My 'Silly' Wife/C13 I'll be There When I Want to
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My 'Silly' Wife/C13 I'll be There When I Want to
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C13 I'll be There When I Want to

Although Gu Xichi already knew Lu Yiyi was playing dumb, he was still a little surprised when he saw their conversation records.

Her online name was Yi Lian and she was in contact with Ning Shi. Could it be that she was the Ten Venture Capital's Yi Lian?

He thought about it and dispelled this idea.

He had already inquired about it and Lu Yiyi had practically never attended school in Lu Family. How could she know how to invest and invest in stocks?

Moreover, Yi Lian's technique was very experienced. She had dominated the stock market for so many years, but Lu Yiyi was still so young.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was a coincidence.

Very soon, Ning Shi's invitation letter was sent to Gu Xichi's house. Ning Shi invited him and Lu Yiyi to participate.

"Ning Shi's invitation letter is inviting you and me to a cocktail party. Do you want to go?" Gu Xichi went upstairs to bring the invitation card to Lu Yiyi and deliberately asked.

Lu Yiyi took the invitation from his hands and looked at it. She felt very bored, so she returned the invitation to Gu Xichi, "I don't want it, this can't be eaten!"

"Then I'll go by myself!" Gu Xichi smiled slightly and put away the invitation. He stood up and was about to leave.

Lu Yiyi was angry in her heart. Bastard, she only said that she did not want the invitation card. She did not say that she did not want to go. He must have done it on purpose.

But she was a fool, she couldn't let him come back.

After Gu Xichi went down, Lu Yiyi immediately opened her phone and sent a message to Ning Chen.

Yi Lian: Ning Shi. I might not be able to go to the cocktail party this time. I think Gu Xichi doesn't want to take me there.

Ning Shi: It's alright, I'll come and pick you up!

Yi Lian: Okay!

Gu Xichi looked at his phone and saw the conversation between Yi Lian and Ning Shi. He smiled.

Soon, the day of the cocktail party was over.

Lu Yiyi saw Gu Xichi change his clothes and was very angry.

"When I go to the cocktail party, you have to be obedient!" Gu Xichi also wanted to make her angry.

"Miss, young madame is upstairs!" Nanny Chen's voice came from downstairs.

When Ning Shi came, Lu Yiyi was very happy and there was a trace of slyness in her eyes. This scene was coincidentally seen by Gu Xichi. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly and he seemed to be smiling.

"second cousin, Ms Yiyi!" Ning Shi's voice came over.

Lu Yiyi really wanted to welcome him, but seeing that Gu Xichi did not move, she did not dare to move either.

"Miss, young master is currently changing his clothes. Please wait a moment!" Nanny Chen stopped Ning Shi.

"I am not looking for him. I am looking for Ms Yiyi!" Ning Shi wanted to go in.

Gu Xichi put on his clothes and opened the door. Ning Shi fell in.

"What are you doing here?" Gu Xichi asked coldly.

"I'm here to pick up Ms Yiyi. Let's go to the cocktail party together!" Ning Shi said. She looked at Lu Yiyi. "Ms Yiyi, why haven't you changed your clothes yet?"

"What clothes?" Lu Yiyi asked with a confused look.

"second cousin, didn't you say you would bring Ms Yiyi along?" Ning Shi looked at Gu Xichi angrily and pulled Lu Yiyi up. "Let's go. He won't bring you. I will bring you!"

"Where do you want to take her?" Gu Xichi asked coldly.

"I'll take her to the cocktail party!" Ning Shi said angrily.

"Nanny Chen, help young madame dress up!" Gu Xichi ordered.

"Okay, young master!" Nanny Chen walked in front of Ning Shi, "Miss, you have misunderstood young master. Young Master had already prepared an evening gown for young madame!"

Ning Shi looked at Lu Yiyi and Lu Yiyi's face was also at a loss. She clearly did not know what Gu Xichi was planning to do.

