem to mind, which made her even angrier. However, Second Wife knew her child's temper well, so she grabbed Gu Langyue's hand and said helplessly, "Alright, it's about the same. Xiaoran, just use this one. Langyue is still young and doesn't understand."

Second Wife hurriedly whispered into Gu Langyue's ear again, "Don't cause any trouble today, I have my own plans. Do you hear me?"

Gu Langyue was filled with suspicion as she looked at Second Wife and then at Gu Xiaoran. In her view, she had plenty of face today. It was already sufficient for her to not let Gu Xiaoran's wish succeed. As for demeanor, it wasn't her concern. She felt indignant towards Gu Xiaoran, but wasn't Second Wife the same as well? Now, even her own mother wanted her to calm down first. This meant that she already had a way to deal with Gu Xiaoran. Then today, let's leave it at that.

Gu Xiaoran, on the other hand, had expected something else. Second Wife's attitude was too weird today, so this matter was definitely not over yet.

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