My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C1 The Mysterious Man Who Kidnapped Her
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C1 The Mysterious Man Who Kidnapped Her
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C1 The Mysterious Man Who Kidnapped Her

At about 23 o'clock at night, the lights on A City's Premium Commercial Street were gone.

Chung Anran walked out of her Wedding Photography. She raised her hand to touch the key and only then did she realize that her car had already been sold.

Too many things had happened recently. She was now poor as if she had been washed away, and she had to pay back her debts.

Her boyfriend had betrayed her and she had become Mo overnight.

Thanks to the couple, Chung Anran's name had been posted online, and she had been subjected to endless online violence.

Her career was also badly damaged because of the couple. The wedding dress shop was tarnished and turned into a cursed wedding dress shop. The customers who booked the wedding dress all withdrew their money.

She pressed a high price. Just the cost of all kinds of materials was enough for her to have a headache. The shop was also destroyed by troublemakers and many things were destroyed.

She had calculated everything and lost all her assets. She still owed five million dollars in debt.

Now, the raw materials supplier was urging her to pay the materials that she owed, and the landlord was also asking her for rent. She had already eaten cheap instant noodles for a month, and her life was so stressful that she almost couldn't breathe.

Her reputation was damaged, and her debt was high. Could she... start over again?

"If only I could think of a way to earn some money..." Chung Anran muttered tiredly as she walked.

The sound of her sharp high heels stepping on the ground made a heavy sound. Chung Anran's shadow was extended by the dim street lights. She walked through the alley of the two buildings in a daze and took a shortcut to the subway station.

Just as she passed through the alley, the door of a luxury car at the intersection suddenly opened. A strong and powerful arm reached out and pulled Chung Anran. In the next second, she was dragged into the car.

In the dark car, there was only a man's deep breathing.

"Help - Wuuu -" Before Chung Anran could scream, her mouth was covered by a big palm. No matter how she struggled, she could not break free.

The space in the car was very large and the man's strength was even greater. The confinement made her unable to break free. Chung Anran was so scared that her heart beat wildly.

The man covered the tip of the finger of her mouth and a high-grade wooden fragrance came over.

It was midnight. There was no surveillance alley, luxury cars, and a man with delicate fragrance on his body. Chung Anran panicked.

This could not be the kind of rich pervert who specialized in killing women, or the kind of cultured scum, right?

Countless terrifying thoughts almost drowned Chung Anran.

"Why is it a woman?" The man suddenly opened his mouth. His voice was low and hoarse, and he loosened his hands in disgust.

Chung Anran heard the disdain in his words and was stunned for a moment. She hurriedly closed her eyes. "I am indeed a woman. I have a chest. I know the rules. I can't look at your face! I am closing my eyes now. Let me go. "

" Forget it. Women are women. " The man reluctantly said, as if he was enduring some kind of pain. His voice was extremely suppressed, and the hemp rope was suddenly stuffed in his hand. "I'll give you one million. Tie me up."

Chung Anran frowned and thought that she was hearing things.

Give me one million yuan and tie him up?

A golden pie fell from the sky? A new type of scam trap?

Chung Anran did not believe him and tried to escape.

She carefully placed her hand on the door handle behind her and used all her strength to open it!

It did not move and was obviously locked!

The man was extremely sensitive. He sensed her intentions and impatiently slammed his palm against the wall beside her. His voice was cold, "Be obedient."

Chung Anran was so scared that she trembled. She met the man's deep and cold eyes.

The dark and bottomless eyes seemed to want to devour her.

The next moment, the man turned around with disgust and disgust and leaned back on his seat and threw a cheque.

"Take the money and start!"

The car was dimly lit. The man's facial features were elegant and perfect. He was wearing an exquisite suit and looked extraordinary. He did not look like an ordinary person.

Chung Anran lowered her head and looked at the cheque in front of her. When she saw that there was a flamboyant signature and a million yuan on it, she gasped.

A huge sum!

Whether she wanted to die or money, this was a problem!

Three seconds later, Chung Anran lowered her head to the money faction and started to tie them up.

