My 'Silly' Wife/C10 Meet with Ning Shi
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My 'Silly' Wife/C10 Meet with Ning Shi
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C10 Meet with Ning Shi

After breakfast, Gu Xichi went out and Lu Yiyi stayed in the villa.

No one cared about her. She could use the internet in her room.

Ning Shi was looking for her again.

Ning Shi: Yi Lian I have already bought you an apartment in the city center. The environment and geographical location are very good. When you are free, let's make an appointment to meet so that I can bring you to take a look.

Yi Lian: Alright, let's meet at the mall in the city center at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. It's just that my situation is a little special. You have to be mentally prepared!

Ning Shi: No problem!

"Nanny Chen, Nanny Chen!" Lu Yiyi hid the computer, opened the door, and shouted outside.

"What is it, young madam!" Nanny Chen hurriedly ran over.

Second young master had told her to take young madam's matter seriously.

Although Nanny Chen disliked her in the beginning, when she saw how much her young master spoiled her, she also respected her very much!

"Nanny Chen, I want to go play!" Lu Yiyi looked at her pitifully, "This place is not fun. I want to go play on the streets. I want dolls and beautiful clothes!"

The dolls at home were already piled up in the room. The wardrobe was also stuffed full. They were all brand new models. Young madam still wanted to go shopping. She really did not know how hard it was to earn money.

Even though she sighed, Nanny Chen still had to do it.

"Okay, wait for me to arrange it!"

Very quickly, the car was arranged and the bodyguards were also arranged. Nanny Chen followed along.

"young madam, which shopping mall are you going to?" Nanny Chen asked.

"The biggest shopping mall in the city center! But with so many people following me, I don't like it!" Lu Yiyi pouted and gestured with her hands.

"young madam, they are all people sent by Young Master to protect you!" Nanny Chen patiently explained to her, "With them following us, we will be safer!"

Lu Yiyi was very helpless. With so many people following, how could she act alone?

When they reached the shopping center, Lu Yiyi planned to use the excuse of going to the toilet and secretly slip away.

"Nanny Chen, my stomach hurts. I need to go to the toilet!" Lu Yiyi shouted.

"Then I will accompany you!" Nanny Chen carried a small bag and followed behind.

"No, I will feel shy!" Lu Yiyi was unwilling and Nanny Chen could only wait outside.

After entering the bathroom, she quickly found the clothes Ning Shi prepared beforehand and changed into a set of clothes before slipping out.

She ran to the sixth floor that she had agreed with Ning Shi and saw a tall and beautiful girl standing at the staircase, seemingly waiting for someone.

"Ning Shi!" Lu Yiyi confirmed with a glance that she was Ning Shi. Although she had never seen Ning Shi before, Ning Shi's QQ space had many photos of herself.

"Yi Lian?" Ning Shi asked softly.

"It's me!" Lu Yiyi quickly held her hand, "Let's go somewhere else to talk!"

"I'll take you to a shop that I often go to!" Ning Shi quickly led the way and the two of them came to a relatively deserted shop, "This is a shop that I often come to. There is no one here now, let's go to the changing room to talk!"

"Yi Lian, why do you look like you are being followed?" Ning Shi asked softly.

"It's a long story. Oh right, my real name is Lu Yiyi. We have worked together for so many years, but this is the first time we have met in real life! Nice to meet you! " Lu Yiyi said and stretched out her hand to her, gesturing for her to shake hands.

"My online name is my real name!" Ning Shi smiled slightly. "Oh right. This is the key to the apartment. I've sent you the address on QQ! Yiyi, if you have any difficulties, just tell me directly! Our Ning Family also has some status in Jiang City! "

" Okay! "

At this moment, a noise came from outside.

"Have you ever seen a girl wearing a white dress and a pink gemstone necklace? She's about this height and she's very pretty, but there's something wrong with her brain! " It was Nanny Chen's voice. Her voice was very urgent and almost cried.

Ning Shi looked at Lu Yiyi," The person she was talking about shouldn't be you, right? "

Lu Yiyi nodded, "I should go out. I will look for you later. No matter what I do, don't be surprised!"

Ning Shi nodded and saw Lu Yiyi walk out and jump in front of that old mother. "Nanny Chen, I am here!"

"young madam, where did you run off to!? Do you know how worried we were?" Nanny Chen cried as she spoke, "If you disappear, how should I explain to Young Master!"

Lu Yiyi felt a little guilty and immediately lowered her head," Nanny Chen, I'm sorry. . . "

Nanny Chen looked at her like a child who did not know what to do and sighed. She sighed, She is still just a child. . .

Ning Shi finally knew why Lu Yiyi said this. In front of Nanny Chen, she was clearly a person with a problem with her intelligence!

"Yo, isn't this little sister Yiyi!" At this moment, two women walked into the shop. It was actually Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran.

It was really easy to meet enemies.

Lu Yiyi took Lu Yanran's bracelet away, so Lyi Xue came to accompany Lu Yanran to buy the bracelet and go shopping at the same time.

Lu Yiyi pretended not to see the two of them and planned to leave.

"Yiyi, you have only been married for a few days and you don't even know your mother and sister?" Lyi Xue said coldly.

Nanny Chen and Ning Shi could feel that this mother and daughter pair were not friendly towards Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi looked at them in surprise, "Mom, Big Sister, you also came to buy clothes! The clothes here are very beautiful!"

Lyi Xue smiled and did not change at all. She still looked like a fool! Originally, she was still worried about the money to buy things. Now that Lu Yiyi was here, she did not need the mother and daughter to spend money!

Lyi Xue took a piece of clothing and secretly looked at the price tag. Sixty-eight thousand. She gently took a breath of cold air.

This was too expensive!

But since the little fool was here, she would make this little fool pay!

"Yiyi, do you think this dress looks good?" Lyi Xue compared the clothes in front of the mirror and asked Lu Yiyi.

"It looks good!" Lu Yiyi said with a smile.

Lu Yanran saw Lyi Xue like this and also followed to pick clothes and pick one. She just asked Lu Yiyi and Lu Yiyi all said it looks good!

"Wrap up all these clothes!" Lyi Xue said to the waiter.

"Okay, are you paying cash or credit cards?" The waiter asked.

"My daughter bought these clothes for me! Yiyi, don't you think so?" Lyi Xue asked with a smile.

Lu Yiyi nodded," Yes! "

"Did you see that?" Lyi Xue said proudly to the waiter, "My son-in-law is the Gu family's second young master. She is my daughter. You ask her to pay the bill!"

The waiter walked in front of Lu Yiyi, "Madam, are you paying cash or credit cards?"

"Can I eat credit cards?" Lu Yiyi smiled foolishly like a fool.

"Madam, your daughter is not normal!" The waiter looked at Lyi Xue helplessly.

"Yiyi, did you not bring a credit card when you went shopping? Take out the gold card Young Master Gu gave you. You just need to pay!" Lyi Xue was a little embarrassed and walked in front of Lu Yiyi to rummage through her clothes and pockets.

"Please take care of yourself!" Nanny Chen was very contemptuous of Lyi Xue's actions but because she was Lu Yiyi's mother, she did not dare to interrupt. But now, she actually touched young madam. Young Master had instructed that as long as it was disrespectful to young madam, no matter who it was, they should not be polite!

"I don't care about my own daughter. What does it have to do with you?" Lyi Xue mocked. Nanny Chen was just a servant and she dared to speak to her like this.

At this time, Ning Shi who was in the fitting room could not hold it in anymore and rushed out. She looked coldly at Lyi Xue, "What a shameless woman. You even want to take advantage of your daughter. "

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