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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C10 A Mistresses like You
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C10 A Mistresses like You

Chung Anran transferred the cheque to her bank account and went to the moving company.

When she got out of the moving company's car, Chung Anran saw the landlord standing in front of the wedding gauze store.

The appointed time was eight o'clock, but she came early.

The landlord, whose head was covered in curly hair, saw Chung Anran. His nose was not nose, eyes were not eyes. He said, "I came to see you pack your things."

Chung Anran felt it was a little funny.

Was she afraid that she would take more of her things? When she moved in, this was just a rough room that finished brushing the wall. What was there to steal?

Chung Anran was unhappy, but she also felt that there was no need for conflict. She replied, "Okay, take a look."

Chung Anran turned around and called the moving company to start moving things.

The people from the few shops at the side heard the commotion and saw the moving company's cars. All of them stuck their heads out and some even gave the landlord a look and whispered, "Is it finally willing to move?"

The landlord said in disgust, "That's right. I only sent her away because I begged my grandpa and grandma to. In the future, when I rent out the shop, I have to choose people well. I can't rent everyone."

Chung Anran heard it clearly in the wedding dress shop.

She closed her eyes and endured the landlord's cynicism. She said to the people from the moving company, "Everyone, thank you for your hard work. There are many fragile things here. The wedding dress is also very fragile, so please be careful. Be careful, I'll pay more "

The moving work continued until seven o'clock in the evening before it ended. Chung Anran filled in an address. It was a warehouse that she had rented at the last minute.

Looking at the once exquisite and beautiful wedding dress, Chung Anran's nose could not help but turn sour.

These wedding dresses could only be placed in the cold warehouse now. These were clearly her painstaking design and her dream. She could only wait quietly for the restart.

She hurriedly did not dare to open it again and lowered her head to sign, "Put all of them here first."

The landlord saw that she had emptied the entire house and even wanted to take away a single stalk of Blue Carrot. He said unhappily, "You are too petty. You really moved them all away. What's the use of holding these tables and chairs? You still have to pay more for moving."

Chung Anran did not even raise her head, "When I moved here, there was nothing here. When I left, I naturally could not leave anything behind for you. I was afraid that it would affect your rental."

The landlord rolled his eyes and whispered, " Oh, my, your mouth is really good. If you're so good, why don't you become a lawyer? Why do you want to be Mo? "

Chung Anran heard everything and the landlord did not mind. Anyway, she thought that Chung Anran would not dare to do anything to her because of her old age.

Chung Anran laughed angrily and looked up to ask her, "Mrs. Landlord, do you know me?"

The landlord curled his lips. "You are just a shop owner. I will just collect the rent on time. Why do I know you?"

Chung Anran said, "Then how do you know that I am the Little Brother? What right do you have to say that to me?"

The landlord had disdain in his eyes and nose. "If you don't want to be the Little Brother, how can you get scolded online like that? If you don't become the Little Brother Mo, how can your shop be destroyed? Little girl, Auntie will advise you not to be Mo just because you are pretty. Destroy! You know what a woman like you is called in our generation! You will be called a broken shoe, a piece of trash that men throw away when they wear it."

After Chung Anran heard these unpleasant words, she took a deep breath and told herself.

Yes, she was right. Even if the other party's ugly mouth was too smelly, she could not use her beauty to commit murder. This was not good.

Chung Anran tried her best to maintain her smile. "Landlady, on account of you being online, at most you are an ignorant mob who would not bother with you. You misunderstood me because you are ignorant, but I also advise you. Under the premise that you don't understand the truth, don't judge anything unreasonably. Today, standing in front of you, you mistook me for Mo and will soon get married. My husband's family is a very decent family, you can't look down on them. So I hope that after I leave, you don't talk about me behind my back, because my husband's family... They might come out and get rid of the people who are trying to discredit me. "

The landlord's wife had a face full of 'I don't believe' you're bragging ',' I'm not afraid '.

