My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C2 President Your Head Is Emitting a Green Light
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C2 President Your Head Is Emitting a Green Light
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C2 President Your Head Is Emitting a Green Light

The next morning, the sun shone on the bed. Chung Anran put on her dry and comfortable clothes and sat by the bed. She tapped on the alarm clock on her phone.

The ear-piercing alarm clock pierced through Tang Yishen's ears. The man suddenly stood up.

Chung Anran smiled. "Good morning, Mr. Tang."

Tang Yishen held his forehead, and the blanket slid down to reveal his perfect abs and merfolk lines.

He turned his head and looked at Chung Anran with a pair of eyes as sharp as ice.

Chung Anran was 120% alert, and just as she was about to speak, Tang Yishen was the first to attack. "Did you touch me?"

Chung Anran,... ""

This was human language? Who touched who? Don't make it seem like she sullied him.

Seeing that Chung Anran did not answer, Tang Yishen did not seem to be able to wait for an answer. Gritting his teeth, he lifted the blanket, grabbed his clothes, and strode to the bathroom.

Chung Anran prepared a set of excuses but did not use them at all. It was so clogged that her heart ached a little.

Tang Yishen spent half an hour washing up. When he put on his clothes, Tang Yishen found that the scratch marks on his back were like thorns. He gritted his teeth and went to wash them again.

After doing this for nearly an hour, Chung Anran was anxious. Only then did Tang Yishen walk out calmly.

The buttons on his shirt were at the top, and his suit was properly ironed. At this time, he had already recovered his usual noble air. He indifferently took out his phone by the bedside.

Chung Anran nervously watched his every move, but she saw that he was actually taking out a disinfectant tissue to wipe his phone.

Chung Anran,... ""

A germaphobe, an absolute germaphobe. Chung Anran finished her appraisal.

Tang Yishen did not look at Chung Anran. His voice was cold. "The cheque from last night is yours. Take the money and leave -"

Chung Anran focused her mind and took one step ahead of him to speak. She said aggressively, "President Tang, I have many photos from last night on my phone. I want to make a deal with President Tang."

Tang Yishen's dark eyes darkened.

This woman wanted to talk about a deal with him?

What was she going to talk about?


Just as Tang Yishen was about to retort this woman's whimsical thoughts, his phone screen lit up. Secretary White Night's WeChat message popped up. [CEO, the matter of you escaping the marriage has been brought up in front of all the major shareholders. The shareholders are discussing the impact of this matter and are ready to make trouble for you at any time. The old man also asked me to inform you that the relatives of the Xiao family are also preparing to come and ask for an explanation. ]

Tang Yishen frowned slightly.

A group of restless troublemakers.

Tang Yishen lowered his eyes to look at Chung Anran who was beside the bed. He sized her up and pursed his lips. Suddenly, he had an idea. This group of people needed him to have a wife. No matter who it was, it would be fine. Since it was like this...

He could have a wife, even if it was not the previous one.

"What deal? Tell me." Tang Yishen turned his wrist and leaned against the table.

Chung Anran held back her fear and nodded firmly. "Yes, deal. I think we can work together. I think you need a wife now. I recommend myself. A fake contract marriage does not require property. If you do not want your family, you will not spend money. After marriage, you are free. I don't want anything to do with each other; I just want a wedding. After this wedding, President Tang can treat me as air. And - "

"Alright." Tang Yishen said one word in a loud and clear voice.

Chung Anran wanted to tell him all the benefits she could get and try to make him fall in love with her. Who would have thought that he would throw out such a word?

Chung Anran was stunned. "What?"

Tang Yishen said, "I said okay."

The sudden agreement made Chung Anran panic even more. She muttered, "Why did you agree?"

Tang Yishen said casually, "Do you want me to not agree?"

Chung Anran blinked her beautiful watery eyes and felt a little awkward. "Of course not. I just feel that you definitely cannot agree, so I called a group of reporters over. Now, most of them are probably surrounding the parking lot, preparing to..."

Preparing to tempt and coerce without success - Chung Anran did not dare to say the last sentence.

Who would have thought that a dignified CEO of a company would be so easy to talk to?

The truth was that Tang Yishen was really that 'easy to talk'.

Tang Yishen: "Since the media is here, then announce the marriage directly."

Chung Anran, "???"

Announce the marriage? Didn't you just get married yesterday?

