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After the spring vacation, Gu Xiaoran's life went on as if nothing had happened. In her heart, she knew that the Gate of Fate had quietly opened. From the day she was reborn, it had already been decided for her.

Shu Jinghan and Zhan Chuyan were the two people she had to face. As for how she was going to do it, it all depended on the choices she made in this life.

After three days of peace and tranquility, something happened.

Since the enemy had already appeared, Gu Xiaoran didn't plan on staying in the mansion like she always did. Although there was nothing she could do, it was still good to go out and gather some information.

She wanted to know how those who saw her as unhappy on that day of the Spring Festival Gala described her in the future.

When Gu Xiaoran said that she wanted to go out for a walk, Mei Qing was stunned for a moment before her face lit up. She thought that she finally understood the benefits of going out for a walk, but she did not know what Gu Xiaoran was thinking.

Asking about these streets and alleyways was best done in places with many people. Restaurants and tea shops were all easy to get out of. For convenience, Gu Xiaoran had intentionally worn men's clothing. Due to her young age, she didn't look out of place. Most people would think she was a handsome young master.

Leading Mei Qing and the others out of the door, Gu Xiaoran looked around. She didn't buy anything and just strolled around. Mei Qing gradually became doubtful and asked, "Little …" Young Master, what do you want to buy? "

Gu Xiaoran replied flatly, "Not buying anything, just going out for a walk and listening in on the conversation."

She entered a teahouse and sat down in a secluded place. She ordered a pot of tea and chatted with Mei Qing while paying attention to the noise around them.

Mei Qing naturally did not know what she was planning, but her ears were sharp. After listening attentively for a while, she whispered to Gu Xiaoran, "The table behind us is talking about you."

They finally found it. Gu Xiaoran nodded. She didn't seem to care on the surface, but her ears secretly twitched as she tried to make out what they were saying. It was a good thing that people didn't have to be on guard in such a messy place like the teahouse. Besides, Gu Xiaoran wasn't from the royal family, so it wasn't taboo to talk about her.

One of them said in a mysterious tone, "Have you heard, Second Lady Gu, a few days ago you seduced Prince Han!"

"Which Second Lady Gu?"

"Oh, who else? The one from Minister Gu's family, he was stupid and vicious! I heard that at such a young age, her temper is not small. If she doesn't beat up or scolded Little Sister Shu every day, then doesn't she rely on being a direct descendant? "

Another person was attracted over and asked: "How could she seduce Prince Han?"

The mysterious person explained, "I also heard it from others. They said that the little girl was born to be a fox spirit, and with a bit of looks, she started to seduce men. Tsk tsk."

Gu Xiaoran listened without missing a single word. She was expressionless, but in her heart, she was secretly amused. She had heard many harsh and vicious words before. She only wondered, who was the one who released this information.

However, Mei Qing's brows were knitted tightly as she held the cup tightly in her hands. It seemed as if she really wanted to throw the cup and tell them to stop talking!

It was just that Gu Xiaoran was calm and collected. Mei Qing glanced at her for a few times, but when she saw the Miss signalling for her not to be impatient, her anger slowly subsided. However, in her heart, she was cursing those people.

After listening for a while, Gu Xiaoran had gathered a lot of information, but she did not sit down. Instead, she paid the bill and left the teahouse.

After that, Gu Xiaoran brought Mei Qing to a teahouse in the northern part of the city. They sat down again and drank a cup of tea while asking about the news.

In the time it took to have two cups of tea, Gu Xiaoran was still as relaxed as ever when she came out. Mei Qing, on the other hand, was getting angrier and angrier.

Gu Xiaoran thought for a while, then walked a few more streets before looking for a teahouse. She started a conversation about herself, which gradually attracted the attention of everyone in the teahouse. Even the waiter joined in, saying some bad things that Gu Xiaoran had never heard of before.

Returning to the yard and closing the door, Mei Qing could finally vent her anger out. With a wronged expression, she asked Gu Xiaoran: "Miss, why do those people say that about you! Who exactly is behind this rumor!? " It was as if she was the one being scolded.

Gu Xiaoran lightly waved the fan she used to disguise herself as a man and smiled faintly. "I really didn't expect me to be so famous. Tsk tsk."

Mei Qing was silent for a moment before she said with resentment, "Miss still has the mood to joke? Aren't you angry at all?" She was thinking, "Miss is really too calm, it's not good to always be like this, you will be bullied."

"What they said isn't true. Why should I be angry?" Gu Xiaoran asked.

Mei Qing was silent again, unable to understand her young mistress's thoughts.

Looking at her troubled and resentful expression, Gu Xiaoran finally began to analyze the reason behind her kindness. "You're right. This matter was caused by someone spreading rumors behind her back. And the reason was because of the spring tour a few days ago."

Mei Qing thought about it. She was beside Gu Xiaoran during the spring vacation, so Miss didn't have much contact with Prince Han. Wasn't it just a meal? How could this be …

Gu Xiaoran continued her analysis, "The person who stayed on the shore with us that day was the most suspicious. Let me ask you, is Shu Jinghan very popular with girls, and a lot of people want to marry him? "

"Ugh …" Mei Qing blushed. She didn't expect the Miss to address Prince Han directly by his name, nor did she expect the Miss to mention the matter of the marriage so frankly. As far as she was concerned, she was a girl who hadn't left the pavilion after all. When it came to such matters, it was better to be reserved! After a while, she finally nodded and understood what Gu Xiaoran meant.

Gu Xiaoran, however, did not come to a direct conclusion. She merely sighed. "There are some people in this world who are much worse than they seem on the surface."

Mei Qing was stunned for a moment before asking softly, "Miss, who did you hear that from? Is there no good person in the world? " What she was puzzled about was that Gu Xiaoran never even came into contact with anyone, so how could she have such a profound experience?

Gu Xiaoran smiled. "In the book." The book has told me many stories about bandits and villains, and if you read too much, you will remember it. It's not that there are no good people in this world, it's just that there are too few good people. "

The master and servant stayed silent for a while. Mei Qing looked at Gu Xiaoran, who had a calm and indifferent expression, and felt a burst of sadness in her heart. It could be said that after the death of the arrogant Madam, Gu Xiaoran and him were mutually dependent on each other. Then, she felt relieved. It seemed that the young miss' earlier intelligence was inevitable, but she had paid a painful price.

In the end, it was Gu Xiaoran who broke the silence, but her voice was also slightly suppressed. "This rumor isn't over yet. Those people must have kept their evil intentions."

She paused, her voice low and hoarse. "There will be a day when I will take you away from here."

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