To this poor girl, having no money was equivalent to losing her life. Moreover, this man in front of her was a man and his hobby was also a man. She was relatively safe.

When she got close to the man, a fragrance instantly drifted over. Chung Anran was lost for a second and subconsciously thought that this man's smell was really good. The man frowned. "So smelly! You stay away from me!"

Chung Anran said, "How can I tie you up if I don't get close to you?"

The man clenched his fists tightly, as if he was trying his best to hold back something.

"Hurry up, don't dawdle."

Chung Anran was speechless.

Hurry up, you are the king of hell!

Click, click, click!

The clock clock of the nearby clock tower kept ringing. After a few knocks, the clock clock clock started playing.

Chung Anran subconsciously sighed. It was midnight, and she could not make it to the last train. She had to take a taxi again.

The man's body, in the midst of the joyous music, was like a power outage as he fell straight onto the leather seat.

Chung Anran was shocked and tried to push him. "Sir?"

The man did not react at all.

Chung Anran was speechless."

Don't tell me he's dead!

"Sir? Sir, what's wrong? Sir, don't scare me! "

Chung Anran became anxious and reached out to check her breath.

The moonlight shone down and the man's suit on the side of the car opened up. Two buttons on the top of the wine-red shirt were torn open, revealing his white collarbone. His messy black hair was spread across his forehead and ears, and it was still wet with sweat.

The scene was inexplicably chaotic and taboo. When Chung Anran's fingertips reached the man's nose, her hand was suddenly grabbed.

Chung Anran's entire body trembled, and in the next second, her position was reversed. The man's counterattack immediately suppressed her. Chung Anran's slender wrist was tightly grasped by his large hand, and the pain caused her to frown slightly.

The dark eyes revealed a dangerous light. The man smiled and the tip of his nose almost touched her nose.

"Is that you?"

At such a close distance, Chung Anran could clearly see the man's face.

His extremely charming face was exquisite and deep, and his peach blossom eyes were as deep and charming as the galaxy. He had a tall nose bridge, and his red lips were slightly curled up. It was casual and frightening.

When the man looked at her face, he was also slightly shocked, as if he did not expect her to be so stunning.

Chung Anran was extremely beautiful. Her pair of beautiful watery eyes looked lively. At the moment, there was a beauty mark that could scare people. The red lips were small and sexy and it was a beautiful and enchanting face. The wrist that was held by him was slim and soft. The moonlight shone on it and it was full of white. The body that he was pressing down on was wearing a dark blue professional dress, which was protruding from the front and back. It was perfect from top to bottom.

The man's peach blossom eyes were dancing in the air, and a charming smile appeared on his lips. "So beautiful."

Chung Anran's body trembled and only then did she come back to her senses and thought of struggling.

"What are you doing!? Let go of me!"

The man glanced at the rope in her hand and smiled meaningfully. "You like to be tied up? What a coincidence. I'm quite good at this. "

Chung Anran was stunned for a moment. "? Do you have any misunderstanding?"

The man leaned closer to her and smelled it. He smiled lightly and did not answer her question. "It also smells very good."

Chung Anran was so scared that she almost suffocated. "It smells bad! You just said I stink! I don't want the million anymore. I'll return it to you. Let me go!"

Scumbag man! The one who said good smells is you, the one who said bad smells is also you!

The man's eyes darkened slightly. "If you take my money, the person will be mine. And now you want to go back on your word? It's too late."

Chung Anran was furious!

She really felt that this one million had two completely different meanings compared to the one million that this man was talking about!

What kind of new form of swindling was this? She had never heard of it before, never seen it before!

Ten minutes later, Chung Anran was tied up in the backseat. The man drove while raising the volume of the music.

Chung Anran gritted her teeth and her beautiful face was full of anger. "You madman! Who exactly are you? Where are you taking me?!"

"Tang Yishen." The man said leisurely, "As for where you're going, your family can do it too. My family can do it as long as the bed is big enough."

Chung Anran was silent for a few seconds and shouted loudly, "Help! Help! Someone kidnapped!"

Tang Yishen glanced at her from the rearview mirror lightly. His eyes looked like he was trying to hook her soul. "Save your energy. This car is custom-made. The soundproofing is very good."

