My 'Silly' Wife/C12 She Has a Phone
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My 'Silly' Wife/C12 She Has a Phone
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C12 She Has a Phone

Gu Xichi went upstairs and saw Lu Yiyi lying on the bed, bored to death.

He walked over and sat by the bed. A fragrant smell of bathing filled his nose.

He suddenly felt an itch in his heart. His hand touched her face slightly.

Lu Yiyi was startled and was about to open her hand but when she thought that she was an idiot, she could only remain motionless and asked foolishly, "What are you touching me for?"

"I can't see!" Gu Xichi said righteously.

Lu Yiyi rolled her eyes and turned around. She turned her back to him and said, "I'm going to sleep!"

Gu Xichi found it funny and also laid on the side. "I heard that you saw Ning Shi today?"

Lu Yiyi was shocked in her heart. Could it be that he discovered something?

"What is Ning Shi? Can I eat?"

Gu Xichi smiled softly. "It can be eaten, and it's very delicious!"

Tsk, liar! Lu Yiyi cursed in her heart, but she said with a smile, "Then I want to eat!"

"Okay, I'll buy it for you tomorrow!" Gu Xichi said and closed his eyes.

He was tired and wanted to rest!

"Okay, okay!" Lu Yiyi happily clapped her hands. It had been a long time since she heard Gu Xichi's reply. Lu Yiyi turned her body around and saw that he was already sleeping soundly. His eyes were still wearing that pair of ink-black glasses.

She gently took off his sunglasses and saw a pair of tightly shut eyes and furrowed brows.

Even if his brows were tightly knitted, it was still so beautiful!

Lu Yiyi put the sunglasses away and also fell asleep quietly.

When she woke up the next day, she still did not see Gu Xichi. Gu Yiyi was about to put on her clothes when she heard Nanny Chen shouting outside, "young madam, miss cousin came to find you to play?"

Ning Shi? Did she come for something?

Lu Yiyi quickly put on her clothes and ran out barefooted.

"young madam, put on your shoes!" Just as Nanny Chen was talking, Gu Xichi walked over.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Gu Xichi's words made Lu Yiyi's heart beat a little.

"It's delicious!" She quickly said.

Gu Xichi smiled. "You have to wear your shoes well. Nanny Chen, put on her shoes before going out to see the guests!"

"Yes, young master!"

Nanny Chen quickly took the shoes and helped Lu Yiyi put them on. This time Lu Yiyi did not dare to run anymore and could only ask foolishly," Where is Ning Shi? "

"She is in the living room. Young madam, I will bring you there!" Nanny Chen supported her.

Lu Yiyi followed the rules to the living room and saw Ning Shi. She pretended not to see it, "Where is the delicious food?"

"young madam, there is no good food. There is only miss cousin, Ning Shi!" Nanny Chen said helplessly.

"Ning Shi is a good food!"

"Although I am not delicious, I brought you something fun!" Ning Shi walked over and took out a phone to wave in front of Lu Yiyi, "How is it?"

Lu Yiyi took the phone and used her teeth to bite.

"young madam, this is not food!" Nanny Chen quickly said.

Probably because she could not bite it, Lu Yiyi gave up and returned it to Ning Shi, "I can't eat it, I don't like it!"

"This is a good thing!" Ning Shi opened the phone. "Look, there are a lot of software inside. You can watch TV and listen to music. You can also buy food!"

When Lu Yiyi heard that she could buy food, she immediately became interested.

"Ning Shi, you bought a phone for Yiyi?" Gu Xichi walked over.

"Yeah, Ms Yiyi doesn't even have a phone. She can't keep up with the times!" Ning Shi giggled and said, "I'm just worried about you. If you want to know what sister-in-law is doing in the future, just call her and ask her!"

"I sent someone to follow her. Someone will report her whereabouts to me at any time!" Gu Xichi said lightly, "So she doesn't need a phone at all!"

Ning Shi and Lu Yiyi's faces immediately fell.

Gu Xichi saw it and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. "But since you gave it to me, then stay!"

Their hearts followed his words.

"Thank you, second cousin!" Ning Shi said with a smile, then hugged Lu Yiyi. "Can I bring Ms Yiyi out to play?"

"No!" Gu Xichi said.

Their faces fell again.

"Why?" Ning Shi was a little unwilling, "You can't lock Ms Yiyi up like this. She also needs to have her own life and friends!"

"Oh?" Gu Xichi raised his eyebrows, "Yiyi, do you know what life and friends are?"

Lu Yiyi simply wanted to beat him up. These words were really infuriating, but she could not refute them.

"Is it delicious?" Lu Yiyi asked.

"Look, it's meaningless to talk about life and friends with her!" Gu Xichi held back his laughter and said calmly.

Ning Shi was speechless and could only use her eyes to look at Lu Yiyi, second cousin is too hard to deal with, I can't help you anymore. I have to withdraw!

She did not know whether Lu Yiyi understood it or not. She could not care less and pretended to be angry as she said to Gu Xichi, "second cousin, you are really too much. You do not welcome me at all. Forget it, I will leave. Don't keep me here!"

"Yes, you can leave. I will not see you off!" Gu Xichi didn't look like he wanted to stay at all.

Ning Shi could only leave angrily. Before she left, she did not forget to remind him, "You must bring Ms Yiyi to my brother's cocktail party!"

Gu Xichi only smiled faintly and did not say whether he would agree or not.

Lu Yiyi held the phone and gritted her teeth, "I'm going to go and rest!"

"Give me the phone!" Gu Xichi reached out his hand and asked her for it.

Lu Yiyi was very angry and wanted to ignore him.

"What? Can't bear to part with it?" Gu Xichi's words always made her have a feeling. It was as if he could see through her.

He was just blind, stop being so paranoid! Lu Yiyi gave herself a psychological hint.

She put the phone in his hands, feeling wronged.

"The phone is not bad. It suits you quite well!" Gu Xichi touched it and returned it to her.

Wasn't he blind? Why did he think the phone was good? Lu Yiyi was puzzled.

"Alright, let's rest!" After Gu Xichi said this, Lu Yiyi quickly went upstairs, afraid that he would say something else.

Gu Xichi looked at her climbing up the stairs and could not help but smile.

Lu Yiyi returned to her room and immediately closed the door.

Although she had some money now, this was the first time she had a phone. She still had to slowly study it.

Luckily Ning Shi had downloaded some essential software and registered it. She just needed to click on it.

She clicked on QQ on her phone and saw Ning Shi's profile picture. She sent a message, "The phone is very beautiful. I like it very much. Thank you!"

"Are you alone now?" Ning Shi immediately replied with a message.

"Yes!" Lu Yiyi's name was still Yi Lian.

Ning Shi: second cousin was too much. He did not give you any freedom! I think you should remarry! I think my brother is not bad, handsome and smart. When you attend the cocktail party, I must introduce you!

Lu Yiyi found it funny and replied perfunctorily, Okay!

Ning Shi sent a smiley face. Then it was a deal!

What Ning Shi and Lu Yiyi did not know was that the messages sent by the two of them were all reflected in Gu Xichi's eyes. It turned out that he had already installed surveillance cameras on the family's network.

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