My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C3 Who's the President's Wife
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C3 Who's the President's Wife
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C3 Who's the President's Wife

Chung Anran did not dare to reveal her emotions and quietly watched the video.

After watching the video for a while, she felt that the male lead was not as handsome as Tang Yishen. She did not understand what her fiancée was thinking.

Chung Anran turned off her phone and raised her watery eyes, "What do you want me to do?"

Tang Yishen was calm and cold. "One is my wife who has not been married to me, and the other is my friend. I am very sad."

Chung Anran,... ""

Was he sad? How could she not see it at all? She only felt that he would open champagne in the next second and light a song, Happy Breakup. Even the coldness on his body seemed to have substance.

Tang Yishen said, "Now, the elders from both sides should be waiting in the Tang family's mansion. Because I can't face my good brother and fiancée betraying me at the same time, I can't hide my sadness. I can't face this matter. I'll let you cancel the engagement on my behalf. I have two requests: One, don't let my family criticize me, if I'm the absolute victim; Two, The Xiao family has a piece of land that was previously developed by both families. Let them take responsibility for the failure of this marriage and give up that piece of land. "

Chung Anran said, "Then I would like to ask, what identity did I use to help you discuss this matter?"

Tang Yishen said," Naturally with Mrs Tang's identity. "

Chung Anran's delicate and white index finger subconsciously drew two circles on the phone. After thinking for a while, Chung Anran asked Tang Yishen, "As long as you fulfill your request, what should I do?"

Tang Yishen replied, "Of course."

The car soon arrived at the magnificent Tang residence, but Tang Yishen stopped the car and did not plan to go in.

A handsome man wearing glasses alighted from a car parked in front of them. It was Tang Yishen's secretary-general, White Night.

Tang Yishen glanced at Chung Anran. "It's done. White Night will send you to see me. If the matter is messed up, White Night will send you back to the place you should be."

Chung Anran smiled slightly. Her watery eyes and that mole were full of charm. She asked, "What do you think of your brother? What do you want him to do?"

Tang Yishen said, "Of course I don't have any resentment. We are brothers, and I only have feelings for him."

Chung Anran was shocked.

Even the domineering CEO wanted to be the Sacred Father?

But in the next second, Chung Anran knew that she was thinking too much. Her peach blossom eyes looked through the rearview mirror and said meaningfully, "The one who hates him is my wife."

Chung Anran's watery eyes turned and said her conditions, "If I can let you settle your grievances happily and let those who have let you down reap what you sow, can I give you some additional rewards? For example, give me another one million?"

"That depends on whether this result fits my heart or not." Tang Yishen gave her a meaningful look and gave Mrs Tang an evaluation - a money-grubber.

Chung Anran was rich, so she immediately beamed. "Boss, don't worry about me doing things! I guarantee that they will not be able to bear the consequences!"

Tang Yishen,... ""

Who is your boss?

After getting off the car, Chung Anran followed White Night into the Tang family's mansion.

When Chung Anran went in, White Night received a text message on his phone: [Give me a live broadcast of the whole process. Watch her closely from the side. Don't tell her that it's really bad.] ]

White Night: [Yes, President.] ]

White Night could not help but look at Chung Anran. He only saw her pinch his neck a few times. It was so painful that he almost cried.

White Night:... ""

President, the madam you are looking for is beautiful enough to topple cities and countries, but are you sure that her head is normal?

After Chung Anran pinched herself, she added a lipstick and just so happened to be at the door of the main residence. She gathered her spirit and pushed open the door and entered.

Once inside the door, what entered was a few simple red sandalwood eight immortal chairs.

In the main hall, there were two seats facing the entrance. One of the seats was occupied by an old man. It should be the grandfather that Tang Yishen mentioned, Old Master Tang Tang Zhengguo.

On the left side sat a woman with delicate makeup, rich and beautiful. Her eyes were filled with shrewdness. She must be Tang Yishen's stepmother, Hsu Qingyun.

Beside the woman sat a handsome man who looked about forty to fifty percent like Tang Yishen. He looked very friendly and gentle. He was Tang Yishen's younger brother, Tang Yifeng, whose father was different from his mother.

On the right side was his fiancée's family.

The one with red eyes and tears was Director Tang's fiancée - Xiao Ling. A young lady sitting there feeling wronged was really pitiful.

