My 'Silly' Wife/C1 Let a Fool Marry a Blind Man
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My 'Silly' Wife/C1 Let a Fool Marry a Blind Man
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C1 Let a Fool Marry a Blind Man

In the cool confines of the dim room, a woman lay naked on top of a man.

"Yanran, you are so wonderful! I can't get enough of you!" Gu Beiyuan's voice was hoarse and he was breathing heavily.

"If I am so wonderful, why don't you marry me?" Lu Yanran's face was flushed and she squirmed on Gu Beiyuan's body to arouse him further.

"I want to but, unfortunately, Grandpa has betrothed you to my younger brother Gu Xichi!" Gu Beiyuan looked helpless.

"I don't want to marry that blind man! It's you whom I want to marry." Lu Yanran stubbornly wrapped her arms around Gu Beiyuan's waist and whispered into his ear.

Gu Beiyuan shivered as he felt her warm breath on his ear. He rolled over and pressed Lu Yanran under his body. "If I steal his wife, grandpa will kill me! I dare not!"

"So you would rather see me marry that blind man?" Lu Yanran angrily pushed Gu Beiyuan aside, got up, and put on her clothes to leave. She was pulled back by Gu Beiyuan.

"Don't be angry, baby! I have an idea!" He tried to pacify her.

Lu Yanran did not leave. Instead, she sat beside Gu Beiyuan and asked hopefully, "You have an idea? What is it?"

Gu Beiyuan held her in his arms. His hand smoothed her long hair down her back. "You have a sister. Why don't you let her marry Gu Xichi in your stead?"

"But she's a fool!" Lu Yanran shook her head vehemently. "I don't think this method will work."

"A fool and a blind man are a perfect match!" Gu Beiyuan insisted with a wicked smile on his face.

"You are so bad." Lu Yanran pretended to pout. In truth, she was ecstatic at his suggestion!

Lu Yiyi leaned against the wall and played with stones with a condescending smile on her face. However, she would send occasional glances inside the door.

These two people were too impatient to make love. They did not even bother to close the door!

As she eavesdropped at the conversation between the two, she felt the mockery in her heart.

Gu Beiyuan was aware that Lu Yanran was betrothed to a member of the Gu family, but he still got involved with her. He obviously had an ulterior motive. Unfortunately, Lu Yanran was too besotted by his identity and appearance to notice this. She threw all caution to the winds and had an affair with him prior to being married. She couldn't care less that she risked being beaten to death if they ever found out.

As for Gu Beiyuan urging Lu Yanran to let her sister marry Gu Xichi on her behalf, he clearly intended for Gu Xichi to lose face during the wedding.

Gu Beiyuan was deviously clever.

Lu Yiyi felt some sympathy for Gu Xichi. It was his bad luck to have such a vindictive elder brother!

Her and Gu Xichi's fate were very similar. She was also bullied and tortured by her foster mother and sister in the Lu family. She had to play dumb in order to survive their oppression. She thought that if she could marry Gu Xichi in Lu Yanran's place, she would finally be able to leave the Lu family.

While considering this, she narrowed her eyes, like a cunning fox that was deep in thought.

After a long while, Lu Yanran came out and saw Lu Yiyi squatting on the ground and playing with stones. She remembered what Gu Beiyuan had just suggested and felt a glimmer of hope in her heart.

"Little fool, do you want to get married?" Lu Yanran squatted down and asked her with an engaging smile.

"What is getting married? Can I eat it?" Lu Yiyi's wide-eyed face was full of naivete.

"If you get married, you can have a lot of fun and eat as much good food as you want. You can also have a baby."

"Is it a baby like Beibei?" Beibei was Lu Yanran's one-year-old niece. The child was very cute and Lu Yiyi liked her very much.

"Yes, just like Beibei!"

"Okay. I want to get married!" Lu Yiyi smiled innocently.

"Then when we go back later, if dad asks you if you want to get married, remember to say that you want to!" Lu Yanran warned and said fiercely, "If you answer wrongly, don't even think about eating today and tomorrow!"

Lu Yiyi bowed her head down and nodded in fear.

"When we go back to see Dad later, say that I brought you to the amusement park today to play! If you make a mistake, don't even think about eating!"

Lu Yiyi continued to nod more vigorously.

After Lu Yanran finished her instructions, she called a car and prepared to leave.

Lu Yiyi saw that she was ready to depart and and quickly got up. She hastily followed, afraid that she would be left behind.

They returned to the Lu family villa together.

Lu Yanran put a few drops of eye medicine into her eyes and pretended to be in tears.

"What's wrong, baby?" Lu Yanran's mother, Madam Lu Lyi Xue quickly approached her. She glared suspiciously at Lu Yiyi, "Did someone bully you?"

"You bullied me!" Lu Yanran cried accusingly.

"Baby, when did we bully you?" Lyi Xue was stunned and then she turned to Lu Yiyi and gave her a kick. "Did you do something to upset Yanran?"

Lu Yiyi immediately sat on the ground and bawled, "Mommy hit me! Mommy hit me!"

"What is happening here?" Lu Yanran's father, Lu Hsingyuan, walked over. When he saw this scene, he could not help but frown.