Chung Anran was so angry that she was breathing rapidly, but there was nothing she could do.

Tang Yishen was obviously in a good mood. His long fingers tapped on the steering wheel along with the music, and the corners of his mouth flew up.

Very quickly, Chung Anran was brought to a high-rise district. The car directly entered the district's underground garage.

After parking the car, Tang Yishen carried Chung Anran up with ease. Just as he walked out of the underground parking lot, Chung Anran shouted, "Help! Kidnapped! Help!"

Tang Yishen's peach blossom eyes curved as he looked at her with amusement." Better save your strength and use it on the bed. This entire building is mine. No one will come to save you."

Chung Anran was so angry that she became a salted fish. Could it be that she could do whatever she wanted with money?

The man used his own strength to tell her, Yes, money means that you can do whatever you want.

A salted fish like her could only lie flat and allow herself to be ravaged.

The elevator went all the way to the top floor before it opened with a ding.

Tang Yishen carried Chung Anran and opened the door with familiarity. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the room illuminated the brightly lit A City outside.

Tang Yishen did not turn on the lights. Chung Anran was placed on the bed in the darkness. Her body was extremely tense.

Tang Yishen felt that the person in his arms was unnatural. He looked down at her with deep eyes. "Are you very afraid?"

Chung Anran popped her watery eyes and said with a cold face, "I will accept the one million deal. Don't kill me to silence me."

Tang Yishen laughed lightly. His voice was low and hoarse, with a bit of charm. "Do I look like a murderer?"

Chung Anran said, "A 360 degree statue with no blind spots."

Kidnapping openly on the road in the middle of the night. Don't you know that?

Tang Yishen's hand gently covered her hair and gently touched her head. "Don't be afraid. I will be your gentle lover for the whole night. I will give you the best experience. Only you and I know what happened tonight. Relax. "

The man's voice was low, like a demon's soft voice, confusing the hearts of people. However, the temperature in his palm was very hot. He leaned over and kissed her lips. The strong taste of whiskey flowed into his mouth, and then his internal organs began to burn.

Chung Anran's alcohol tolerance was poor, so the man deliberately drank to relax her. After going back and forth a few times, she became muddle-headed and her body also became soft.

She thought of her recent troubles.

A series of betrayals, framing, curses and insults online -

Her scumbag ex-boyfriend and her green tea sister could be together, so why couldn't she have sex overnight?

Chung Anran thought about it and took advantage of the drunkenness to hook the man's neck, her eyes blurred, "Don't think that you can do whatever you want, the one who wants to do whatever you want is me!"

The next second, Tang Yishen was pressed down by her.

It was all the way until four o'clock in the morning. Chung Anran was exhausted all over and woke up from the nightmare again.

When she opened her eyes, it was still dark around, but Chung Anran was covered in cold sweat.

In the dream, her adoptive mother knelt down for her again.

Her adoptive mother cried and said that she was not her biological daughter. She said that she had done the wicked deed of changing the crown prince for a civet cat because she wanted her daughter to live a good life. She was the real daughter of the Lu family.

That was the beginning of all her repressed nightmares.

She hurriedly shook her head to get rid of those nightmares that made her unable to sleep. Chung Anran only felt her back and back ache when she moved her head. When she looked again, the culprit was sleeping peacefully.

Chung Anran stared at the man sleeping peacefully beside the pillow. After hesitating for three seconds, she gave up on the impulse to go to the kitchen to get a knife.

She quietly got off the bed and found the man's pants. She took out her phone and ID to confirm that the name was not wrong and quietly searched.

She felt that the name Tang Yishen was very familiar.

Soon, the Encyclopedic Page jumped out of the phone.

Chung Anran was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped. No wonder it was familiar.

Tang Yishen - The most powerful person in A City, the CEO of the Tang's Group who dabbled in the most trade, Tang Yishen!

Why did this man come here?!

Today, the entire streets and alleys of A City were crazily spreading the news of his marriage.

This man should be getting married today, and he should be in the bridal room with the bride tonight!

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