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Gu Xiaoran didn't think much of the delivery from Shu Jinghan, but she thought it through carefully. She knew that some people would know about this immediately, it seemed like Shu Jinghan was interested in her.

After seeing through it, Gu Xiaoran could only smile. Some things were just an opportunity, the main highlight was always the future. Shu Jinghan must have calculated this point by doing so. He could apologize to Gu Xiaoran and secretly express his attitude. It could be said that he was sinister and cunning.

Then, there was the second and third time. For several days, Gu Xiaoran ignored Shu Jinghan. He couldn't hold it in anymore and sent another gift, but it was not from the person who came for the first time. Seeing Gu Xiaoran's indifferent attitude, the people who had come this time were also curious. All kinds of hints in their words. They wanted to hear Gu Xiaoran's favorable impression of Prince Han, but to no avail.

After more than a year of settling down, Gu Xiaoran's state of mind was already comparable to a wise man who had experienced many things in the world. She was naturally able to keep her composure at this time.

Mei Qing started to worry. It seemed that Miss really didn't like Prince Han, but even a blind person could tell what she meant. What if she had to marry Miss in the future …

Gu Xiaoran was able to hold her temper. Some people would explode in anger. As soon as Shu Jinghan sent his men out for the third time, Second Wife sent for Gu Xiaoran, saying that she had something to ask her.

Gu Xiaoran was not the least bit surprised by this. Even if she hadn't gone out these few days, she could still imagine what the public opinion outside had become. It was nothing more than a show of good relations between her and Shu Jinghan.

Gu Langyue had been dreaming of marrying Shu Jinghan. How could she be happy when she heard such news? However, after enduring for so long, they were truly in a difficult position.

Mei Qing also roughly guessed why Second Wife was looking for Gu Xiaoran. She was a little worried, but Gu Xiaoran was not scared, compared to her previous life, the Second Wife of this life could be said to be extremely good to her. However, if they were related to Shu Jinghan, Second Wife and Gu Langyue would turn into jackals, wolves, tigers, and leopards.

Arriving at the Garden of Embroidery once again, Gu Xiaoran's expression remained the same as ever. She seemed to be an innocent young girl, so innocent that one would not be able to get angry at her.

When Second Wife saw her, the fire that she had just calmed down immediately flared up again, but her heart was a little disappointed. Gu Xiaoran was so cute that it was no wonder that Prince Han fell in love with her the moment they met. Although Gu Langyue's looks were not bad, she was inferior to Gu Xiaoran. After all, Gu Xiaoran's mother was the number one beauty in the capital all those years ago.

"Second Madame called for me. Is something the matter?" Gu Xiaoran pretended not to understand as she glanced at Second Wife and Gu Langyue, taking in their expressions. Gu Langyue glared at her, not knowing how to scold her in her heart.

However, she did not see Gu Cailan today. It was likely that Second Wife felt that it was inappropriate to speak about today's matter, so she did not come. From this, it could be seen that Gu Cailan and Second Wife were actually not the same kind of people.

Second Wife was furious and did not want to put on an act anymore. She asked sternly, "I heard you have been very close with Prince Han recently?" She stared at Gu Xiaoran with a domineering air.

Gu Xiaoran replied with a blank expression, "No, I just saw you once on the day of the Spring Festival Gala. "Well, he gave it to me afterwards, but I didn't accept it." What she meant was, what was so close, it was all Shu Jinghan's one-sided wish, she didn't say anything at all.

Upon hearing this, Gu Langyue's chest was blocked as she cursed, "How despicable!"

Second Wife was surprised and angry when she heard this. Prince Han was the one chasing after him. Why did he keep saying that he was the one who seduced him?

After cursing, Gu Langyue was still angry. She continued to speak angrily to Gu Xiaoran, "Who said that you've only met once? You must be the one who seduced Prince Han! There are rumors spreading outside saying that Prince Han wants to marry you! "Pfft!"

"You're really like your mother, a natural born fox spirit can seduce men!"

This time, Gu Xiaoran was slightly stunned. Although she hated Gu Langyue for insulting her mother, she did not have the time to bother with her obscenities. She could only ask in surprise, "You want to marry me?"

This... Things seemed to have happened much faster than she had expected. Although this was only a rumor amongst the common folk, it was beyond her expectations.

If Shu Jinghan really wanted to marry her, her first reaction would definitely be to reject the marriage.

However, how to refuse was also a difficult problem. Today, Gu Langyue's words reminded her that she had to think about it when she returned … She really did not want to marry him, but she lacked a suitable reason.

With a blank face, Gu Xiaoran had no idea what was going on. Second Wife didn't know whether she was pretending or not, but she was furious to the point that she was about to die from anger.

It was only because she had thought of an idea the other day to marry Gu Xiaoran as soon as possible, but now it seemed as if she'd lifted a stone to smash her own foot. She originally thought that with Gu Xiaoran's poor reputation, it would already be good if someone took a fancy to her. However, she didn't expect that the person who took a fancy to her was Shu Jinghan!

Who was Shu Jinghan? Who knew how many girls wanted to marry him. Even she herself wished for her daughter to marry into the Wu Steel Manor. But before they could even make a move, Gu Xiaoran had already lured Prince Han over. How could they not be angry!

How could Gu Xiaoran not know what Second Wife and the rest were thinking? She was pretending to be a fourteen year old ignorant girl!

Second Wife and Gu Langyue yelled at each other for a while as if they desperately needed someone to vent their anger on. Gu Langyue was very impatient and kept swearing. However, Second Wife acted as if she didn't hear him and tacitly allowed her daughter to be so rude.

Gu Xiaoran's left ear stuck out as she made a silent "You're right, I'm wrong" expression.

Looking at her in this way, Second Wife finally got tired of scolding. She drank a mouthful of tea to moisten her throat and warned Gu Xiaoran sternly, "You and Prince Han can only be friends. What is his identity? You must not have the beautiful dream of marrying into the palace! "

Even though these words were more suited to Gu Langyue, she nodded her head in agreement. However, she knew that Second Wife had only called her here to understand the situation and to decide how to deal with her.

From now on, Gu Xiaoran thought to herself, she would have to be careful at all times, especially when eating. At the moment, he wasn't much of a threat to them. When Shu Jinghan really had the intention to marry him, they would probably be desperate.

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