"I don't want to marry that blind man!" Lu Yanran's voice rose hysterically.

"If you refuse to marry him, the Gu family's old man won't invest money in our company. My company will go bankrupt!" Lu Hsingyuan looked depressed. "Didn't you agree before? Why the sudden change of heart?"

"Are you going to ruin my life to save your company?" Lu Yanran's face was full of tears.

"Besides," she added, "Don't you still have Lu Yiyi's inheritance from her parents?"

"Shut up!" Lu Hsingyuan hurriedly shouted and interrupted Lu Yanran. He looked at Lu Yiyi in panic.

He saw Lu Yiyi playing happily in the corner of the wall oblivious to what just happened and let out a sigh of relief.

"What nonsense are you spouting within her hearing?! For your information, that money has been used up a long time ago!"

"Think about your fondness for branded bags, clothes, and cosmetics. If we don't have a company, where would you get the money to buy these luxuries?" Lu Hsingyuan said.

"Why do you force me to marry? Why don't you let Lu Yiyi marry instead?" He replied fiercely, "Because she didn't bring enough money!" When Lu Yanran heard that, she began to cry for real.

When she heard her name mentioned, Lu Yiyi looked at everyone with a dumbfounded expression and then continued to count her fingers to play.

"The Gu family's old master wants you to marry Gu Xichi. How can Yiyi marry him?" Lu Hsingyuan looked at her unhappily. "Even if you don't want to get married, you must get married!"

Lyi Xue hugged Lu Yanran and looked at Lu Hsingyuan accusingly. "Lu Hsingyuan, are you trying to kill us? If you dare to let Yanran marry today, we will die in front of you!"

"Dad! Anyway, that blind man can't see anything. He wouldn't know the difference if Yiyi married him!" Lu Yanran glanced up and wiped the tears on her face. She looked at Lu Hsingyuan imploringly.

"Yanran, I am beholden to Yiyi 's parents because they have helped me a lot. How can I be so ungrateful?" Lu Hsingyuan reprimanded her seriously.

"Her parents helped you, but our family has raised her for so many years! Furthermore, how sure are you that Yiyi is unwilling to marry him?" Lu Yanran said and walked in front of Lu Yiyi. She forced herself to maintain an amiable expression, "Yiyi, do you want to get married?"

Lu Yiyi frowned and looked confused.

Lu Yanran started to get very nervous. She would not forget her instructions, right?

Lu Yiyi looked at Lu Yanran's expression and snickered to herself. She just wanted to scare her.

She immediately clapped her hands and said happily, "I will get married and have a baby. I want to get married!"

"Dad, look! Yiyi is willing to get married in my place!" Lu Yanran heaved a sigh of relief and turned back to smile at her father.

"She is a fool. She does not understand anything." Lu Hsingyuan looked at her doubtfully.

Lyi Xue snorted. "I heard that Old Master Gu will give 100 million yuan and 5% of Mingyuan Corporation's shares to anybody willing to marry his grandson. This is a huge amount of money. Our company might not be able to earn it back even after 10 years."

Lu Hsingyuan looked at her and was silent. Yes, he still needed to save the company.

Lu Yanran raised her head and defiantly said, "Anyway, I will not marry him even if I die. If you insist that I marry him, then I'll kill myself and you'll get nothing!"

"Old Master Gu has never seen Yanran. He has only seen pictures of her. If the Gu family asks why she looks different, let's just say that the photos have been edited!" Having said that, Lyi Xue looked at Lu Yiyi. "Besides, Yiyi 's appearance is not bad. As long as she does not speak, others will not be able to tell that she is a fool."

Lu Hsingyuan looked uncertain, but he still refused to give in.

Lyi Xue continued, "Yiyi is a fool. If it became her good fortune to marry into the Gu family, then we have paid our debt of gratitude to her parents."

"Lu Yiyi will be financially secure for life and your company can be saved. What else are you still hesitating about? Do you really want us to perish?"

After a while, Lu Hsingyuan smoked a few sticks of cigarette then extinguished the last one he was holding. He walked in front of Lu Yiyi and looked her in the eye.

"Yiyi , are you really willing to marry the Gu family's Second Young Master?"

"Yes!" Lu Yiyi arranged her expression and nodded happily.

"Do you know what it means if you were to marry him?"

"If I marry him, I will have good food to eat and fun things to do. I shall also have babies. I love babies!" Lu Yiyi giggled.

Lu Hsingyuan was amused. He could not help smiling and touching her head. "You are right. Now go to bed. It's time to sleep."

Lu Yiyi nodded obediently and skipped upstairs gleefully. The moment she was out of sight, she walked to the corner and took a peek at Lu Hsingyuan comforting his wife and daughter downstairs. Her eyes slowly became inscrutable.

She should have known long ago, even though Lu Hsingyuan treated her well. However, when it comes to the wellbeing of his wife and daughter, there was no contest. No matter how hesitant he seemed to be, he would definitely put them first before her. Because she was a "fool".

Lu Yiyi shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had to take this opportunity to leave the Lu family. This was the best option open to her. After all, she had more important things to do and needed more time to do them.

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