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My Schizophrenic CEO Husband/C8 He Happened to Meet a Dog Couple
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C8 He Happened to Meet a Dog Couple

"The last condition, between husband and wife, no matter what secrets they discover, must not be told to outsiders, or else they will have to pay a high divorce compensation of one billion"

This was the last condition of the agreement. Chung Anran had no objections.

Everyone had secrets, and it was good for each other to keep each other's secrets.

With both parties' agreement, Chung Anran and Tang Yishen signed the contract.

After signing the contract, Tang Yishen gave her his pen as well.

He did not want the pen that this woman had touched before.

Chung Anran held the contract in her hands and felt slightly relieved.

This contract brought Chung Anran a golden age wedding and her career was finally saved.

And Tang Yishen Ze would get an obedient wife.


Looking at the light in Chung Anran's eyes, Tang Yishen felt that it was questionable whether she was obedient or not.

Raising his wrist to look at his watch, Tang Yishen gave the order to leave, "It's late, you can leave. Set a meeting time and call me. I will decide the meeting location."

Chung Anran did not stay and stood up to say, "Okay, then we will contact each other again."

After struggling for so long, Chung Anran's stomach was also hungry.

This man obviously would not let her stay for dinner. Chung Anran simply left.

Seeing that Tang Yishen did not have the slightest intention of coming out to send her off, she ridiculed in her heart that this man really did not have any manners.

After walking to the entrance and putting on her shoes, Chung Anran was out of courtesy and was prepared to say hello before leaving. However, she saw Tang Yishen elegantly put on a pair of white cleaning gloves, then picked up a bottle of disinfectant and started spraying it at the place she had sat before.

Chung Anran,... ""

Was she sure she wanted to marry this person? He seemed to only treat her as a bacteria.

After leaving the Tang family, there was still White Night standing outside.

White Night saw that she had come out and spoke in a thoughtful manner, "Miss Chung, there are no cars nearby. Where do you want to go? I'll send you away."

There was no reason not to take a free ride. Chung Anran sat in the car and leaned against the soft chair to feel the sunlight outside.

It was spring, the season when everything was reviving. In almost half a year, Chung Anran had been tortured by the pressure to the point that she could not breathe. Now that she had three million in the blink of an eye, Chung Anran was suddenly filled with confidence towards the future.

After today, it seemed like everything would blossom in spring. Although she had sold herself to Tang Yishen and the Tang family, she had seen endless hope.

Chung Anran waved her hand and said, "Go to the Violet Restaurant."

Today, she wanted to squander a good meal!

White Night glanced at Chung Anran and did not say anything. He drove towards the Violet Restaurant.

This restaurant's quality was not bad, and the dishes were also very good. Previously when her career had just started, she had come here to eat a few times when it was still flourishing. It was very good.

She thought that in the future, she would at least be able to rely on the money she earned to go there and spend a few times. However, she did not expect that the last time she went there was more than half a year ago.

Chung Anran went to Violet and White Night to thank them before entering the restaurant.

The lobby manager immediately recognized her and warmly greeted her. "Miss Chung? Long time no see, you are still so beautiful."

Chung Anran's beauty was the kind of woman that would be breathtaking at first glance. Upon closer inspection, she was exceptionally exquisite and would never be able to get away with it.

She was so bright that it seemed as if she was carrying the sunlight. Once she entered, the surroundings dimmed down, only her body was glowing.

Chung Anran naturally greeted the manager, "Manager Zhang, is there an empty seat on the second floor?"

Manager Zhang said, "Yes, Miss Chung, this way please."

The second floor was even more exquisite and elegant. It was all made of solid wood and was very beautiful.

Chung Anran ordered a few dishes and after thinking for a while, she did not dare to be too impudent. They did not dare to order the specialty low-priced wine in their restaurant. She closed the menu and said to the manager, "I am alone. I still have things to do in the afternoon and do not drink. This is it."

"Okay Miss Chung, I will arrange it right away." After the manager turned around and left, Chung Anran looked out the window in a daze.

After a while, a voice that was not unfamiliar sounded.

