My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C6 A True Granddaughter-in-law!
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C6 A True Granddaughter-in-law!
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C6 A True Granddaughter-in-law!

When the show came to an end, Chung Anran heaved a sigh of relief.

Tang Yishen promised her that as long as the contract was signed, he would give her another one million yuan check.

This show was a little tiring, but she was short of money and money now. Including last night, she had earned two million, which was still worth it.

White Night suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Miss Chung, please."

Chung Anran frowned. "I'm leaving just like that? You don't need to greet Old Master Tang?"

He had not even entered the sect yet, and he had already fallen into a rude conversation?

White Night:" On Grandpa Tang's side, the CEO will call to explain. "

Chung Anran didn't care about it when she heard it. She just secretly remembered this handsome and expressionless White Night. He was definitely Tang Yishen's confidant.

If it was just a secretary-general, there was no reason to call Old Master Tang Grandpa Tang. They must have a deep relationship.

Old Master Tang saw Chung Anran get into the car and leave. His phone rang in time. When he saw that it was his grandson, Old Master Tang picked up the phone and said in an unfriendly tone, "Which part of the play are you playing?"

Tang Yishen said, "I'm sorry, grandpa. It happened so suddenly that I couldn't say hello to you before it happened. The media had already taken care of it. They said yesterday was just a family dinner and the wedding would be held later. There wouldn't be any problems."

Old Master Tang said, "Are you and this girl for real?"

Tang Yishen: "Really."

Old Master Tang asked, "Which is for real? True feelings? Really using it?"

Tang Yishen knew that his grandfather knew him very well. There was no way he could deceive him completely. But it was not to the extent of telling him everything. Therefore, Tang Yishen said in a compromise, "Grandfather, I married her, it was all true. Although there were benefits mixed in, last night we had a real husband and wife. We also discussed marriage, so she has no objections. "

Tang Yishen had not dated a woman or had any intimate relationships over the years due to his own personal reasons. The outside world said that he was gay, and his family was worried about him.

Old Master Tang was stunned for a few seconds. He was completely agitated by the last sentence, and his hands trembled." Yishen, what did you say? You said the truth about husband and wife?"

Even someone as cold and indifferent as Tang Yishen would feel awkward talking about these private matters with his family members. Tang Yishen was silent for a few seconds and could not help but say something. "Grandfather, there's no need to repeat it. Also, don't get too excited."

How could Old Master Tang not be excited?

What did this mean? It meant that his grandson might have a future!

The direct descendants of the Tang family could be saved!

He knew from the beginning that Xiao Ling was just a temporary measure. His grandson had found an obedient wife so that he could hide from the voices of the outside world, as well as the pressure from the family and the shareholders.

Who would have thought that Xiao Ling would get lucky because of the misfortune and pick up another treasure!

Old Master Tang said happily, "Grandpa said that looking at that girl, the more I look at her, the more I feel that she has good fortune and fate. Grandpa agreed to this marriage. When are you going to propose marriage?"

Tang Yishen frowned. "Grandpa, there's no need to propose marriage. Me and her..."

Old Master Tang said, "Don't argue with me about this. It's useless. We'll come to propose a marriage proposal within a week. Collect the certificate within two weeks. The wedding will be held within two months. If you can't do it, you won't be the grandson of my Tang Zhengguo! I'll report this and cut off all relations with you."

Tang Yishen:..." "

As the saying goes, lifting a stone and smashing your own feet is the same thing.

After saying that, Old Master Tang hung up the phone and happily opened the WeChat group to send a voice message.

Great Tang's style: Friends, prepare your gifts. My Yishen is getting married. When the time comes, I'll call you guys over for a feast.

The group chat instantly became lively.

