My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C4 Who Cheated on Her First?
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C4 Who Cheated on Her First?
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C4 Who Cheated on Her First?

Chung Anran's words were like a barrel of explosives.

Xiao Ling fiercely shook off her hand and stared with her red eyes. She gritted her teeth. : "You wild woman! A vixen! Where did you come from!? Not only do you want to take over the magpie's nest, you also want me to give you the identity of the mistress of the Tang family! Dream on!" Turning around, Xiao Ling looked at Old Master Tang and said," Grandfather, it was Tang Yishen who brought the betrothal gifts to marry me. It was not me who insisted on marrying into the Tang family, why did Tang Yishen torture me like this? Grandfather, you once praised me for being gentle and kind. Is this the reason why I am bullied?"

Xiao's father was so angry that he gasped for breath." I want, I want to find the media. I want to find the media to expose the despicable actions of the Tang family! "

Hsu Qingyun looked troubled and worried. "White Night, quickly go and find Yishen. The reputation of the Tang family is going to be ruined by him." However, her eyes were full of schadenfreude that she could not hide.

At the moment of chaos, Chung Anran opened her mouth again. "Miss Xiao, I am helping you."

Xiao Ling only thought that her Little Brother was acting like that and said hatefully, "Foxy! Don't be hypocritical!"

Chung Anran acted like she was being unreasonable again. How about, Uncle Xiao, Auntie Xiao, let's talk in private? In front of so many people, there are some things that are hard to say in person. It is a bit embarrassing. I will talk to you privately."

Chung Anran had a look of concession. She purposely showed the side of her neck that seemed to have a kiss mark on it to the people of the Xiao family. This made the people of the Xiao family even more arrogant. How could they let go of this matter?

Xiao's mother endured the trembling and said through gritted teeth, "You have done dirty things yourself. Are you afraid of losing face now? Dirty things. Tang Yishen had gone mad and put away his knowledge and reason. The well-behaved young lady doesn't want them. She wants a shameless fox. The Tang family is in the hands of such a person! Sooner or later, they will lose everything!"

Chung Anran's beautiful face was filled with worry and was in a difficult position. "Uncle Xiao, Aunt Xiao, Yishen and I wanted to give you enough face. Yet, you are so aggressive. You even injured me several times and even cursed the Tang family. Do you really think your daughter was in the wrong? "

Xiao's mother asked, "What is wrong with my daughter?! My daughter was in the wrong because she was blind to see that Tang Yishen was a wolf in sheep's clothing! "

Chung Anran pretended to be annoyed that she could not take it anymore and said, "Auntie! I don't care about what you say to me, but please don't insult Yishen! He's right, he's the victim! "

Xiao's father said," Don't talk nonsense with them. Ling, let's go. Father will now call for a press release. This matter is not over! "

Xiao's father picked up the woman and was about to leave when Chung Anran's face darkened. She raised her hand to stop him. "Don't leave yet! Since you are not willing to give up, alright, I will tell you everything! "

Chung Anran's voice fell and she bumped into White Night in the next second. She pretended to struggle. "Don't stop me! I cannot let Yishen suffer such injustice!"

White Night, who was forced to act, was stunned for three seconds and agilely joined the show.

White Night: "Madam! The CEO said that it's not allowed!"

Chung Anran: "I don't care! Let Uncle Xiao and Aunt Xiao take a good look at the reason why Yishen doesn't attend the wedding! "

As she spoke, she posted the video in front of the two elders.

Hsu Qingyun was curious. She stood far away and could not see it. Her heart was burning with anxiety.

Xiao Ling did not know what it was at first until she saw the scene of her kissing with a man. That night's decay instantly rushed into her mind. Xiao Ling was so scared that her face turned pale. She screamed in shock. " Ah! Ahhhhhhh! Don't look! Don't look!"

As she spoke, she wanted to grab the phone. Chung Anran reacted quickly and took the phone back from Xiao's mother's hands. She continued to light it up for the two elders to see and even said to Old Master Tang," Grandfather! A few days before Miss Xiao got married..."

"Don't say! You b * tch, don't you dare say it!" Xiao Ling said as she pounced over and wanted to tear Chung Anran apart, but she was pulled away by White Night and pulled by his arm, unable to move.

Chung Anran continued to finish her words, "Miss Xiao had an affair with another man before the wedding, and Yishen found out the truth yesterday. That was why she did not appear at the wedding venue. As that man was also Yishen's good brother, he wanted me to come. I'll settle this matter quietly."

The Xiao family's parents could not say a word, as if they had been immobilized. Xiao Ling cried and fell to the ground.

The drama had turned around.

Tang Yifeng, who had been silent the whole time, stood up and said, "I knew my big brother had a reason. It turns out that you don't deserve to marry into our Tang family." Walking to Chung Anran's side, Tang Yifeng casually patted her shoulder and said, "Sister-in-law, I will leave this place to you."

After saying that, he left.

His mother was so angry that her jaw dropped. Whose son was this little brat?

Chung Anran did not understand this young uncle and did not have the time to care. She continued to look at the Xiao family's parents and said, "Uncle Xiao, Aunt Xiao, your Xiao family should take full responsibility for the failure of this marriage. Yishen didn't want to hurt the relationship between the two families. He didn't want to hurt the brotherly relationship. So he didn't say anything. But I'm different. I only care about how serious the injuries of the people I love are. I only know that if you hurt him, you should compensate him"

In the car, Tang Yishen, who was watching everything, slightly pursed his lower lips.

This woman... really had a glib tongue.

At this moment, the Xiao family's parents' faces were filled with guilt. They only needed her to speak when they were about to hand over the land.

"Tang Yishen is simply a freak!" Xiao Ling suddenly stepped forward and complained through gritted teeth, "He has never touched me! Not even a finger! Every time I used something, he would disinfect it! Why would I go to a bar? I'm sad! I took the initiative to look for him at night, and I hugged him. I'm going to marry him, I want to give myself to him, But he pushed me away fiercely, and not only did he push me away, he even picked up the disinfectant and started to disinfect me! He couldn't touch a woman at all. Everyone outside said that he was gay. I think even if he's gay, it would be a compliment to him. He's simply f * cking useless!"

Old Master Tang was completely enraged at this moment. He slammed the table and stood up. "Is this how the Xiao family educates their daughter? You have betrayed your fiancé, yet you still dare to slander him in such an arrogant manner. This is simply unreasonable! "

The parents of the Xiao family used their daughter to be reasonable and aggressive. But now, they didn't dare to be so impudent.

Xiao's father felt embarrassed and even more rudely pulled Xiao Ling. "What are you shouting about? Don't you find it shameful?"

Xiao Ling went crazy and struggled, "What I said is the truth! I..."


Chung Anran's slap landed on Xiao Ling's face and she was stunned. Xiao's father was even more shocked as he stared at her.

Chung Anran pulled Xiao Ling over and let her look at the red mark on her neck. "Watch carefully. This is the man you said you can't touch women. The mark left behind last night. He just wanted to cherish you and marry again on the night of your wedding. Who would have thought that you wouldn't be able to wait! Can you think of his pain of losing his mind! Today, if your Xiao family is unable to compensate with satisfaction... No one is allowed to leave the Tang family!"

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