My 'Silly' Wife/C15 My Wife's Duty
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My 'Silly' Wife/C15 My Wife's Duty
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C15 My Wife's Duty

The two of them went upstairs to Ning Shi's room.

"Hey, I'm bored to death downstairs. I finally have an excuse to bring you up!" Ning Shi sat on the bed and took off her shoes. She looked relaxed.

"So you did it on purpose!" Lu Yiyi was somewhat speechless.

"No, Lu Yanran just happened to catch up!" Ning Shi thought of her and was very angry, "No wonder you want to play dumb. With such a person by your side, it is indeed safer to play dumb. "

Lu Yiyi just smiled and did not say anything.

"Alright, actually I pulled you up to introduce you to my brother!" Ning Shi said. Someone was knocking on the door.

"Ning Shi, why did you call me here?" It was Ning Chen's voice. He opened the door and saw Lu Yiyi and Ning Shi sitting on the bed.

"You guys chat, then I will go first!" Ning Chen wanted to leave, but Ning Shi immediately shouted, "Brother, don't leave!"

"What's the matter?" Ning Chen stopped in his tracks and looked at her.

Ning Shi put on her shoes and walked to the door. She pulled Ning Chen back and said, "Brother, you know her, Lu Yiyi!"

"Hello!" Ning Chen felt a little awkward. After all, he was in the same room as the two girls.

"Hello!" Lu Yiyi smiled faintly.

"Brother, do you still remember the Yi Lian I told you about?" Ning Shi said in all seriousness.

"I know. What's wrong? Did you see him?" Ning Chen's eyes lit up when he heard Yi Lian's name.

Ning Shi looked at Lu Yiyi and saw Lu Yiyi shaking her head gently at her. She said, "I saw him!"

"How is he? What does he look like?" Ning Chen asked excitedly.

"Why are you so excited?" Ning Shi rolled her eyes at him and then explained to Lu Yiyi, "My brother is Yi Lian's fan. He especially admires Yi Lian. He especially wants to see Yi Lian!"

Lu Yiyi was a little surprised. She heard from Ning Shi that Ning Chen was also an investment expert and a young elite. He actually admired her. She was a little embarrassed!

"What do you admire about him for?" Lu Yiyi asked.

"His technique is mysterious and unpredictable. He is simply a role model for us!" Ning Chen said with a look of fascination, "It would be great if I could see him once. I really want to ask him how he predicted the chaos in Southeast Asia back then. He actually avoided the risk ahead of time!"

"Actually, it's nothing much!" Lu Yiyi said lightly, "As long as you keep paying attention to the military movements of those countries, you can predict for a period of time that the outbreak of war will cause the entire region's economy to collapse! I think that everyone can do it, and Yi Lian is not that powerful! "

"What do you know?" Ning Chen was a little angry when he saw this woman belittle his idol. Although she was very beautiful, she could not belittle his idol.

"Brother, how can you treat Yiyi like this!" Ning Shi was somewhat speechless. It was not easy for her to bring Yi Lian in front of him, but this blockhead brother actually offended her.

Brother, I think you will regret it!

"It was she who insulted my idol first!" Ning Chen stood up, "I have nothing to say to you!" After saying that, he walked out.

"Yiyi, I'm sorry!" Ning Shi carefully looked at her face, afraid that she would get angry.

"It's fine!" Lu Yiyi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Why don't you reveal your identity in front of him?" Ning Shi was puzzled, "My brother is still very good at keeping his mouth shut!"

"Now is not the time!" Lu Yiyi said lightly.

"By the way, Yiyi, how are you doing in Gu family? I think second cousin is very strict with you! Do you need my help?" Ning Shi suggested again.

"No need!" Lu Yiyi thought about Gu Xichi and replied.

Ning Shi helped Lu Yiyi change her clothes and then pulled her back to the banquet.

Gu Xichi saw Lu Yiyi and immediately pulled her over, "Where did you go just now?"

Lu Yiyi's face was full of unwillingness and Ning Shi could not bear to watch and blocked between the two of them.

"second cousin, just now Ms Yiyi was splashed with wine by Lu Yanran. I brought her upstairs to change her clothes!"

"Come with me!" Gu Xichi held Lu Yiyi's hand and planned to leave.

"The banquet is not over yet. Ning Shi wanted to keep her.

"No need!" Gu Xichi coldly refused.

Ning Shi could only watch helplessly as Lu Yiyi was dragged away by Gu Xichi.

The two of them got into the car and returned to Gu family.

"Nanny Chen, give young madam a bath!" When Gu Xichi returned, he instructed Nanny Chen.

Nanny Chen helped Lu Yiyi up the stairs. Lu Yiyi felt that something was not right with Gu Xichi tonight.

Gu Xichi took off his sunglasses and untied the tie in front of his collar. He saw Ning Shi bringing Lu Yiyi up the stairs today. Ning Chen also went up the stairs and entered the same room. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

He walked into the bathroom in the study, took off his clothes, and opened the shower head to wash his body.

The more he washed, the more irritated he felt in his heart.

He simply turned off the shower head, wiped himself clean, changed into a sleeping gown, and put on sunglasses, and walked into his and Lu Yiyi's room.

At this time, Lu Yiyi was in a daze in the room. When Gu Xichi came in, she actually did not notice.

It was only when he sat beside her that she saw him.

Gu Xichi tore off his robe in front of her, revealing his strong and beautiful body.

He obviously trained his body a lot, so the mermaid line on his body was obvious. He also had eight abdominal muscles.

Lu Yiyi's face was slightly red, and she stammered, "You. . . Why did you take off your clothes?"

"We have been married for so long, you should also fulfill your duty as a wife!" Gu Xichi said coldly.

She felt that something was wrong with him. Although they had slept together a few days ago, he was obviously not interested in her.

Why did he become like this after attending a banquet today? Did something happen?

"What is a wife's obligation?" Lu Yiyi pretended to be ignorant.

"That's right!" Gu Xichi bent down and kissed her on the forehead. His rough lips touched the soft skin and both of them could not help but tremble.

Lu Yiyi's face was as red as an apple. She lowered her head and hid her shyness.

"You bad man. . . " Lu Yiyi buried her face into the pillow. "Mom said that people who do this are all bad people!"

"Is that so?" Gu Xichi smiled. "Then I can be a little worse!"

Gu Xichi pushed Lu Yiyi down and removed the pillow from her face.

Their faces were pressed together. Lu Yiyi opened her eyes wide. Gu Xichi's pretty face was enlarged in her eyes.

Her heart suddenly pounded and her breathing quickened.

"What. . . What do you want to do. . . " Before Lu Yiyi could finish speaking, her lips were blocked by Gu Xichi's lips. His overbearing and aggressive tongue rampaged in her mouth.

"Oh. . . " Lu Yiyi struggled frantically.

After a long time, Gu Xichi let go of her and Lu Yiyi pushed him away. "You bad man. . . " Tears flowed down from her eyes.

Gu Xichi's heart ached. His hand touched her face and gently wiped her tears.

"I'm sorry. . . " He said softly, then got off the bed and walked out.

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