My 'Silly' Wife/C14 Join the Banquet
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My 'Silly' Wife/C14 Join the Banquet
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C14 Join the Banquet

"Beiyuan, Xichi, what are you standing at the door for? Come in!" A handsome man in a suit walked out with a glass of wine in his hand.

He was about 1. 83 meters tall, and his facial features were as perfect as Gu Xichi's. His appearance caused many women to exclaim in surprise.

"Big brother!" Ning Shi walked over and intimately held his arm.

"The banquet is about to begin, where did you run off to?" Ning Chen had a doting and blaming look on his face.

"I'm going to pick up Ms Yiyi!" As he spoke, Ning Chen walked in front of Lu Yiyi. She wanted to pull her over, but Gu Xichi refused to let go.

"Ms Yiyi, this is my brother!" Ning Shi was helpless and could only point at her brother and introduce him to her.

"Hehehe!" Lu Yiyi laughed foolishly.

Ning Chen stared at her. Although she looked silly, she was very pretty. She was like a mermaid princess who had walked out of a fairy tale.

"I'm Ning Chen. Nice to meet you!" Ning Chen walked in front of her and smiled.

Gu Xichi was expressionless. He held Lu Yiyi's hand tightly. "Yiyi, let's go in!" After saying that, he pulled her, who was smiling foolishly, and walked in.

Gu Beiyuan saw that the two of them went in and followed them in.

"Brother, how is she?" Ning Shi saw that there was no one around, so she whispered into Ning Chen's ear. "Is she very pretty?"

Ning Chen nodded.

"Then marry her, okay?" Ning Shi grabbed his arm and shook it around, acting like a spoiled child.

"No, she is Xichi's woman. How can I take her away from me?" Ning Chen had a very principled look on his face. He refused it righteously.

"I hope you won't regret it in the future!" Ning Shi rolled her eyes and walked in proudly in her high heels.

As soon as Gu Xichi walked in, he was called away and started to interact with some people.

Lu Yiyi dropped the bill and expressed her intention. She merged herself into a corner so that others would not notice her.

At this time, a familiar voice sounded.

Lu Yiyi did not expect Lu Yanran to also participate in this banquet. She was like a butterfly in a flower dress, greeting and entertaining people everywhere, just like she was the owner.

"Yiyi, you are also here!" Lu Yanran saw Lu Yiyi and took the initiative to greet her.

She remembered that she did not take advantage of her when she went shopping last time and was very unhappy in her heart. At this time, it was right in front of everyone to let everyone see Lu Yiyi's silly side.

Lu Yiyi could tell what kind of bad idea she was plotting when she saw her expression.

"En!" Lu Yiyi smiled sweetly. She looked very shy.

"Yiyi, this is the dessert area. Don't gobble down your food when you eat later. Don't use your hands to grab it either. There are forks here. Don't let others see you as a joke!" Lu Yanran deliberately taught her loudly. Actually, she wanted everyone to notice Lu Yiyi.

"This is the foolish wife of the Gu family's second young master?"

"She looks pretty, but unfortunately, she is a fool!"

The surrounding people discussed animatedly, and when Lu Yiyi heard it, she sneered in her heart. She wanted to humiliate me, but I would like to see who would make a fool of themselves.

"Sister, of course we have to use forks to eat dessert. Could it be that you used to use your hands in the past?" Lu Yiyi asked back.

Immediately after, the surrounding people turned their gazes towards Lu Yanran.

"So she is the fool!" The discussions of the people around them were heard.

Lu Yanran heard everyone's comments and blushed. She angrily stared at Lu Yiyi, "Of course I use a fork. I am worried about you. "

"Oh. . . " Lu Yiyi smiled slightly.

Lu Yanran was a little afraid. Why was this little fool different?

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ning Shi saw that everyone was looking in one direction and she also looked over. She discovered that Lu Yanran was looking for trouble with Lu Yiyi.

She immediately walked over and stared at her fiercely.

"Why are you here?" Ning Shi asked coldly.

"Of course I was invited!" Lu Yanran said proudly, "Why are you here?"

Ning Shi smiled. " This is my home. Why do you think I am here?"

Lu Yanran's expression was ugly. She actually did not know that this was a banquet held by Ning Shi's family.

"Now, you are not welcome here!" Ning Shi made an inviting gesture.

"Why? I am here with Young Master Gu!" Lu Yanran put her hands on her waist and spoke rudely.

"Young Master Gu?" Ning Shi hired a waiter and asked him to ask Gu Beiyuan if he was the one who brought Lu Yanran here.

Seeing that Ning Shi was also afraid of Gu Beiyuan, Lu Yanran immediately became arrogant, "What? You chased me away!"

Ning Shi really did not like her, but she still did it out of consideration for Gu Beiyuan's feelings. Before the matter was clarified, she could not touch her.

"Yiyi, let's go!" Ning Shi pulled Lu Yiyi's hand and planned to stay further away from Lu Yanran.

"Don't go!" Suddenly Lu Yanran pulled Lu Yiyi.

She had not let her make a fool of herself in front of everyone.

"What are you doing?" Ning Shi got angry and pushed her away.

Lu Yanran was pushed away and she was very angry. She saw a waiter pass by and took a glass of wine from his wine tray and poured it on Ning Shi.

In the end, before she poured it on Ning Shi, Lu Yiyi helped her block it.

"Yiyi, are you alright?" Ning Shi asked with concern.

"I'm fine!" Lu Yiyi smiled.

Ning Shi was completely enraged. She did not care if this person had anything to do with Gu Beiyuan. She had to chase her out today.

"Bodyguard, hurry up and chase this crazy woman away!" Ning Shi commanded her bodyguards to chase her away.

"I am Gu Beiyuan's woman, who dares to chase me away?!" Lu Yanran shouted loudly.

Her voice attracted everyone, including Gu Beiyuan.

After Gu Beiyuan heard the whole story, he decided to pretend that he did not know her.

"Young Master Gu, our young lady asked you. Did you bring this woman here?"

"I don't know this woman!" Gu Beiyuan smiled.

"Since you don't know her, then we don't need to be polite!" A servant of Ning Family said.

"En, you don't need to be polite. Let everyone know that she shouldn't have come. You just kick her out!" Gu Beiyuan had a smile on his face. He didn't seem to have a good impression of that woman at all.


A servant from the Ning Family told Ning Shi the result.

"Okay, you liar. Gu Beiyuan doesn't know you at all!" Ning Shi pointed at Lu Yanran and scolded.

"You are lying. I am his female companion. How could he not know me!" Lu Yanran was pushed to the ground and shouted loudly.

"Seeing that she is a woman, you guys can beat her up and chase her out!" Ning Shi was too lazy to talk to her and directly ordered people to take action.

"You dare. . . " Lu Yanran said as she was dragged out.

Lu Yiyi sneered at the side. Did she think that Gu Beiyuan would save her? In this kind of place, the man paid more attention to his face. Lu Yanran's behavior was like a crazy woman. It would only make Gu Beiyuan hate her.

"Yiyi, let me take you to my room to change your clothes!" Ning Shi looked at her light blue fishtail skirt that was dripping red wine and she was very embarrassed.

"Okay!" Lu Yiyi agreed and followed her to the room upstairs.

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