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As it turned out, Gu Xiaoran knew her enemies too well.

The dispute over the cloth had come to an end. Second Wife had no intention of chasing them away, and Gu Xiaoran had no intention of leaving either. In reality, she hadn't come here today for Chun Yi, but for some other reason.

Surprisingly, Second Wife and Gu Langyue flitted around for a while, pacifying Gu Langyue's emotions. After confirming that she wouldn't cause any more trouble, they actually smiled at Gu Xiaoran and said, "Don't take it to heart. Langyue, she just likes that Flowing Cloud brocade …" "However, the fabrics today are all good stuff, and the color is extremely suitable for you."

Gu Xiaoran nodded obediently, knowing that Second Wife had more to say.

Sure enough, Second Wife pretended to be friendly and pulled Gu Cailan who was always hanging on the side over. She said to them, "We've already made these clothes. You guys can go on this year's spring outing together. "In the past, I didn't go out when my body was in a good condition. Now that I'm getting bigger, I have to go out more."

Gu Xiaoran was no longer a naive young girl. Now that she heard the meaning behind Second Wife's words, she could guess that Second Wife had already changed her mind about her marriage. Even though he wasn't sure when he would start moving, he was already thinking about it. As for Gu Cailan, all of them had been pulled in to make up for the amount, which was a good thing for her to show everyone that she treated them equally.

Gu Xiaoran replied with a smile and a few courteous words. Second Wife then said that she would bring Chun Yi over and ask her to come with her when they were out. Only then did everyone disperse.

What happened today was both unexpected and reasonable. Second Wife usually restrained her appetite and clothes, and had not made any big movements for a long time. Now, she was revealing a clue, and actually wanted him to leave the Minister's Mansion realm.

But it didn't matter, the mountain man had his own plan.


The weather began to warm up, and in the blink of an eye, March 3 was right around the corner. As expected, Second Wife had her two sets of clothes delivered to them. The style was slightly different, but it wasn't too bad. It was already better than Gu Xiaoran's own clothes.

One morning, a servant girl came to Gu Xiaoran's courtyard to tell her that Second Wife had instructed her to change into a set of clothes and go on a spring outing with the other two ladies.

Gu Xiaoran agreed without a second word and took Mei Qing with her. Although she was happy that the Miss had finally left, Mei Qing still felt that it was a little strange for Second Wife to suddenly agree to release her. She even asked Gu Xiaoran about it several times in secret.

In fact, Gu Xiaoran herself was wondering if they were up to something else at the banquet. However, she wasn't a child, so she wouldn't panic if she was careful.

The three of them sat in two carriages. Without a doubt, Gu Langyue was riding alone, while Gu Xiaoran was with Gu Cailan. She casually chatted with Gu Cailan and found that her little sister was rather interesting as well. She normally did not reveal herself, but she was actually quite meticulous in her thoughts.

However, in her previous life, Gu Cailan didn't do anything bad and just kept trying to survive. She probably wouldn't change much in this life, at least she wouldn't become an enemy for now.

Their destination was a riverbank on the outskirts of the capital. Although it was on the outskirts of the capital, it was a place for nobles to enjoy themselves. However, compared to the past, there were less people today.

After he got off the carriage, he saw a group of people waiting for him. Mei Qing nervously pulled Gu Xiaoran's sleeve. In her impression, this was the first time she had seen so many strangers. However, when Gu Xiaoran gave her a faint smile, she felt that she was the one being nervous.

As expected, Gu Langyue had a wide range of connections. She greeted many people with a smile. Gu Xiaoran and Gu Cailan only watched quietly from the side. After they greeted each other, someone's gaze shifted to Gu Xiaoran.

"Who is this sister? I've never seen it before. " This voice was a bit immature, but Gu Xiaoran recognized it. It was none other than Ye Chuli, her good friend from her previous life, the youngest daughter of the Prime Minister's Estate.

Gu Langyue and Ye Chuli's sister, Ye Chulan, were not in a conflict, and with Ye Chuli praising Gu Xiaoran's beauty, she naturally did not have the mood to answer. She could only snort softly.

However, which honest girl didn't like a cute girl like Ye Chuli? Her words aroused the curiosity of some people. When they saw Gu Xiaoran standing there with a smile, she didn't seem shy at all. Instead, she gave off a somewhat intimate feeling, giving people a favorable impression of her at first glance.

A few people who were on good terms with Gu Langyue also asked about it. When everyone saw that Gu Xiaoran had come with Gu Langyue, they guessed who she was. Gu Langyue could only dejectedly reply, "She is my sister, Gu Xiaoran."

Everyone revealed an understanding look as they glanced at Gu Xiaoran once more. All of them had doubts in their hearts, but none of them said it out loud. All they did was talk with their eyes closed. Only Ye Chuli stared at Gu Xiaoran in puzzlement, thinking, "Eh, Sister Gu is different from what everyone says. How is she arrogant?"

However, someone still came up to Gu Xiaoran with a smile and said, "Is this the first time you've gone out? I've never seen you before." But since you're here, we'll be good friends in the future. "

Other than that, there were also others who came over to talk at once. It was all because of the novelty.

Gu Xiaoran smiled faintly. These girls were all very lively, and she knew them all. No matter what, they were two lifetimes old. However, the feeling of meeting again when they were young was extremely marvelous.

Gu Langyue didn't make things difficult for Gu Xiaoran. Everyone was chatting affectionately, as if they were very close. Even Gu Xiaoran was talking to someone about what a girl of her age should talk about.

However, the girls were still unable to avoid these outstanding youths when it came to chatting. It was unknown who whispered, "Didn't you say Prince Han would come today? Why aren't you here yet? " As soon as she finished speaking, she was immediately drowned in a wave of laughter, causing the girl's face to redden.

Gu Xiaoran understood in her heart that it was no wonder that Gu Langyue was looking down on her. It was because Shu Jinghan was coming today. Gu Xiaoran sneered in her heart. Shu Jinghan was the husband of countless girls, even in her previous life.

However, she now understood that Shu Jinghan was nothing but a beast in human skin. She could only sigh at the blind eyes of countless girls.

Not long after he finished laughing, someone exclaimed in surprise. Everyone looked over and saw a youth in a light yellow robe standing out from the rest.

Gu Xiaoran's expression was indifferent as she sipped her tea. Although she didn't expect to meet Shu Jinghan here, the two of them would meet one day. What should come will eventually come.

The girls were shy and excited. Their cheeks were red. Gu Xiaoran could only smile faintly when she saw this.

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