My 'Silly' Wife/C11 I like Sister-in-law Yiyi
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My 'Silly' Wife/C11 I like Sister-in-law Yiyi
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C11 I like Sister-in-law Yiyi

"Who are you? It's your turn to meddle in our family business!" Lu Yanran was the first to rush out when she saw her mother being scolded.

"You don't deserve to know who I am!" Ning Shi was tall and slender. She stood in front of Lu Yanran and was half a head tall. In addition, she was beautiful and wore expensive clothes. Just her aura alone was enough to crush her.

"miss cousin!" Nanny Chen shouted in surprise.

"miss cousin?" Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran were stunned.

Even Lu Yiyi could not react in time.

"This is the Ning Family's eldest lady, our young master's cousin!" Nanny Chen explained.

"I am not a busybody. Gu Xichi is my cousin. My sister-in-law was bullied. How can I not care? " Ning Shi walked over and held Lu Yiyi's arm, "Sister-in-law. This is the first time we meet. You are so beautiful!"

" miss cousin, why are you here? " Nanny Chen was very respectful to Ning Shi.

"I am here to take a look at the clothes!" Ning Shi smiled and then said to Lu Yiyi, "Sister-in-law, I have shares in this shopping mall. You can choose whatever you like. I will pay for it!"

These words made Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran extremely jealous.

Lu Yiyi only knew that Ning Family was a rich person in Jiang City, but she did not think that they also had connections with Gu family.

"I don't want these clothes, I just want to take a look!" Lu Yiyi stammered.

"Then I don't know if I have the honor to bring you around the entire mall?" Ning Shi blinked her eyes and said with a smile.

Lu Yiyi knew that she was creating an opportunity for the two of them to be alone so she danced and danced like a fool. "Okay, okay, Yiyi likes you!!"

Nanny Chen was very pleased. It seemed that miss cousin and young madam's relationship was not bad.

Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran were left there. Ning Shi suddenly turned around and said to the waiter, "As for the two of them, you let them settle the bill themselves!"

"Okay, Miss Ning!" The waiter replied respectfully.

Ning Shi pulled Lu Yiyi out of the restaurant and said to Nanny Chen, "With me following sister-in-law, you don't need to follow!"

"No!" Nanny Chen refused. The young master had specially instructed her not to leave young madam's five meter radius.

"Then follow further away!" Ning Shi was somewhat helpless. If this continued, how could she still speak to Lu Yiyi.

Just as she was in a dilemma, she had an idea. "Sister-in-law, the clothes at that house are not bad. Do you want to go in and take a look?"

"Okay, okay!" Lu Yiyi giggled.

Both of them went in and Nanny Chen followed behind. Ning Shi casually took a piece of clothing and brought Lu Yiyi into the fitting room, "I will go and help sister-in-law test the clothes. You just wait outside! You are still worried about me?"

Two young girls were testing the clothes inside and Nanny Chen did not want to go in. She stared intently at the fitting room door, afraid that young madam would secretly slip away.

"I did not think that you are second cousin's wife!" Ning Shi was a little surprised. She knew that second cousin had married a fool. Because of this, the family even mocked him. If they knew that second cousin had actually married an investment expert, they would probably regret it.

"I only know that your family is very famous in Jiang City, but I don't know that you are also related to Gu family!" Lu Yiyi was somewhat speechless, "If I knew, I would definitely not have met you. "

"We have already met. At most, I will keep it a secret for you!" Ning Shi blinked and said with a bit of intimidation and enticement, "Sister-in-law, can you tell me? Why are you playing dumb? Is it to avoid second cousin? "

" Anyway, I have my reasons. If you still want us to cooperate, then don't ask so many questions! "

"Alright!" Ning Shi was helpless. She had already used their cooperation to threaten her, so she could only agree.

She understood that she was actually a rich family's eldest lady. If not for Yi Lian helping her, she would not have been able to develop the Ten company to its current state.

"If you need anything in the future, you can contact me. Anyway, we have become one family. When I go and play with you, I don't need to find any reason!" Ning Shi said.

"I want a phone!" Lu Yiyi said.

"That's easy!" Ning Shi smiled and said, "I'll buy it for you immediately!"

The two of them chatted for a while. Seeing that the time had been spent and Nanny Chen was outside calling them, they could only go out.

"It's late. Young madam, let's go back!" Nanny Chen suggested.

Lu Yiyi clapped her hands and said, "No, I haven't had enough fun yet. I don't want to go back!"

"Go back, sister-in-law. Next time you want to go out and play, contact me!" Ning Shi smiled and tried to persuade her.

Lu Yiyi looked at her and blinked. She followed her words and nodded, "Then I will go back!"

Nanny Chen brought a group of bodyguards and sent her back in a grandiose manner.

When Gu Xichi returned home, he found that Lu Yiyi and Nanny Chen were not there. He made a call with Nanny Chen and found out that they were on the way back.

When Lu Yiyi entered the house, she saw Gu Xichi sitting on the sofa. He wore a pair of sunglasses and his entire body emitted a alienating aura.

"Where did you go?" Gu Xichi's expression was not good as he asked coldly.

Nanny Chen quickly replied, "young madam wants to go shopping. We went to the mall today!"

Gu Xichi's expression eased slightly and did not say anything else. He only exhorted Nanny Chen, "young madam should be tired. Take her to rest!"

Lu Yiyi let out a sigh of relief and followed Nanny Chen upstairs.

"Tell me where young madam went today and who she saw. " The moment Lu Yiyi went upstairs, Gu Xichi began to interrogate the bodyguards that went with her today.

"young madam went to Dihua Mall today and met Ning Shi. Miss cousin seemed to like young madam very much and accompanied her around for a long time!" The bodyguard concisely explained Lu Yiyi's schedule for today.

Gu Xichi nodded and motioned for him to go down.

"Why would Ning Shi be interested in Lu Yiyi?" Gu Xichi thought about it and felt that there was something wrong with this matter. "Gu Yih, send someone to keep an eye on Ning Shi!"

"Okay, second young master!" Gu Yih replied and immediately went to arrange people.

At this moment, Gu Xichi's phone rang. It was Ning Shi.

"second cousin, my brother has returned from overseas. He plans to hold a small banquet at home this week. You have to bring my sister-in-law with you!" Ning Shi was chattering on the other side of the phone.

"Ning Chen is back. I have to give him face no matter what!" Gu Xichi smiled and agreed.

"Oh, right. Second cousin, I saw Ms Yiyi today. She is too cute and beautiful. Second cousin, you must cherish her! If you don't cherish her, I will make my brother snatch her away!" Ning Shi warned him sweetly.

Gu Xichi smiled. "Don't worry. I will treat her well. Your brother will not have a chance in this life!"

"Also, I really like Ms Yiyi. Can I go to your house to play with her?" Ning Shi begged sweetly.

"Of course!" Gu Xichi said.

On the other side of the phone, Ning Shi seemed to be very excited.

After the two of them ended the call, the corner of Gu Xichi's mouth curled up slightly, "It's getting more and more interesting!"

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