My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C5 Mrs Tang Helped Her Husband Clear His Name
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C5 Mrs Tang Helped Her Husband Clear His Name
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C5 Mrs Tang Helped Her Husband Clear His Name

In the past, Wu Sangui had been furious for Chen Yuanyuan because of her beauty. Today, Chung Anran had swung her palm at the slag girl for Tang Yishen.

Two words - awesome.

But Chung Anran, who was so awesome, also felt guilty. After all, she was fabricating a story.

Tang Yishen could see with his naked eye that he was evil-minded and heartless. He absolutely had no feelings for this little white flower, Xiao Ling.

Thinking of Tang Yishen's cold face, Chung Anran hoped that this scene would come to an end soon. She could not continue acting.

Fortunately, Xiao Ling was completely discouraged at this moment. Regretfully, she teared up. The Xiao family's parents also did not have the face to say anything.

Chung Anran said to Old Master Tang and Hsu Qingyun while everyone was silent and did not have time to calm down, "Grandfather, Mother, Yishen did not want the elders to waste their time. So I will take care of the rest of the matters on Yishen's behalf. Please go and rest, elders. "

Hsu Qingyun didn't even have time to get involved in this good show. How could she be willing to leave? Her expression changed, her delicate chin slightly raised and said, "They hurt my son, how can I stand idly by? The Xiao family could be considered to have some reputation. What they did was really a joke. If you want to end well today, then show your sincerity. Or else, when the news spreads out tomorrow, we'll see who dares to marry the daughter of the Xiao family."

Chung Anran frowned slightly. If this news were to spread out... Not only would Xiao Ling not be able to turn her back in the circle, it would also attract more speculations about Tang Yichen from the outside world. It would also cause the two families to become enemies, which would not do Tang Yichen any good.

Fortunately, before Chung Anran could say anything to force him back, Old Master Tang had already opened his mouth, "My daughter-in-law, he can handle Yishen's marriage himself. Come with me to the tea room."

Hsu Qingyun did not agree, "Father, Yishen can handle it, but he did not appear. It would not make sense to call an outsider to deal with our family matters."

Old Master Tang looked deeply at Chung Anran. Chung Anran's heart trembled for some reason. She did not know why, but she seemed to be seen through by the old man. She was actually a little panicked.

The next second, Old Master Tang looked at Hsu Qingyun and said plainly, "I don't care if you call me mom or an outsider. Let's go. I think our granddaughter-in-law can be dealt with. "

White Night and Tang Yishen, who was in the car, were slightly stunned for a few seconds.


Xiao Ling and Tang Yishen had been together for a year, but she had never seen Old Master Tang call her that intimately.

Chung Anran had no self-awareness. She openly agreed to call him that and promised, "Grandfather, don't worry. I definitely won't let Yishen suffer any losses."

Hsu Qingyun looked at Chung Anran somewhat unwillingly but the other party revealed a docile and gentle smile towards her. Seeing that in Hsu Qingyun's eyes, it was a foxy and annoying look, she was unhappy in her heart and turned around to leave.

Previously when she knew that Tang Yishen chose Xiao Ling, Hsu Qingyun had some contradictions in her heart.

Xiao family's family background was not bad and it was a helping hand to Tang Yishen but Xiao Ling was a silly person and looked very easy to control.

As a mother-in-law, she had her own ways of roping in her daughter-in-law. So, she had planned to put this daughter-in-law in jail after marriage. Who knew that this daughter-in-law would not even have a chance to get married before she was pushed by others.

The new daughter-in-law did not seem like a good person.

She hadn't even gotten married yet and had already started to take care of matters for Tang Yishen, so it was a little difficult to handle.