Zhang Fei's descendant: [Didn't your grandson get married yesterday? Isn't it rather mysterious? Why is he getting married again? ]

Great Tang's demeanor: [Yesterday was a family feast, the media made a mistake. How could I not call you for such a big feast? My granddaughter-in-law is very beautiful. Where's Old Sun? A while ago, he even boasted about your grandson marrying a big star. Let me tell you... My granddaughter-in-law is even prettier than a superstar. ]

Sun Wukong's grandson: [You can brag about it, Old Tang. ]

Great Tang's style: [What are you bragging about?] You can see for yourself at the wedding venue. If I brag about it, I'll cover the travel expenses of my brothers for the past year. ]

Tang Yishen looked at the hung up phone and knew that things were going in an uncontrollable direction.

Tang Yishen initially wanted Chung Anran to solve this matter, and he would just sit back and reap the benefits. No one would offend a good person. Not only did it prevent the Tang family from suffering losses, it also tested whether Chung Anran could really become his nominal wife.

He never would have thought that his grandfather would be so satisfied with Chung Anran.

Tang Yishen felt that he shouldn't have said too much about the marriage just now. His grandfather must have been thinking nonsense again.

In less than an hour, Chung Anran was sent to Tang Yishen's villa.

Before White Night led Chung Anran in, he specifically instructed, "There are no female slippers inside. Miss Chung has been wronged by wearing male slippers. After you enter, please sit on the single sofa and don't change seats."

Chung Anran,... ""

What kind of lousy rule was that?

Then she thought of Tang Yishen holding a disinfectant and spraying it everywhere. She asked White Night, "Your CEO has a serious mysophobia, right?"

White Night's handsome face was expressionless. "Miss Chung, if you have anything to be curious about, you can directly ask our CEO."

Chung Anran touched a nail and did not speak anymore. She entered Tang Yishen's villa.

Tang Yishen sat inside and heard the sound. He looked over and saw Chung Anran walking over step by step.

At this moment, Tang Yishen had an inexplicable and strange feeling.

Time seemed to have stopped. He could hear the footsteps that were enlarged several times. Step by step, they entered his life.

Chung Anran looked at Tang Yishen and felt a little nervous.

She suddenly realized that she gave herself to this man as a bargaining chip.

What she had blocked was her entire life.

From now on, she could no longer hope for a pure and beautiful love. She could no longer fantasize about wearing the most beautiful wedding dress and marrying the person she loved the most.

But so what?

Now, Chung Anran, who had been stepped on to the bottom, did not need love. She did not need the person she loved the most. What she wanted was to destroy her dreams with her own hands. Those people who did not give up after she gave in were all trampled under her feet.

She did not need any sincerity. She did not need any true love. It was enough for her to look bright on the surface.

Chung Anran thought and sat down with a smile. Her beautiful and charming eyes slightly raised. "President Tang, am I qualified?"

A laptop was placed in front of Tang Yishen. His arms were propped up on his long and slender legs. After looking at her for a few seconds, he said to White Night, "White Night, you can go out first."

White Night thought about it and still reported, "CEO, Miss Chung did something extra."

Chung Anran was stunned. What kind of situation was this?

Was this Secretary-General complaining?

Tang Yishen nodded. He gestured for him to continue. White Night did not care about Chung Anran being here at all. His voice was cold and inorganic as he narrated, "Miss Chung led the Xiao family people to cause trouble at the Zheng family. The Xiao family will probably threaten Young Master Zheng to marry Miss Xiao."

Tang Yishen's black eyes stared at Chung Anran. "I did not ask you to do anything extra."

Chung Anran felt a little guilty, but she did not think that she had done anything wrong. "What I did was good for the reputation of the Tang family. Regarding the matter between you and that young lady... It was impossible that no one knew about it. She would have married the young master of the Zheng Family earlier. It would also help to calm down the unnecessary rumors and rumors. "

Tang Yishen said, "Zhuh Ziqi is my brother. If you do this, you will only add insult to injury."

Chung Anran blinked her eyes and pretended to be surprised," Really? I thought I was giving them a chance to live together. After all, he would rather betray his brother than sleep with his brother's woman. "

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