The one sitting beside her was obviously her parents. At this moment, Xiao's father's expression was very serious, and Xiao's mother's gentle face was also full of worry. Both of their eyes were filled with enduring resentment and suppressed anger. Everyone's eyes uniformly looked towards White Night and Chung Anran who had walked in.

After a few seconds of silence, the fiancee's parents spoke.

Xiao's father asked, "Where is he? Where is Tang Yishen? Didn't we agree to solve the problem? Why hasn't he appeared yet?"

Xiao's mother pointed her spearhead at Old Master Tang." Old Master Tang, what does Yishen mean by not appearing at the wedding?! He still hasn't appeared yet. Does he have to force our Ling to death?! "

At this moment, Hsu Qingyun, Tang Yishen's stepmother, pretended to be a good person. "My dear family, Yishen must have something to delay him. Don't get too excited." After saying that, she immediately asked the two hostages who walked in, "White Night! Where is Yishen? Why did you bring a woman here? Don't you know what kind of occasion this is? The newlywed wife didn't even go through the door before her lover brought her home. What's wrong with him?"

"Qingyun! What nonsense are you spouting?" Old Master Tang said with a gloomy face.

Hsu Qingyun hurriedly sat down awkwardly, but she was happy in her heart.

Tang Yichen had already broken the relationship between him and the Xiao family after causing such a thing. She couldn't wait to stir things up a little more.

White Night calmly said to Old Master Tang, "Grandfather Tang, this is the CEO's wife, Miss Chung."

He did not say much, but it shocked everyone.

The CEO's wife?

Xiao Ling staggered to her feet and blinked her innocent big eyes. Two pearl-like tears rolled down and she murmured sadly, "What do you mean by that? She is the CEO's wife? What about me? Who am I?"

Chung Anran smiled. She was charming and charming. She looked a little demonic." Hello, Miss Xiao. Thank you for taking care of Yishen in the past. From now on, I will take over this important task. Miss Xiao will be relieved. "

"You!" Xiao Ling was so angry that she almost could not stand still.

Xiao's father was even more furious. "What are you!? How dare you show off here! Call Tang Yishen out! If you don't give me, Ling, a word today, I will throw caution to the wind and fight with the Tang family to the end!"

Old Master Tang saw that the situation wasn't right and decided to say a few words to ease the situation. However, his stepmother, Hsu Qingyun, was the first to kick him while he was down. "Don't be angry, my dear. Yishen has never been an insensible child. I guess he suddenly married someone else. The problem is whether it is your daughter."

Xiao's mother immediately became angry, "Mrs. Tang, are you talking nonsense? The one who ran away from the marriage on the day of the wedding was him, Tang Yishen! Look at what our Ling is doing! Your Tang family and your Tang family are determined to humiliate our Xiao family! "

Xiao Ling cried," Mom, Tang Yishen insulted me like this. I can't live anymore. I'll just die! "

Xiao's mother said," What are you going to die for!? He let you down. It was Tang Yishen who deserved to die!"

Xiao's father said, "Call Tang Yishen out. I will fight him to the death."

The scene was in chaos. At this time, it was Old Master Tang who slammed the table, shaking everyone. "Don't say anymore!"

The old man's imposing manner instantly made the group of people look at him quietly.

Old Master Tang pointed at Chung Anran and said in a deep voice, "You say it!"

Chung Anran allowed the group of people to argue and saw the attitude of everyone towards this matter clearly.

The old man did not know.

The stepmother probably did not know either, but it did not stop her from stirring up the water and not letting Tang Yishen have a good time.

The younger brother did not have anything to do with him, so he could not tell what he was thinking. Just now, he was secretly chatting on WeChat.

The Xiao family was even more interesting.

The parents of the Xiao family obviously didn't know about their daughter's scandal. This daughter was acting like she had never done it before, pretending to be a victim.

It was a big show, and it had to be led by the only person who knew the truth.

Chung Anran nodded politely and stood straight. She spoke in a dignified manner, "Grandfather, mother, brother. Don't worry. I will take care of this matter on Yishen's behalf."

Old Master Tang and his stepmother,... ""

Chung Anran walked in front of Xiao Ling and sincerely held her hand. Like a gentle big sister, she said, "Miss Xiao, as long as you say that you are not willing to marry, everything will be solved."

Xiao's father and Xiao's mother were so angry that they almost died on the spot.

Not only did they escape from the marriage, but they also wanted to put the blame on them. What did they think the Xiao family was?

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