" Aiyo, aiyo, who are you trying to scare!? You're so awesome that you can be pointed at and scolded on the Internet! Hey, hey, you still want to deal with me? Come on, come on if you have the ability."

Chung Anran only smiled as she transferred the money to the landlord and then blacklisted him.

The landlord saw the transfer record and immediately became even more angry. He clamored, "Didn't you give me an extra three months?! What about three months?!"

Chung Anran combed her hair. "When I saw your face, I felt unhappy, so I didn't want to give it to you."

The landlord was furious and started to spout nonsense. "A mistress like you, even if someone wants it, is still a soft man. Old man, what kind of good family can you marry? Could it be that you want to marry into Tang and Tang's Group?! You still want to deal with me! "

The news of President of the Tang's Group's marriage was the hottest topic on the internet. The landlord's wife was a trending person. It was rare that she knew about the Tang's Group, so she blurted it out without thinking.

Chung Anran took a few steps forward. When she heard the words behind her, she almost wanted to turn around and give the landlady a thumbs up.

You're quite good at guessing. I really did marry into their family.

In the next few months, this landlady will probably publicize her ugly deeds.

This was the effect Chung Anran wanted. When the landlord is satisfied with what he said and sees the video of her marriage on the Internet, her expression will definitely be very interesting.

Chung Anran did not mind waiting. It was just like her younger sister, her ex-boyfriend, and even her good parents. They all had a gentleman's revenge and ten years of patience.

On the night two days later, Chung Anran appeared in front of the villa of Lu family.

In these two days, she used the two million she earned from Tang Yishen to barely pay off some of her debts that couldn't be delayed anymore. But now, she was still in debt, and it was difficult for her to walk. However, the luxurious villa of Lu family was not affected at all.

Chung Anran pressed the doorbell of the villa and the one who picked up the phone was the auntie at home. Her tone was filled with surprise. "You are... Miss Chung? Why are you here?"

Chung Anran calmly said, "I came to see... My father and mother. "

These two words were difficult to say.

The other side was silent for a moment. Unexpectedly, he did not open the door for her immediately. Instead, he said, "Please wait a moment. I'll go and tell Madam Wen and Sir."

Chung Anran laughed mockingly.

This family really thoroughly treated her as an outsider.

It was also good that she did not treat anyone in this family as her own family.

Everyone just lived under the same roof in an awkward manner and had an awkward blood relationship with each other.

After a while, the auntie came over and opened the door. Chung Anran coldly nodded at her and walked into the villa of Lu family.

Once inside, Chung Anran knew why the auntie hesitated. It turned out that Lu Ning went home to eat.

It was good that Hsu Nianzhi was not here. Otherwise, they would have thought that she had come back to snatch the man.

The food in the room was fragrant. Chung Anran's father, Lu Gaoyun, and mother, Du Xiangling sat at the dining table in silence. Only Lu Ning looked at Chung Anran in surprise and said enthusiastically, "Sister, you are back. Auntie Li, quickly go and fill a pair of chopsticks for older sister."

Chung Anran did not want to join in the family atmosphere and said, "No, I am not here to eat. I just came to inform you of something."

Lu Gaoyun originally did not like Chung Anran and when he heard this, he angrily slammed the table." Humph! Who asked you to eat the stinky food that you put up at home?"

Du Xiangling also frowned and pulled Lu Ning. She scolded in a low voice," Silly Ning, why are you so enthusiastic about her? She is someone who even snatched away your boyfriend. "

Lu Ning's eyes dimmed and deliberately 'whispered', "Mom, it is all in the past. We agreed not to talk about it. Big sister is currently in trouble and we have to help her. She is our family."

Lu Gaoyun sneered, "If you don't have money, you will know that you have parents and family. When you snatched your sister's boyfriend, did she treat you as a family member? As long as it's yours, she would snatch it. It was an unruly habit that was raised in the countryside. "

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