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Logically speaking, Prince Han and Shu Jinghan were the most favored princes and princes, so why would they come to this kind of place? However, there were always many illogical things that happened, and this time, he decided to play with them. He went out to play with some of the noble children he had been on good terms with, just in time for this spring trip.

He naturally knew that he was very popular among young girls, and he had never rejected this idea. The simplest truth was that popularity was much better than being hated. In addition, he actually enjoyed the feeling of being admired and worshipped.

Seven or eight young nobles surrounded Shu Jinghan and walked towards the group of girls. Although everyone was just a foil to Shu Jinghan, it was still a chance to show their face. It was unknown which family's girl would fall for him.

Gu Xiaoran was sitting straight and composed, with no trace of excitement about the arrival of a prince.

Thus, when she looked over, she really stood out quite a bit.

Shu Jinghan had a happy and satisfied smile on his face. He rarely appeared in public, but every time, he would get what he wanted. Countless girls looked at him with reverence and shyness.

However, today, the person who attracted his gaze was a girl who did not have the slightest expression towards his arrival.

Shu Jinghan was sure that he didn't see wrongly as he glanced at Gu Xiaoran again. There was not a single trace of excitement or emotion in her eyes. She was like a deep, ancient well without the slightest ripple.

Although Shu Jinghan knew that not everyone liked him and no one noticed this slight abnormality, this feeling still made him unhappy!

It was like he had been bitten by sand during a meal.

However, Gu Xiaoran acted as if she didn't know anything. She bowed to everyone and returned to her seat. Then, she raised her head and looked at Shu Jinghan with a puzzled expression.

With just a glance, her expression remained the same, but her heart was in turmoil. In his previous life, he had said all sorts of things about love, but he was also ruthless in his actions, and he even had a death grudge with her! He was right in front of him, yet he appeared on the stage in such a lively manner.

But even so, it couldn't lessen her hatred. Half of her current calmness was feigned. Otherwise, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to control the hatred in her eyes!

Shu Jinghan looked exactly the same as in his previous life. He had a handsome face that attracted the attention of many. At this moment, he had a youthful look and a tough figure that was unique to teenagers. It made people's hearts beat faster.

However, the current Gu Xiaoran clearly understood that one couldn't judge a book by its cover. No matter how good her looks were, she was still just a scum without any good character. In the end, she was still just a scum, not even comparable to a scarecrow.

She also saw Shu Jinghan's intentionally or unintentionally glancing at her. Based on her understanding of him, she knew that he must be dissatisfied with her, because of his arrogance and arrogance. However, the next moment, she saw a flash of amazement in his eyes.

Gu Xiaoran had never cared about her looks. Even in her previous life, she had only dressed up to please Shu Jinghan for the sake of her appearance. Now that she thought about it, it was extremely disgusting! In her previous life, the reason why she was so dead set on Shu Jinghan was because Shu Jinghan took a fancy to her beauty.

Gu Xiaoran frowned secretly. Could it be that this life was like this again? She hadn't provoked him, but instead, he had been attracted by her appearance. Fortunately, there were a lot of people here today, so Shu Jinghan wouldn't have come over just to talk to him.

As for the possible outcome, Gu Xiaoran had already thought about it. She did not regret meeting Shu Jinghan today. In any case, if she was going to seek revenge, she would eventually come into contact with him. It didn't matter if it was sooner or later, she wasn't afraid of causing trouble at all.

She had even been reading the Military Strategy all along, trying to learn how to use it.

This group of people were chatting and laughing with each other. Soon, two hours had passed. It was boring to continue talking like this, so someone suggested to swim in the lake. Since the prince was here, they rented the largest cruise liner.

However, Gu Xiaoran did not have such an interest. Firstly, she originally liked peace and quiet, and secondly, she was afraid of water in her entire life. In her previous life, Gu Langyue almost drowned her when she was pushed into the water.

Coincidentally, some of these aristocratic young ladies were physically weak or seasick, thus they stayed behind. Gu Xiaoran did not appear to be so out of place. She clearly saw Shu Jinghan give her a meaningful glance as he walked away.

With less people around, it was naturally quiet and peaceful. Gu Xiaoran chatted with the young girl beside her for a while before she finally quieted down and started to think carefully about the future. She knew that the road to revenge must be long, so she couldn't be in too much of a hurry. More importantly, in addition to her revenge, she also wanted to live her own life, and not live for the sake of revenge.

The spring sunshine made Gu Xiaoran a little sleepy as she unconsciously squinted her eyes. After an unknown period of time, she suddenly heard Mei Qing call her. Gu Xiaoran snapped open her eyes and asked, "What's wrong?" She didn't understand the situation.

After that, she looked up and saw Mei Qing sneakily pointing in a direction beside her, indicating that she should take a look. Gu Xiaoran frowned as she looked in that direction under the light of the afternoon sun. However, her expression changed.

It was probably the first time in so long that her face had changed.

There were three or four youths not far in front of him. One of them was wearing a blue robe and still had a familiar sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes. Gu Xiaoran blinked and looked again. Under the clear sunlight, she seemed to be able to see that person's long eyelashes clearly. There was absolutely no reason for her to make a mistake.

She really did not expect that the two important men in her previous life would both appear today.

The moment Gu Xiaoran saw Zhan Chuyan, she doubted him. Could it be that sometimes, fate has already been decided?

Gu Xiaoran turned her head away, not looking over there. Hatred had calmed her down, but what about guilt? Under her guilt, she was unable to calm down. When she thought about how she destroyed that extraordinary man, she felt that even if she died in her previous life, it wouldn't be enough to make up for it.

For the first time since she returned to her youth, Gu Xiaoran felt at a loss. What would happen to her and Zhan Chuyan in this life?

She only hoped that he wouldn't love her as deeply as he did in his previous life. She would rather fight alone than drag him down. She still hadn't paid her debts from her previous life.

Although the youths weren't riding any horses, they still possessed the spirit of well-dressed and angry horses. Their brilliance was so dazzling that it was difficult to open one's eyes. Even Mei Qing sized them up a few times. When Mei Qing saw the change in her mistress' expression, she was also surprised, but she did not ask.

Zhan Chuyan walked closer and closer, but his movements were unintentional. Since Gu Xiaoran was the only one with spare space, and the surroundings were already full, it was only natural for him to come over.

"Young lady, could you do me a favor?" Zhan Chuyan's was not worse than Wu Tie's. He was only 16 or 17 years old now, but he had the bearing of someone with steady demeanor, looking rather calm and collected. Now that he had asked Gu Xiaoran about it, it was obvious that he had noticed that there were people in the area.

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