My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C7 Give Me a Golden Age Wedding
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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C7 Give Me a Golden Age Wedding
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C7 Give Me a Golden Age Wedding

At this moment, Tang Yishen's lips curved into a tiny arc and disappeared in an instant.

He said to Bai Ye, "You can leave. I want to talk to Miss Chung."

Bai Ye replied, "Yes, CEO."

After White Night left, Chung Anran looked at Tang Yishen with her beautiful eyes probing. She asked, "Now I can be considered to have completed the mission beyond my expectations. We agreed. Give me another cheque of one million. The Xiao family and the Zhu family are bound to get married. Your brother is obviously a playboy. Even after getting married, he will definitely not be able to resist cheating on her. Xiao Ling will suffer the consequences of her own actions. And in this mess, you are completely the victim. Not only did you stay out of it, but both families felt guilty towards you. In the future, you will also avoid the wrath of the Tang's in the business world. It's like killing two birds with one stone. I've also gotten my revenge, and I've also picked up my kindness."

Tang Yishen said, "It's all thanks to Madam's help."

Chung Anran,..." "

A chill ran down her spine. Chung Anran was frightened by the word Madam. She leaned against the sofa and pushed down her hip skirt with both hands. She looked at him vigilantly.

Chung Anran said, "What, what are you..."

Tang Yishen sat upright in a suit and leather shoes. He was handsome and had the demeanor of a celestial being and a noble. He slightly raised his chin and said, "What about me?"

Chung Anran asked, "What did you call me?"

Tang Yishen said, "Madam. If you don't like this form of address, you can change it to a wife."

Chung Anran's heart became even more anxious. She suddenly started to treat her so well. What conspiracy was she plotting?

Chung Anran took a deep breath and tried her best to remain calm. She cut to the chase. " Now, regarding the matter of the two of us getting married, It is already a fact. President Tang, I think that since it is an agreement, it is better to put the conditions of the two of us together. Write down all your requests and sign it."

Tang Yishen had no objections. "Sure, what do you want from me? Money? Fame?"

Chung Anran said," I want a wedding. It's grand enough and sensational enough. Especially the wedding dress, which was personally designed and designed by me. It was a unique wedding dress. President Tang only needs to pay enough to make this wedding dress. I don't need anything else."

Tang Yishen sized her up. "You are the wedding dress designer?"

Chung Anran smiled. "Yes, President Tang wants to know my story? That's a long story."

Tang Yishen said, "No need. Compared to this, take a look at the agreement. I can agree to your request. If you are worried, write it at the end of the agreement. If you think it is appropriate, sign the contract. "

Chung Anran looked at the notebook in front of her and was about to move but was stopped by a shout," Don't move. Just look at it. There are only a few of them. "

She was really speechless about this person's mysophobia. She could only not touch it and went closer to take a look.

There was indeed nothing messy on the agreement. It was very simple.

[First, Property and Property Notarization]

To put it bluntly, when the two of them divorced in the future, Chung Anran would not be able to get even half of the Tang family's property. Chung Anran did not have any objections to this. She had never coveted anything from the Tang family, and the main point was the second one.

Chung Anran unconsciously recited it out loud, "Other than the time we spend together privately, in the eyes of everyone else, we must be husband and wife in name and in reality..."

Tang Yishen interpreted it for her, "It means that in everyone's opinion, we are a legitimate husband and wife. The existence of this agreement is only known by the heavens and by the earth. You know, I know."

Chung Anran was stunned for a few seconds and suddenly came back to her senses, "Legal? You are not talking about legal means to get a certificate with me, are you?"

Tang Yishen said lightly, "That is exactly what I mean."

Chung Anran was silent for a few seconds and looked at Tang Yishen. "Why do you want to get a certificate? Wouldn't it be troublesome to get a divorce?"

Tang Yishen said, "We haven't gotten married yet, and you already have a divorce date? Miss Chung calculated many things. Whether she thought about it or not, everything was not entirely within your control."

Chung Anran pursed her thin lips. "I did not think of so much, but there should be a day like this. It is impossible for you and I to stay together in a fake marriage and grow old together."

She did not hope for love, but she did not want to be Tang Yishen's puppet all the time. She was not a fool. She naturally knew that Tang Yishen was willing to agree to the contract marriage because she had a place to make use of.

Tang Yishen's lips parted slightly, and he said with an overbearing tone, "You don't need to ask why, just tell me if you agree or not. You don't need to get the certificate. You can't get married. You have your own considerations, so do I."

Chung Anran knew that he was a tough guy from the moment she touched him.

Who didn't know that Tang Yishen from the Tang's Group was not someone to be trifled with?

She had picked a tough bone, so she had to bite it even if she had to.

A marriage certificate was a proof that love had a positive effect when it came to people who loved each other. For people who did not love each other, it was a legal cage. But for Chung Anran and Tang Yishen, it was just a piece of paper worth nine yuan.

Chung Anran said, "Okay, you can get your certificate."

Tang Yishen nodded. "You can agree to it. Our marriage is considered a success. If you have time within a week, you can arrange it. I will go to your house to propose marriage."

Chung Anran was more excited when she heard this than when she heard that she had to follow Tang Yishen to get the certificate. "Propose marriage? There was no need for that. The matter between the two of us could be settled by the two of us. What marriage? My family doesn't accept gifts. "

Tang Yishen sat there with a slight frown on his face. He was somewhat dissatisfied." If you don't mention the marriage, you will wait for your parents to come to our Tang family and cause trouble. You will say that I kidnapped you and married you? "

Chung Anran also knew that she had lost her composure. She sat down slowly and smiled awkwardly. She tried to be as gentle as possible and said, "President Tang, the situation in my family is a little complicated."

Tang Yishen asked, "How complicated is it?"

Chung Anran said, "My relationship with my parents is very bad. I went out to live in college and basically did not go home."

In that house, no one welcomed her back.

Tang Yishen narrowed his ink-black peach blossom eyes. "The betrothal gifts for the Xiao family will be transferred to your home without any change. If the relationship between you and your parents is not good, then... It's a good thing that you don't have to worry about it. The betrothal gifts will be transferred to you. When the time comes, return them to me. "

Chung Anran gave a fake smile, "Isn't this marriage between right and wrong?"

Tang Yishen said, "Do you think that being Tang Yishen's wife made you lose face in front of your family? If you really think so, I'm curious which family Miss Chung belongs to."

Chung Anran saw that he was unwilling to give in, so she gritted her teeth. "I want ten percent of the betrothal gifts."

Tang Yishen mocked arrogantly, "You are really asking for an exorbitant price. The betrothal gifts I give Xiao family are one billion. Have you calculated how much ten percent is?"

Chung Anran took a deep breath.

He was too generous!

With her poor background, even if she was given so many betrothal gifts, she did not have the confidence to receive them. She did not know what kind of aristocratic family would be able to get close to such a wealthy family in the future.

Chung Anran said, "Then one million. Give me another one million and I will go and invite my family."

Tang Yishen said, "Deal."

Tang Yishen thought to himself, It is indeed a money-grubber.

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