"young madame, follow me!" Nanny Chen held Lu Yiyi's hand and Ning Shi also followed.

Nanny Chen brought Lu Yiyi into the closet and Ning Shi followed to take a look.

"This closet is really big!" Ning Shi was a little surprised. This cloakroom was even bigger than her own. It seemed like second cousin was not very bad to Yiyi!

"Miss, which dress do you think is suitable for young madam?" Suddenly, Nanny Chen looked at Ning Shi and asked.

"I think this one is very good!" Ning Shi pointed at a light blue fishtail evening dress.

Lu Yiyi looked over and saw that the light blue dress was decorated with broken diamonds which were swaying and shining under the light.

It was really beautiful!

Nanny Chen also nodded, "Miss's eyesight is really good. Then let's choose this one, okay?" She looked at Lu Yiyi with a questioning gaze.

"Good, it is really beautiful!" Lu Yiyi nodded.

Nanny Chen brought Lu Yiyi to change her clothes. After a while, Lu Yiyi came out and Ning Shi was very shocked.

"Wow, you are too beautiful!" Ning Shi walked around Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi wore this dress like a mermaid princess who had come ashore in the sea.

Nanny Chen held Lu Yiyi's hand and said to Ning Shi, "Miss, let's go and pick more jewelry!"

Ning Shi followed the two into the jewelry room and there were many expensive sets of jewelry inside.

Ning Shi looked at it and was a little envious, "Actually second cousin treats you quite well!"

Lu Yiyi took advantage of Nanny Chen not noticing and rolled her eyes.

Ning Shi immediately shut her mouth.

Nanny Chen chose a set of light blue gem jewelry for her. With this evening gown, Lu Yiyi seemed to have walked out of a fairy tale.

"Mermaid Princess!" Ning Shi smiled and teased Lu Yiyi, then pulled her hand and walked in front of Gu Xichi.

Gu Xichi saw Lu Yiyi's dressing and felt that she was very beautiful. Fortunately, this pair of sunglasses blocked his eyes, otherwise, they would have found him embarrassed.

"second cousin, you don't even know how beautiful Ms Yiyi is!" Ning Shi said excitedly.

"Oh," Gu Xichi responded faintly.

Ning Shi thought that he was blind. She realized that her words would provoke him, so she immediately shut her mouth.

"Then let's go together!" Ning Shi quickly suggested.

Gu Xichi nodded. He ordered his men to arrange a car and they went to the Ning Family villa together.

The villa of Ning Family was not too far away from Gu Xichi's villa. It was more than ten kilometers away, and they would arrive in about twenty minutes.

"Help me in!" After getting out of the car, Gu Xichi specially instructed Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi nodded as if she did not understand and then held onto his arm. Gu Xichi smiled faintly and walked in.

"Gu Xichi, you are here too!" Gu Beiyuan was angry when he saw Gu Xichi bringing Lu Yiyi to the cocktail party. He remembered Lu Yiyi smashing him last time. He planned to make use of this cocktail party to make Lu Yiyi and Gu Xichi embarrass themselves in front of everyone.

When Lu Yiyi entered, she saw a face she did not want to see. Lu Yiyi really wanted to turn around and leave. But she had already promised Ning Shi that she could not change her mind now.

Forget it. Anyway, she was an idiot. If this Gu Beiyuan dared to provoke her, don't blame her for being impolite.

Gu Xichi pretended not to see him and led Gu Yiyi straight forward.

"Why didn't you greet him? Why are you so uncultured?" Gu Beiyuan did not want to let her off. Lu Yiyi could not help but roll her eyes.

"Ning Shi, I think I heard a dog barking! Do you have a dog in your family?" Gu Xichi asked faintly.

Ning Shi felt very distressed at this moment. She had forgotten that her two cousins were like fire and water, incompatible with each other.

The cocktail party had not even started, and the two of them had already started quarreling. What should she do?

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