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Northwest of the capital, Prince Yan Manor.

In this lush forest and quiet environment, there was actually a prince's mansion. It seemed a lot more remote. Moreover, the northwest side was not a very good location. It was also obvious that the Emperor was not interested in Prince Yan and Shu Jingyan.

Speaking of which, he was more than just sad. There was no trace of this son in his eyes. Moreover, under all kinds of slanderous words, Shu Jingyan's life could be said to be miserable. Only because he, Royal Mother, wasn't here and didn't have much to rely on.

Even so, Shu Jinghan was still wary of Shu Jingyan. He knew that the reason why he was liked by Royal Father was because of Royal Mother, who was favored by him. Shu Jingyan and Royal Mother were long gone, so they developed a cautious and reserved personality. It looked like he was covered in dirt, but it was hard to say if he was hiding his strength.

Although Shu Jingyan lived in seclusion and rarely came out, he did not relax his control of information, especially regarding his nemesis, Shu Jinghan. Shu Jinghan, who was a hot topic in the capital recently, had taken a fancy to Second Lady Gu, so he naturally knew about it.

"Zhan Chuyanson, on the day of Shu Jinghan's spring outing, didn't you see Gu Xiaoran as well? What do you think attracted Shu Jinghan to her? " There were three people sitting around the stone table in the courtyard. It was Shu Jingyan, Zhan Chuyan, and Qi Yunfeng.

Qi Yunfeng chuckled as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked meaningfully at Zhan Chuyan. Actually, he didn't think that Zhan Chuyan was interested in Gu Xiaoran at all. However, he was usually bored and idle, so it was quite interesting to stir up some trouble for him. Even Shu Jingyan asked Zhan Chuyan this question. However, he, Qi Yunfeng, was also there that day, but was ignored.

"I'm not Shu Jinghan, how do I know why he likes Gu Xiaoran? "However …" Zhan Chuyan was a bit conflicted at first, but when he saw Shu Jingyan's serious expression, he changed the topic.

"However, we can think about what kind of character Shu Jinghan has and what kind of people attract him? "From what I saw the other day, Miss Gu's looks are really outstanding." Zhan Chuyan evaluated objectively. Actually, this was the first reason he could think of.

Shu Jingyan slightly frowned as he thought deeply about it. Love was something that even he himself might not be able to explain. However, after so many years, Shu Jinghan had seen at least ten thousand girls, even if they didn't have eight thousand, but they were interested in Gu Xiaoran alone. The problem lay with Gu Xiaoran.

"Is there nothing else?" Shu Jingyan asked, thinking about everything he knew. He wondered if Gu Xiaoran would be of help to him.

Qi Yunfeng raised his eyebrows and was about to speak, but Zhan Chuyan glared at him: "If you keep talking then you're going to go home!" Qi Yunfeng silently rolled his eyes as he spoke and shut his mouth in embarrassment.

Now that Qi Yunfeng and Zhan Chuyan were living together, he was also from a Venerable family. He was in a similar situation to Zhan Chuyan, perhaps even worse.

As for the reason why he was kicked out of the house, it was even more ridiculous, it was just to escape the marriage.

Qi Yunfeng was unwilling to accept the marriage arranged by his family. He fought all the way to the end and was thrown out. However, it was a good thing for him as he was much less restrained. Thus, he had found a place of use for himself with Shu Jingyan.

Zhan Chuyan, Qi Yunfeng, among the numerous identities of one unknown -- Prince Yan Shu Jingyan's aides.

"I feel that Gu Xiaoran has a different temperament compared to the other girls. She is very quiet, but she doesn't speak too much. Her words and actions are just right, she isn't angry at all." Zhan Chuyan answered without the slightest bit of guilt. How could he easily reveal his emotions?!

What he didn't mention was that the first time he saw Gu Xiaoran, he felt a strange sense of familiarity. However, he couldn't recall which of her friends she actually looked like.

Shu Jingyan turned around and said, "You guys know about the news already. Shu Jinghan is shameless, but Gu Xiaoran has no reaction at all. Although the rumors are fierce, they are unbelievable." How do you guys think this will develop? "

His eyes were extremely bright as he swept his gaze across these two people who could be said to be his trusted aides. Ripples appeared in his heart. From a certain point of view, their situation was similar, but fate had brought them together.

Then, when a group of unwilling youngsters gathered together, the result would inevitably be a change to the world!

Qi Yunfeng leisurely took a sip of tea and sighed, "This man and woman aren't willing, and their identities are so different. This is going to become a storm in the future. Who knows what will happen?"

However, Zhan Chuyan said seriously: "I don't think Shu Jinghan will give up so easily. It'll have to continue for a while longer."

Shu Jingyan nodded and analyzed, "Chuyan is right. He won't give up just like that. Not only that, the more Gu Xiaoran rejected him, the more eager he became to get her. What I care about now is how far Shu Jinghan will go. There are extremely unbelievable rumors that he wants Royal Father to grant him a marriage. "

Zhan Chuyan frowned. There was no need for him to say anything else. He understood that if Shu Jinghan insisted on going alone and Gu Xiaoran didn't agree, then there would definitely be trouble. However, Shu Jingyan would not let this kind of thing happen. How could he watch Shu Jinghan's wish?

As expected, the next moment, Shu Jingyan ordered: "Find someone to keep an eye on Gu Xiaoran and ensure her safety."


Gu Xiaoran felt a headache coming on. It was all because of Shu Jinghan.

Shu Jinghan was the successor to the throne in the eyes of most people, so there were a lot of people who were dependent on him. Now, Gu Xiaoran was extremely annoyed. Just because Shu Jinghan had revealed the news that he was interested in her, a few days ago, everyone was still spectating, but now, everyone was watching the Minister's Mansion.

It was unknown when it started, but there were suddenly more customers coming from the Minister's Mansion. Although they were all not very important characters, it was enough to make Minister Gu and Gu Yunpeng suspicious. Since there were more people, Gu Yunpeng now knew what was going on.

He had naturally heard of the things that had happened in this period of time. However, how could the people who dominated the government for many years easily believe those rumors? Gu Yunpeng specifically asked Second Wife what was going on.

Ever since the original wife died, he didn't care much about this direct daughter. He couldn't even see her once a year, so why did she suddenly attract Prince Han?

Second Wife also wanted to hide the truth, saying only that it was probably a rumor spreading outside that caused a small incident. She also said, how could Prince Han like our girl? Tell Gu Yunpeng not to think too much about it.

Those who were heading towards Minister's Mansion wanted to know the truth, but Gu Yunpeng himself didn't know either. This kind of shameful attitude, in the eyes of outsiders, was enough to make one's imagination run wild. As a result, more and more people started to believe it.

Gu Yunpeng also began to think carefully. If Shu Jinghan had really set his eyes on his own daughter and still wanted to marry her …

Needless to say, of course he agreed immediately! This was a great thing! How could he miss such a great opportunity to soar into the heavens!?

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