On the other side, the people from the Tang family had officially left the scene. Chung Anran sat down on the chair. She was very stylish. "Everyone, please take a seat. Let's continue chatting. Before I came, Yishen told me that if I have to forgive someone, I have to forgive them. I know that very well. That's why I asked Miss Xiao to cancel the engagement herself in the beginning. However, you refused to get married and let her off. Now that things have become like this, your Xiao family will compensate us, and we will let this matter rest in peace. The video will be returned to you, and we won't tell anyone about Miss Xiao's matter. Just treat it as a marriage between the two families. It has never happened before. "

Xiao's father was not stupid. The things that his daughter had done today were still in the hands of others. He closed his eyes, sighed, and accepted his fate. "The land in the western suburbs was originally jointly developed by the two families. Now, we will hand it over to the Tang family."

Chung Anran said, "Words have no basis."

Xiao's father said, "White Night can draft an agreement here. I will sign it and press the fingerprint."

Chung Anran glanced at White Night.

White Night pushed his glasses up. "Madam, wait for me for five minutes."

White Night turned around and went to the study to get the agreement.

This agreement was in the study's drawer, so there was no need to prepare at all.

White Night went in and got in touch with Tang Yishen.

White Night said, "President, you saw everything. Miss Chung handled it very well."

Tang Yishen said lightly, "En, I'm going to the villa now. After it's over, bring her over."

White Night was shocked. "President, the villa you're talking about is your home?"

Tang Yishen said, "What's the matter?"

White Night's pupils dilated in shock. He said hesitantly, "But you treat women..."

Tang Yishen's voice suddenly sank. "She is Mrs Tang. In the future, she will sleep with me in the same bed. Is there a problem with entering my house?"

White Night said, "Sorry, CEO. I misspoke."

After hanging up the phone, White Night felt a little regretful for his words, but he found it more and more unbelievable.

Could it be that the President's anorexia was already cured? To actually let a woman enter the house?

White Night had followed Tang Yishen for ten years and was well aware of his disgust towards women.

To avoid contact with women, he would bring along disinfectant spray, disinfectant tissue, and in order to avoid more contact with women. He never went to public restaurants, and even places with many women. In the private sector, no women were allowed to approach, even the ones cleaning were men.

Even Xiao Ling, under the name of CEO Tang's fiancée, only knocked on Tang Yichen's door once after getting drunk, but in the end, because she took the initiative to throw herself into his arms, the CEO's impression of her was completely cut off.

White Night sorted out his thoughts and took the contract out.

Xiao's father silently signed the contract, bringing along the tearful Xiao Ling and the bitter faced wife. He felt that he had lost face and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Chung Anran also understood. She handed the phone to Xiao's father and Xiao's father silently took the phone.

Chung Anran said to Xiao's father, "Uncle, Lingyuan's matter needs to be resolved as soon as possible. It is not to be delayed."

When Xiao's mother heard this, she immediately cried, "What are you saying? I have already given the land to you. What else do you want? Are you really going to force our family to die?"

Chung Anran said, "Auntie, you misunderstood. I did not want to do anything. I just wanted to remind you out of goodwill. Who would be responsible for this matter? Zhuh family was also a prestigious family. That night, Miss Xiao was drunk. However, Young Master Zhu did not take advantage of others for no reason, but was irresponsible after the incident. Yishen was a good brother to him, and it was difficult to say anything because of their friendship. But I think Miss Xiao is so innocent. She lost her innocence and her marriage."

The Xiao family's parents came back to their senses when they heard this.

There was a head full of grievances, and there was a debtor. This matter...

"Zhuh family has to give me, Ling, an explanation!" Xiao's mother wiped her tears. At this moment, her mother had just pulled Xiao Ling away.

White Night looked at Chung Anran meaningfully and felt that this woman's heart was really black.

Young Master Zhu was a person who had lived among thousands of flowers. Every leaf and leaf had touched his body. Letting him marry was really tormenting him to death.

Xiao Ling was dragged away and even looked at Chung Anran with grief, "Miss Chung, help me to apologize to Yishen. It was I who let him down."

Her eyes were filled with hot tears. That mournful and reluctant look made Chung Anran unable to help but feel sympathetic when she saw it.

Sigh, young lady, you are still thinking about him. How deep is his subtlety? It really cannot be measured.

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