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In the blink of an eye, Gu Xiaoran settled her mind, her expression as calm as ever. She understood that the relationship between the two of them depended on their reactions. All she needed to do now was to let nature take its course.

Gu Xiaoran glanced over at the rippling river. The huge pleasure boat was floating far away, and it seemed like she wasn't going to dock for the time being. She nodded to Zhan Chuyan and gave her agreement.

With that glance, she saw clearly who the people beside Zhan Chuyan were. Even though he didn't recall anything, he was still able to recognize the gist of it after thinking for a moment. They were Zhan Chuyan's good friends from his youth. They did not have a prominent family background, but they all had some real ability to them.

Gu Xiaoran remained calm on the surface, but she secretly sighed in her heart. As expected, they were in a group. These few spirited young men were much better than those hedonistic young men who relied on their ancestors.

The only pity was that Zhan Chuyan was just an unfavoured son of a concubine, which greatly limited his future prospects.

The people's atmosphere in Tianxiang Dynasty could be considered as open, so strange men and women didn't avoid each other when they first met each other. Thus, Zhan Chuyan openly introduced himself while the other teenagers also introduced him. As for the surprise in their eyes, it was only curiosity that they suddenly saw a girl with outstanding looks. After a moment, everyone's expression returned to normal.

Gu Xiaoran also responded indifferently. Her gaze did not linger on Zhan Chuyan for long. She couldn't interact with him too much. She was afraid that he would fall in love with her at first sight, just like he did in her previous life. Gu Xiaoran mocked herself in her heart, thinking that she was being too sentimental.

Thus, these youths felt that even though Minister Gu's daughter would never go out of the house, but today, she was …

Her words and actions were appropriate, neither angry nor angered. Although she spoke very little, she had a sense of propriety. It caused others to not feel cold, and instead developed a good impression of her.

Gu Xiaoran had learned this art of dealing with strangers without enmity long ago in her previous life.

It was already lunchtime. Soon, groups of maids came over with boxes of food in their hands. They whispered to Gu Xiaoran and the others, "Ladies, Prince Han will treat you to lunch." As they spoke, without waiting for a reply, they swiftly spread the items out on the table that someone had brought over.

The young girls expressed their gratitude together, and Gu Xiaoran also put on an act. However, she looked towards Zhan Chuyan and the others beside her. Seeing that they did not have any surprised expressions, it was likely that many people knew about the news that Shu Jinghan was here today. And they actually took out food to eat. It was dried food that they brought along with them, so naturally, they couldn't compare to the young females. However, they ate happily and naturally without the slightest shyness.

Gu Xiaoran thought, in her previous life, she did not understand, adored glory, did not understand how difficult it was to live happily in poverty. Zhan Chuyan could be considered to have some achievements in his previous life. Now it seems that if it wasn't for him in his previous life, his path could have been even further.

In this life, she had hoped that he wouldn't have her as a stumbling block, so that she could live up to his unchanging character and talent.

However, there was a delicate food box placed on the case in front of her. She was somewhat surprised and immediately frowned. She had already thought of one possibility.

The female official who was sent by Shu Jinghan immediately answered Gu Xiaoran's question. The female official stood next to Gu Xiaoran and whispered, "The Prince has specifically instructed that this be given to Miss Gu." She also gave Gu Xiaoran a "you know" look.

Gu Xiaoran could only nod silently. The female official also tactfully left, courteously greeting everyone else. However, her actions just now were noticed by the people around her. For a moment, many gazes shifted towards Gu Xiaoran.

Gu Xiaoran did not make any noise as she slowly started to eat. However, she secretly saw clearly who was looking at her. It was the first time that the young girls who stayed with her had seen Gu Xiaoran, and they didn't have the slightest bit of friendship with her in the past. After her previous life, Gu Xiaoran was no longer afraid to use malice to guess people's thoughts, regardless of whether she was trying to be petty or not.

She was speculating whether Shu Jinghan had fallen for her at first sight. With her understanding of him, she felt that it was possible. Otherwise, she wouldn't have secretly sent him delicious food to express her goodwill. Although Shu Jinghan was sometimes ruthless, he did things meticulously. Just like this time, his actions were fast.

If Shu Jinghan was attracted to her, what would she do? Reject, or take advantage of this? Let him sink deeper and deeper, and then give him a ruthless blow?

Gu Xiaoran frowned slightly and then relaxed. She felt that it was still too early to think about this right now. At the very least, she would have to wait until tomorrow to see Shu Jinghan's attitude.

Perhaps it was because she had been exposed to the warm sunlight for too long, Gu Xiaoran only felt sleepy. In the past, she had the habit of taking a nap, but now, she had eaten and drank to her heart's content. Besides, she didn't need to make any friends, and staying here was just boring.

Thus, she found a suitable opportunity and bid farewell to the group of young girls. She only said that she was not feeling well and wanted to return to rest first.

The few of them first gave their concerned greetings before naturally agreeing. They were all eager for her to leave. Gu Xiaoran smiled as if she didn't see the hostility in their eyes.

Surprisingly, when she turned around, she saw Zhan Chuyan giving her a deep glance.

Gu Xiaoran pursed her lips but didn't say anything. In the end, she turned and left.


Zhan Chuyan sat upright on the grass, while his friends lazily basked in the sun. One of the teenagers had an evil smile on his face. It was the cynicism and cynicism of Qi Yunfeng. He glanced at Zhan Chuyan and said, "Hey, they're all gone. Don't even think about it."

Zhan Chuyan looked at him and gave him a "you shut up" emoji.

Qi Yunfeng rolled his eyes and sat up again. He put his arm on Zhan Chuyan's shoulder and whispered to him, "I saw it all. We only looked at it. You looked at it a few times. Did your soul get taken away?"

Zhan Chuyan was still expressionless, but he thought to himself, why do I always want to see Gu Xiaoran? He kept having the feeling that she seemed very familiar, but this was obviously the first time he was meeting her.

Qi Yunfeng kept talking, but his expression turned serious: "Tsk tsk, it seems like Prince Han treats her differently."

It seemed to be an unintentional remark, but Zhan Chuyan frowned. Prince Han, Shu Jinghan? If that was the case, he could focus on Gu Xiaoran and perhaps take the opportunity to attack Shu Jinghan.

Who told Zhan Chuyan and Shu Jinghan to be enemies in this life?

It was for no other reason but because his best friend was called Shu Jingyan.

Prince Yan, Shu Jingyan, one of the two princes with the most power to fight for the throne, Shu Jinghan's greatest enemy in his life!

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