The man's voice was gentle and helpless. "Ning, let's go to a restaurant with better confidentiality. If someone recognizes you, they will take pictures of you."

The woman's voice was lovable and angry. "But I love eating this restaurant's dishes. It's fine. What's wrong with being discovered? My contract doesn't stipulate that you can't have a boyfriend. Besides, it's not like everyone doesn't know about our relationship. At most, they'll say that Young Master Xu pampers his girlfriend."

Chung Anran clicked her tongue in her heart.

Seriously, why did I meet this pair of dog lovers? It's not my appetite.

Just as she was thinking, the woman among the dog couple noticed her and cried out in surprise, "Eh, Big Sister? What a coincidence, to bump into you here? Nian Zhi, it just so happens that we don't need to find a seat. Let's sit together with Big Sister."

Chung Anran knew that once she got involved with this person, she would not be able to have a good meal. But right now, she had already ordered the dishes and the dishes had not been served yet. It would be too much of a loss to turn around and leave. She could only withdraw her gaze from the window and reply with a fake smile, "It's quite a coincidence."

The couple in front of her snuggled up intimately, making Chung Anran feel as disgusting as if she had eaten a fly.

This man who wore gold-rimmed glasses and looked like a young master from an aristocratic family. He was her ex-boyfriend, Hsu Nianzhi, and the pretty little white flower beside him who had an elegant temperament. It was the foster daughter of the Lu family, Lu Ning. She was the foster daughter of the Lu family who could even be compared with Chung Anran, the daughter of the Lu family.

Lu Ning was really happy to see Chung Anran.

She was paying attention to Chung Anran's every move. She was relieved when she knew that Chung Anran was not living well.

But why did she have the money to come to a place like Zi Luolan to eat?

Hsu Nianzhi looked at Chung Anran and had a complicated feeling. He felt guilty towards her, especially when Chung Anran's sparkling eyes looked at him. He felt guilty every time and only wanted to avoid it.

Hsu Nianzhi opened his mouth and wanted to take Lu Ning away, "Ning, Anran should only order one serving. Let's go to another table and eat."

How could Lu Ning agree? She sat down and did not forget to act spoiled towards him, "Nian Zhi, it was not easy to see elder sister once. I have a lot to say to elder sister and I want to eat here."

Chung Anran smiled faintly and did not say a word.

Sure enough, being spoiled was the best fate for a woman. This younger sister who was born in the same year and month at the same time, her life was better than hers.

Hsu Nianzhi could only sit down and politely said to Chung Anran, "Sorry for disturbing your meal."

Chung Anran coldly said, "It is also not considered to be disturbing. Lu Ning said that she has a lot to say to me. What is it that she wants to say?"

Lu Ning took off her sunglasses and frowned slightly. She had a sad expression on her face. She had an oval face, red phoenix eyes and her eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of fog. It had a delicate and pitiful effect. It was different from Chung Anran's eyes that had light in them. She had tears in her eyes.

Lu Ning said, "Older sister, you haven't been home for a long time. It's time to go home and take a look."

Chung Anran was silent and distant as she said, "I'm very busy. I don't have time."

Lu Ning's eyes dimmed. "Are you... still blaming me? Sister, I really didn't know that the media would write nonsense. The manager didn't allow me to come out and clarify, saying that it would affect my popularity. I'm really sad to see those people who don't know the truth attack you on the Internet every day. I'm sorry for making you suffer. I also didn't think that my parents would misunderstand you."

Hsu Nianzhi heard Lu Ning blame herself and quickly said," Anran, don't blame Ning. It's all my fault. It was me who fell in love with her and I let you down. Oh right, is your workshop still okay? Is there anything you need my help with, you..."

Chung Anran opened her mouth and interrupted Hsu Nianzhi's words," The store is closed, no one came to me to design a wedding dress. The landlord chased me away and said that I was unlucky to rent the store. In the industry, I have also become a street rat that everyone hates. How does Young Master Xu plan to help me? Change my face, or change my identity card, or do you want to make a comeback with me?"

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