Instant marriage, instant separation, instant marriage? That was too short.

Ten minutes later, Chung Anran stood next to Tang Yishen with a hornet's nest in her head.

The flashlights kept snapping, and the microphones surrounded the two of them.

"President Tang, may I ask if this is your wife or your lover?"

Tang Yishen said, "This is my wife. Are you blind when you say you are a lover?"

"President Tang, may I ask why you and your wife are here?"

"Where do I need to report to you?" Tang Yishen asked.

"President Tang, yesterday, the whole internet revealed that you secretly got married on the island, but you are here. Are you actually not married at all? Because you are known to be gay all year round, so you married and cheated?"

The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Chung Anran really wanted to know which reporter had the guts to say such a thing. He must be a newcomer.

Tang Yishen's handsome face was like a Shura, and his gaze was as sharp as a knife. He started to shoot in the group of reporters.

Chung Anran was shocked. A second before the possible murder happened, She took over the right to speak and said, "Reporters, there was a mistake in the news. Yesterday was a family banquet and wedding. The tradition of the family was that of the elderly, so according to the customs of the elderly, the wedding was held once. The real wedding will be in two months' time. At that time, I will be wearing the most beautiful wedding dress in the world. I will marry the best man in the world. Also, I have checked my own man and he has all the functions. It's not gay."

After Chung Anran finished speaking, all the reporters were silent.... ""

Chung Anran later realized that she had said something wrong and was extremely embarrassed. "The last sentence, do not broadcast..."

Tang Yishen was expressionless and wished he could chop off her hand that was touching him.

Stupid woman, stupid to death.

Wait! Once the reporter left, Tang Yishen immediately ditched Chung Anran and strode to the front of the car. He took out a huge bottle of disinfectant from the car and sprayed it on the car.

It was as if he had touched some terrifying dirty thing.

Chung Anran used her toes to think and knew that the dirty thing was most likely her.

Wait. After dealing with everything, President Tang's mood eased up a little. He turned around and looked at Chung Anran.

The phone vibrated a few times. Tang Yishen impatiently took it out to take a look. It was all urgent news from his secretary, White Night.

He pursed his thin lips and finally replied, [Invite the elders of both parties to meet at the Tang family's old residence. As for the shareholders, tell them that I will hold a shareholder meeting tomorrow to explain this matter clearly.] ]

The secretary seemed to be relieved and immediately carried out the order, Yes, CEO.

Chung Anran stood there and felt a little awkward. She was a little afraid that the reporters would say what they had said before.

Tang Yishen looked at her with his peach blossom eyes and said coldly, "Didn't you want to be Mrs Tang? Your first task is here. Get in the car."

Chung Anran secretly took a breath. The Wealthy Class was strange. She knew it would not be that easy. It turned out that they were waiting for her here. She walked over to pull the front passenger's door.

Tang Yishen said with a cold face, "Sit in the back."

Chung Anran,... ""

Sitting at the back would only make Tang Yichen look like a driver, and she would not be at a disadvantage.

After the car drove up, Tang Yishen's cold and low voice came from the front, "Miss Chung, why don't you guess why I did not get married yesterday."

Chung Anran looked at him from the rearview mirror and lazily leaned on the seat. She said meaningfully, "I am afraid that I would dare to say it and you would not dare to hear it."

On the day of marriage, there were only a few things that needed to be said: The wife ran away, the first love came, the betrothal gifts were less, and the green hats were more.

She was afraid of hurting the pride of the proud President Tang.

Tang Yishen sneered, "There's nothing I don't dare to hear."

Tang Yishen took out a phone from the locker in the front passenger seat and threw it to the back. Chung Anran caught it quickly.

Tang Yishen said, "Code 4: 1. Open the first video in the album."

Chung Anran obediently did as he said.

Open the video.

The scene of a man and a woman kissing in the bar was accompanied by the deafening sound of a DJ hitting a disc. Chung Anran was almost scared to death. Chung Anran quickly turned off the sound and frowned, "What is this?"

Tang Yishen said, "The female lead in the video is my original newlywed wife, Xiao Ling. The male lead is my good friend, Zhuh Ziqi. This is the reason why I am not married."

Chung Anran,... ""

It was as if she saw a layer of green light rise above the handsome President Tang's head.

It was really a lot of green hats.

President Tang, you have to suffer.

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